For the common blobs of ore, see Blob.
This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 
This article describes a feature planned for Bedrock Edition. 
It has not appeared in any development versions yet, but is planned to be included in Bedrock Edition 1.18.0.
This page describes an experimental feature. 
This feature is not enabled in-game by default and requires the use of an experimental data pack to be implemented.
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An ore vein is a rare terrain feature that consists of a long streak of ore and rock.


An ore vein consists of large, long, streaking collections of ore and a filler rock material. At and above Y=0, ore veins consist of copper ore mixed with granite. Below Y=0, veins consist of iron ore mixed with tuff. They can also contain raw metal blocks.


Ore veins are rare and huge, containing a large quantity of ore blocks.[more information needed]


Java Edition
1.17March 12, 2021Agnes Larsson talks about "New really big ore veins we are going to add". [1]
21w16aAdded ore veins, which must be enabled using an experimental data pack.
April 21, 2021Henrik Kniberg showcases ore vein generation.
April 22, 2021Kniberg mentions tweaks to ore vein generation: the veins are now more smaller and more clumped.
April 22, 2021Kniberg mentions tweaking generation to make the gaps between clumps smaller.
21w17aOre veins are now slightly rarer, slightly smaller, more clumpy, and can rarely contain raw metal blocks.
21w18aOre veins were once again made slightly rarer and slightly smaller on average. Their sizes now vary significantly, meaning players can still find huge ore veins like in previous snapshots as well as smaller ones.
Raw metal blocks now generate more frequently within ore veins.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.18Experimental Snapshot 2Ore veins are now slightly larger and spawn more frequently.


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