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This page is a list of parity issues between Bedrock and Java editions. A parity issue is where one feature only exists in one edition of the game and not in the other (version exclusives), or the behavior of a feature differs between both editions.

Suggestions to fix existing parity issues prior to the Buzzy Bees update should be made on the feedback site.[note 1]

Last updated
Bedrock Edition 1.18.31 and Bedrock Edition beta
Java Edition 1.18.2 and Java Edition 22w17a


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  • In the section "In Java Edition but not in Bedrock Edition", [until JE (version number)] or [upcoming: BE (version number)] means it will no longer be the case and fixed in the provided version; and [until BE (version number)] or [upcoming: JE (version number)] means that it was in parity before, and no longer is starting from that version.
  • In the section "Unsorted", any [upcoming: ] means it will no longer be the case and fixed in the provided version; likewise, any [until ] means that it was in parity before, and no longer is starting from that version.

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The Java Edition names of objects are used throughout the list, just like other wiki articles.

In Bedrock Edition but not in Java Edition[]


  • Player's hand and held item sway a lot more than in Java when view bobbing is enabled.
  • Default and player skins made with the character creator can blink.
  • Player skins have optional animations called emotes.
  • Players have an animation for eating food in third person.[feedback 1]
  • The animation of snow is different.

    Comparison of snowfall between Java (left) and Bedrock (right) Editions.

  • The animation of rain is angled, not straight down.
  • "Alex" and "Steve" default skins are updated.[1]
  • Armor can be swapped with another armor, elytra or pumpkin on the armor slots by right-clicking it.[2]
  • Attempting to place blocks below the minimum height limit shows the warning messages.[3]
  • Block placing speed matches player movement speed.
  • Block reach is greater.
  • Blocks can be placed right in front of the block the player stands on.
  • Blocks can be placed continuously using hold click/button.
  • Chunks starting to render fade in, rather than popping into existence.
  • Clouds are more vibrant, and tinted red at sunset and sunrise.[feedback 2]
  • Cross-platform play.
  • Disabling view bobbing stops the player's hand and held items from swaying.
  • Education Edition features behind the toggle.
  • Elytra flight can be disabled by pressing jump button while gliding.[feedback 3]
  • Flying mechanics are vastly different compared to Java Edition.[more information needed]
  • Food can be eaten in Peaceful difficulty.
  • Eating, blocking, using a bow, crossbow or trident, or sneaking while sprinting makes the player stop sprinting.[4]
  • Experiments toggle accessible within the world creation.
  • Players can step upwards while flying.[5]
  • Pressing return/enter opens the chat.
  • Ray-Tracing and Upscaling options on Windows.
  • Sky color during the rain is gray, rather than bluish-gray.
  • Suffocating in a block will show a cube model of one face of that block around the head, rather than only the block's side face spread across the screen.
    • Travelling through a nether portal also yet again shows a similar effect.
  • Spyglass damping options.[6]
  • There are variable amounts of rain/snowfall (Java only has the "medium" variant).
  • There's an invisible barrier at y=-104.
  • There's an option for enabling a paper-doll of the player in the top left corner of the screen.
  • When the sun is being looked at directly, the blue sky will become darker.
  • When respawning at the world spawn point, because the bed or respawn anchor was broken or obstructed, it uses different chat messages depending on whether the player used a bed or respawn anchor.[7][feedback 4]
  • Achievements.
  • A message appears if a raid ends after 2 in-game days.
  • "Craftable" toggle in the recipe book shows all recipes the player has at least one ingredient of.[note 2]
  • Character creator.
  • Chat messages are in the top left of the screen.
  • Chat text color can be changed in the settings.
  • Color code §g, minecoin_gold.
  • Different highlights across editions.
    • Button highlights are green, rather than white as in Java.
    • Slot highlights are also green, rather than white.[8]
    • Slot highlights are the same size as the slot itself, rather than being smaller as in Java.[9]
  • Exclusive splashes.[note 3]
  • Have two fonts available to use in chat: Mojangles and Noto Sans.
  • Hotbar is considerably more transparent.[10]
  • Loading tips.
  • Marketplace.
  • Mentions of player names are highlighted in yellow in chat.
    • Mentions text color can be changed in the chat settings.
  • Pasting command in the chat with a newline automatically sends the command without pressing enter.[11]
  • Seed picker.
  • Selecting an item shows all enchantments and effects in the action bar.
  • Server list has featured servers.
  • Skin packs can be made.
  • Skins can support up to 128x128 resolution.
  • Status effects are listed in their own GUI tab, which can be accessed by pressing Z.
  • World option to display coordinates.
  • AI tasks are stored as JSON files.
  • Behavior packs can be used to change mob spawn rules, biome and terrain features, and loot tables.
  • Blocks, items, particle, mobs, animations, and biomes can be added using add-ons.
  • Brewing recipes are data driven.
  • Entities can be remodeled.
  • Shared block spaces.
  • Resource packs use a JSON file called "biomes_client" for coloring water blocks depending on biome, rather than confusing color maps like with foliage.
    • Said JSON file can also be used to change the fog color of a biome.
  • RenderDragon rendering engine.
  • UI interface are data driven with JSON (for old UI) and JavaScript (for new UI, currently in Achievements and Create New Screen UI).
  • Villager trade tables are stored as JSON files.

World generation[]

  • Bamboo can generate in sparse jungles.
  • Cauldrons generate with a random potion inside of it (with random amounts) in swamp huts.[feedback 5]
  • Caves in the Nether do not fill up with lava when low down.
  • Coral reefs generate with dead coral blocks and with a different structure.
  • Fallen and dying trees.
  • Generated structures have display names/translations.
  • Huge mushrooms generate naturally in swamps.
  • Nether fossils are much rarer.[12]
  • Crimson and warped forests are less dense.
  • Basalt columns in basalt deltas are shorter and less dense.
  • Less tall grass in plains, savannas, jungles and meadows.
  • Pandas have a higher spawn rate in bamboo jungles.
  • Ruins and buried treasure are significantly more common.
  • Strongholds are more likely to generate under villages.
  • Strongholds generate more infinitely throughout the world.
  • Windswept savanna has a more lush green grass color, instead of dry olive green.
  • Villages and pillager outposts can generate in more biomes:
  • Villages and pillager outposts generate with foundation.[15]


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The specific instructions are:
  • Lily Pad on the Bedrock Edition.
  • Blast furnaces, dispensers, droppers, brewing stands, furnaces, enchantment tables, hoppers, smokers, stonecutters and cauldrons drop as an item even when broken by hand.[16]
  • Block breaking texture is darker.[17]
  • Block GUIs have an "X" button on the top right corner.
  • Light-emitting blocks are brighter and not shaded.[18]
    • Light-emitting blocks also appear brighter in the inventory.[19]
Item Java Edition Bedrock Edition
Crying Obsidian
Dragon Egg
Enchanting Table
Ender Chest
End Portal Frame
End Rod
Jack o'Lantern
Magma Block Magma Block
Sea Lantern Sea Lantern
  • Various blocks have randomly rotated textures, including clay, coarse dirt, crying obsidian, dirt, glowstone, leaves, magma blocks, nylium, obsidian, sand, sandstone, snow blocks, sponges, and terracotta.[20].
  • Many more blocks can be waterlogged.[note 4][21]
  • Some plants can be "snowlogged".
  • The player's inventory can contain blocks, not just items.
    • For example, stone is handled as a block in the player's inventory, as opposed to an item in Java Edition.
    • Through add-ons, editing, or glitches, the player can obtain technical blocks (such as lit furnaces and end gateways).
    • Blocks in inventory can have block states. For example, the player can obtain mushroom blocks with pores on some or all sides,[22] or snow stacked to any number of blocks high.[23]
Allow, Deny, and Border Blocks
  • Ominous Banners
    • Can be copied using loom or crafting table.
    • Exist in the creative inventory.
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Stick +
Any wood Slab

  • Visual mechanics are much cleaner and less resource-intensive - instead of summoning multiple particles in the same spot which take a while to decay, the barrier immediately becomes visible or invisible when the barrier is in the hand or not.
  • Can be re-dyed with crafting.
  • Different item models. They look like instead of .[25]
  • Falling asleep animations changes camera angle from looking up to looking down.
  • Can be rung by any projectiles (including thrown items).
  • Projectiles get bounced back after hitting the bell.
  • Will ring by themselves when there is a raid, instead of a villager ringing it.
  • Drops itself when broken via /setblock destroy.
Blackstone slabs and stairs
  • Have the lateral texture on all faces, instead of having unique top face as in Java Edition.[26]
  • Can be placed on top of fences.
  • Do not get broken when placed on the side of a piston, when the piston is activated.
  • Render the back faces.Cactus JE4.pngCactus BE4.png[27]
  • Make burp sound when eaten.[28]
  • Stack up to 64.[29]
  • Can be lit by players and mobs standing on top when they are on fire.
  • Are block entities.
  • Can hold potions.
  • Liquid inside can be transparent.
  • Water in cauldrons can be colored.[feedback 7]
    • Leather (horse) armor dyeing has to be done through the cauldron rather than a crafting grid.
  • All chest items use an older model that doesn't match the block appearance. This older model was used by chests before Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.0 and is similar to the old chest model in Java Edition before Beta 1.8, albeit slightly smaller.[31]
  • Can be turned into 9 string.
  • Drops 2 or 3 cocoa beans when fully grown, rather than always 3.
Command blocks
  • Default name in command feedback is "!" instead of "@".
  • GUI is vastly different.
  • Have a delay option.
  • Can be oriented in 16 different directions when placed, like standing signs, banners and heads.
  • When activated by 42 specified blocks will change its inside texture another time.
Coral fans
Crying obsidian
  • Can be destroyed by the ender dragon.[33]
Dirt paths
  • Can support torches, levers, buttons, tripwire hooks, coral fans, rails, vines, ladders and bells on the sides.[34]
  • Drop itself when broken using Silk Touch.[35]
  • Have the block ID grass_path instead of dirt_path as in Java Edition.[36]
  • Can support torches, levers, buttons, tripwire hooks, coral fans, rails, vines, ladders and bells on the sides.[34]
  • Using bone meal on a grass block can produce ferns.
  • Have random height.
Fletching table and Smithing tables
  • Can be used as fuel.[37]
  • Fortune works on tall flowers.[38]
  • Using bone meal on small flowers spawns other flowers of the same type on top of nearby dirt/grass blocks. This does not apply to wither roses.[39]
Frosted Ice
  • Melts faster after walking with Frost Walker boot.
Glowing obsidian
  • Have random height.
Grass blocks
Honey blocks
  • Can support torches, levers, buttons, tripwire hooks, coral fans, rails, vines, ladders and bells on the sides.[34]
  • Render the inner cube when in the player's inventory.[40]
  • Transfers redstone power (not a transparent block).[41]
  • Entities slide much less compared to Java.
Hyphae and Stems
  • Have lower blast resistance than other types of wood.[42]
Iron bars
  • Have different models.[43]
Item frames
  • Are blocks instead of entities.
  • Display particles when broken.[44]
  • Several items on the item frame glow in the dark:
    • Light-emitting block items (including lava bucket and with the exception of campfires).
    • Items that have enchantment glint overlay.
  • Leaves with snow on top make snowfall particles, similar to how blocks make water/lava drip through.
  • Render the back faces.Oak Leaves.pngOak Leaves BE5.png[45]
  • When in snowy biomes, become fully white when it snows. Snowy Acacia Leaves BE2.pngSnowy Birch Leaves BE2.pngSnowy Dark Oak Leaves BE2.pngSnowy Jungle Leaves BE2.pngSnowy Oak Leaves BE2.pngSnowy Spruce Leaves BE2.png[feedback 11]
Light Blocks
  • Can be replaced by placing a block in its place.
Lightning rods
  • Has a radius of 64 blocks instead of 32.
  • Has different inventory model.[46]
Lily pads
  • Are brighter in the inventory.[47]
  • Are considered treasure loot in fishing instead of junk loot as in Java.[48]
  • Are slightly 3D.
  • Can be placed inside entities.[49]
  • Banner designs are listed in a different order.
  • Preview all banner designs without a banner and dye in the input slots.
  • Generates additionally next to the obsidian floor when a nether portal generates floating in the air, making it renewable.
Nether reactor cores
Note blocks
  • Honeycomb blocks produce a flute sound (as opposed to the normal "harp" in Java).[50]
Petrified oak slabs
  • Drop a normal oak slab.
  • A powered unextended piston will immediately extend if it becomes able to rather than waiting for an update.
  • Blocks that contain block entities (except banners, signs, and campfires) can be moved by pistons.[feedback 12]
  • Break banners and signs, rather than being unable to extend.
  • Finish extending before retracting again.
  • Have a block entity; control pick blocking an extended piston will give a piston that deletes the block in front of it when placed.
  • Piston head model has a larger "neck".
  • Require 1 tick to retract.
  • Take longer to extend.
  • Have a 1 gametick delay between powering/depowering and extension/retraction
  • Check if they are powered/can extend every tick (instead of only when receiving a block update)
  • A sticky piston retracts its block even when given a 1 tick pulse.[note 7][51][52]
Pointed Dripstone
  • Stacked stalactites don't deal multiple damage, this means that more falling stalactites could still deal the same damage as one stalactite.
  • Placing a Pointed Dripstone with commands will place a stalactite instead of a stalagmite.
  • Jumping on a stalagmite makes the falling sound and particles.
Powder Snow
  • Freezing effect looks slightly different.
  • Are broken by flowing water.[53]
Redstone dust
  • Connects to pistons.
  • Power transmission is in a random order.[note 8]
  • Remains on the base of a piston after being extended and then retracted.
  • Transparent blocks can pass redstone power downwards.[54]
  • Unconnected redstone dust is always a full cross, and cannot be toggled/interacted with to become a dot.
Redstone torches
  • Render the back faces.Redstone Torch JE4.pngRedstone Torch BE3.png[27]
  • Redstone torches on powered pistons will always turn off.[55]
  • Redstone torches can be turned off with a one-tick pulse.[56]
Respawn anchors
  • Can be destroyed by the ender dragon.[33]
  • Can keep the amount of charges when being mined with Silk Touch.[57]
  • Can be lit on fire and burn away.[58]
  • Are slightly 3D around the mesh.Standing Scaffolding.pngStanding Scaffolding BE2.png
  • Have no mesh on its bottom when floating.Floating Scaffolding.pngFloating Scaffolding BE2.png
  • Smelt 6 items instead of 2.[59]
Sculk Sensors[upcoming: BE 1.19.0]
  • Detects shooting projectiles when you're sneaking.[60][until BE 1.19.0]
  • Available in the creative inventory.[note 9][upcoming: JE 1.19]
  • Can be placed on top of more blocks than in Java.[61]
  • Writing JSON on the sign shows the JSON output, rather than the input on the sign.[62]
  • Writing jumps to the next line if it doesn't fit, rather than stopping inserting text.
  • Is affected by gravity.[feedback 13]
    • When falling on other snow, it'll add the layer count together and add an additional few.
  • While snowing snow randomly stacks together to have random patches, opposed to being completely flat.
  • Melts in snowless biomes.
  • Generates and can be placed on packed ice, blue ice, and dirt path (which will not change to dirt).
Soul sand
  • Can support torches, levers, buttons, tripwire hooks, coral fans, rails, vines, ladders and bells on the sides.[34]
  • Have a taller collision box (1.0 block tall).
  • Empty spawners are in the creative inventory.[63]
  • Mobs spawned by empty spawners do not default to pigs.[64]
  • Drop experience when broken by hand.[65]
  • Render the back faces.Spawner JE3.pngSpawner BE2.png[66]
  • Zombie spawners can spawn zombie villagers.[67]
Structure blocks
  • Export mode on structure blocks.
  • Preview design.
    Structure Block Bedrock ClassicUI.png
  • Has a placement animation options in Load mode.
  • Remove block (can include entity without saving any block as structures).
  • Structure size is limited to 64 per axis, rather than 48.
  • Usage is explained in-game.
Structure void
  • Can support blocks such as signs, torches, and redstone wire.
Sugar cane
  • Bone meal can be used on sugar cane.[feedback 14]
  • Instantly breaks if its water is removed, rather than not breaking until updated as in Java.[68]
  • Are darker in the inventory.[69]
  • Can be used to attach a lead to, like fences.
  • Can be re-dyed with crafting.


  • Makes the player float up or down slightly if the eye level of the player ends up being at the height of the water/lava during creative flight.
  • Underwater brightness are much brighter than in Java Edition.[70]
  • Water has different colors for every biome, rather than only in ocean biomes.[71][feedback 15]
  • Water color is not hard-coded. Texture color, underwater fog color and fog distance are defined in a JSON file.
  • Still water displays a still water texture at the sides of glass blocks, instead of just a solid color.
  • Still lava correctly displays a still lava texture at the sides of glass blocks, instead of a downwards flowing texture.


  • Held items in third person point up more.
  • Items in the inventory pulse every time they are used.[72]
  • When worn, the diamond chestplate's sleeve has a distinct model from Java Edition.
Banner patterns
  • "Field Masoned" and "Bordure Indented" banner patterns.[feedback 16]
Books and quills (Books & Quills) and Written books
  • Have 2 pages open at once.
  • When signed, the author can be anything the player wants.
  • Writing JSON in the book show the JSON output, rather than the input in the book.
  • Written with an ampersand. (&)
Buckets of fish
  • Bucket of tropical fish is named "Bucket of [<color 1> - [<color 2>]] <tropical fish name>".
    • This is implemented differently in Java Edition, to make it more translation-friendly.
  • Needle has an animation when the compass changes direction by being used on a lodestone.[73]
Copper horns[until BE 1.19.0]
  • Exist.
Dragon Eggs
  • Are available in the Creative Inventory.[74]
  • Ink sacs, cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, and bone meal can still be used as dyes.[75]
Enchanted golden apples
  • Gives Regeneration V for 30 seconds instead of II for 20 seconds as in Java.[76]
Ender pearls
Fence gates
  • Different item models.[78]
Item Java Edition Bedrock Edition
Acacia Fence Gate
Birch Fence Gate
Crimson Fence Gate
Dark Oak Fence Gate
Jungle Fence Gate
Spruce Fence Gate
Warped Fence Gate
Fishing rods
  • Has a higher durability (384 compared to 64 in Java Edition).
Firework rockets
  • Fireworks with the different base colors explosions are available in the creative inventory.
Glass panes
  • Different item models.[79]
Goat horns[upcoming: BE 1.19.0]
  • Jungle leaves have a different item model.
Lodestone compasses
  • Empty map is called empty locator map.
    • Meanwhile, the "normal" empty map (crafted using 9 papers in crafting table or 1 paper in cartography table) will not show location markers.
  • The coloring of grass blocks,[81] water,[82] etc. on the map depends on the biome they are placed on.[83]
  • Have an unlimited color palette and a different set of colors for blocks.[feedback 19]
  • Map adding locator, cloning and expanding can also be done in anvils.
  • Show player heads instead of arrows in multiplayer.
  • Using an Overworld map in the Nether shows the corresponding location. Using an Overworld map in the End shows the world spawn point.
  • Potion, splash potion, lingering potion, and arrow of decay.
  • Look brighter.[84]
  • Give Nausea II instead of Nausea I.[85]
  • Give Poison IV instead of Poison II.[86]
  • Has a different model.
  • Has a different model. Seagrass (item) JE2.pngSeagrass (item) BE2.png
  • Are always activated when mounting mobs.
Suspicious stew
Tipped arrows
  • Display more particles.
Totems of undying
  • Give Regeneration II for 40 seconds instead of 45 seconds.[87]
  • Can hurt multiple mobs in one throw.[88][89]
  • Can shoot from dispenser, rather than thrown as an item.‌[upcoming: JE Combat Tests]
  • Tridents with Loyalty will return to the player, even if thrown into the Void.


  • Death messages are produced upon the death of a tamed donkey, llama, horse, mule, or skeleton horse.[90]
  • Entities on fire have an orange-yellow tint and an exclusive particle.
  • Feeding mobs makes the corresponding food particles and plays a sound.
  • Hurting a mob makes them much redder than in Java Edition.
  • Leashes drag on the ground and don't get longer, and when in the air, the leashed mob doesn't bounce higher; they also stick to the arm while it's moving in third person.
  • Mobs spawned from raids have different loot drops.[note 11]
  • Mobs have different chances to spawn with specific armor.[91]
  • Throwable entities such as eggs, ender pearls and snowballs render immediately in front of the player after being thrown, rather than being rendered after two ticks as in Java Edition.[92]
Armor stands
  • Are affected by splash potions effect.[93]
  • Can change pose depending on a redstone signal or by sneaking and interacting.
  • Stack up to 64.
  • Have arms by default.
  • Can turn their heads.[94]
  • Become angry at any mob that hurts it, not only players.[95]
  • Become angry if a nearby bee nest is destroyed with a Silk Touch tool.[96]
  • Take damage from sweet berry bushes.[97]
  • 25% chance to spawn as a kitten.[feedback 22]
  • Spawns as a black cat with a 50% chance on a full moon night.[feedback 23]
  • Stray kittens follows stray cats.[99]
  • Have mirrored leg textures.
  • Charged creeper explosions will drop heads/skulls for all mobs it kills that have a head/skull, rather than only dropping one head/skull.[100]
  • Chase and attack villagers[note 12] and snow golems.
  • Have glowing eyes and mouth.[feedback 25]
  • Have the same posture as players when holding anything in their offhand.
  • Have proper swimming and throwing animations.[note 13][feedback 26]
  • Retaliate when attacked with a trident.[101]
  • Spawn in groups of 2 to 4.
  • When holding tridents, can use melee attacks when within 3 blocks.[feedback 27]
  • Can be provoked by players under the Invisibility effect.[102]
  • Teleports away if being attacked on their legs or by wolves.[103]
  • Can still teleport away if riding a boat or a minecart.[104]
  • Can exist in Peaceful difficulty with passive behavior.
  • When flopping, they rotate around the y-axis.[feedback 28]
  • Have different swimming animations.
    • Pufferfish wiggles tail, rather than fins.
    • Cod and salmon wiggle tail further than in Java Edition.
Fishing bobbers
  • Have 20♥ × 10 health instead of the correct 10♥♥♥♥♥, as in Java.[105]
  • Have glowing eyes.
Glow Squids
  • Can attack players under the Invisibility effect.[107]
  • Hitbox and collision box have different sizes.[108]
  • Handling is really loose and delayed, making the task of controlling the horse and making precise movements harder than it should.
Iron golems
  • Can be made with uncarved pumpkins.
  • Deal significantly greater knockback (both vertical and horizontal).[109]
  • Prefer walking on certain types of blocks over others.[note 14]
  • Walk slightly faster than in Java.
  • Wither skeleton/stray spider jockeys.
  • Spider jockeys riding cave spiders.
  • Baby husks/zombies can ride many mobs other than just chickens[feedback 31]:
    • Adult husks/zombies.
    • Cave spiders and spiders.
    • Most animals: cows, donkeys, foxes, horses, llamas, mooshrooms, mules, sheep, ocelots, pandas, pigs, stray cats and untamed wolves.
    • Skeleton horses.
    • Zombie horses.[note 6]
    • Zombie villagers.
    • Zombified piglins.
Magma cubes
  • Cores glow in the dark.
  • Renamed minecarts shows their name above it.[98]
Minecarts with command block
  • Use repeating command block instead of impulse.[110]
  • Drop 0-2 bamboo upon death, rather than always 1.
  • When lying on their back, lazy pandas get up and follow the player if they hold bamboo, rather than ignore the player completely.
  • Dance on a player's shoulder when a music disc is playing.
  • Dismount when a player falls down a distance greater than 1 916 blocks, compared to 34 of a block in Java Edition.
  • Dismount when the player's shoulders become submerged in water, instead of feet in Java.
  • Are afraid of extinguished soul campfires.[111]
  • Hold a loaded crossbow with both hands.[112]
    • When targeting with a crossbow, the arms are aligned. Piglin with Crossbow targeting JE.pngPiglin with Crossbow targeting BE.png
Piglin brutes
  • Can spawn in Peaceful difficulty with passive behavior.[113]
  • Have different attack strengths: they deal 14♥ × 7-15♥ × 7.5[verify] on Hard difficulty, instead of 19♥ × 9.5 as in Java.[114]
  • Hunt down hoglins with piglins.[115]
  • Attempt to stay 16 blocks away from ocelots, similar to cats.[feedback 32]
  • Can drown.[116]
  • Have different attack strengths: 4♥♥ on Easy difficulty, 6♥♥♥ on Normal and 9♥♥♥♥♥ on Hard.
  • Riding is different:
    • Less instant in turning.
    • The pig has to jump to get on blocks, rather than just step up like horses.
    • Using a carrot on a stick makes the pig boost very obviously, along with a sound effect, and only reduces the durability of the carrot on a stick by one.
    • The pig does not look up and down with the player, unlike in Java Edition.
  • Have mirrored leg textures.
  • Drop 0-2 arrows upon death.[118]
  • Have a melee attack.[note 17]
    • Used when underwater only, not when no crossbow is equipped.
  • All projectiles knockback players.
  • Hand in first person is positioned lower[119] and turns red when taking damage.
  • Players can fall off non-full blocks when crouching.[120]
  • Players crouch when flying down in creative mode.
  • Inflates when hurt.
  • Attack iron golems before they are hit.
  • Can be colored by using a dye on them in creative mode.
  • Drop 0-4 shulker shells when killed with Looting III (increase of 1 shulker shell per level), instead of 0-1 as in Java (increase of 6.25% per level).
  • Give Levitation II, rather than I.
  • Take fire damage.[122][until BE 1.19.0]
  • Underwater, it switches to direct attack without using a bow and arrow.[feedback 35]
Skeleton horses
  • Can be controlled without a saddle.
  • Can wear armor.
Snow golems
  • May not spawn with various status effects in Hard mode.
Squid and Glow Squids
  • Can move their heads up and down when being ridden by mobs.[123]
  • Can spawn at the bottom of lava lakes.[124]
Tropical fish
  • Don't drop bowls when killed by lightning as in Java.
  • Don't despawn after raids end.[126]
  • Have different animations.[127]
  • General
    • Babies have bigger heads like other baby mobs.[128]
    • Display angry particles when nearby beds, bells and assigned workstations are broken by a player.[129]
    • Heal if there's bread in their inventory.
    • If they lose their job site block, they go back to being an unemployed villager, unless they're a higher level.
    • Pre-Village & Pillage villagers are still available.
    • Spawn with professions, when spawned via spawn eggs.[130]
  • Stone Mason
    • Called Stone Masons instead of Masons.
  • Can exist in Peaceful difficulty with passive behavior.
  • Can spawn in patrols on Hard difficulty.
Wandering traders
  • Can close and open wooden doors.
  • Can spawn in village gathering sites.
  • Despawn shortly after all trades are used up.
  • Drink an invisibility potion when hurt or near a hostile mob (illagers, vexes and zombies and its variants).
  • Is leashed to two trader llamas when spawned using a spawn egg.
  • Will show the item they will trade when the player is holding an emerald.[131]
  • Attack iron golems before they are hit even if not in a raid or patrol.
  • Held potion and hat model pieces are offset.Witch drinking.pngWitch drinking BE.png
  • Different AI.[more information needed]
    • Possess a charge attack.
    • Spawns four wither skeletons when at half health.
    • Will always break blocks that it touches.
  • Explode when created, half health, and killed (in Java, only explode when created).
  • Has a different spawning and death animation.
  • Has a health of 600♥ × 300 instead of 300♥ × 150.
  • Sometimes shoot wither skulls in a burst of four.
  • Doesn't regenerate health.
  • Can be fed all fishes (both raw and cooked), as well as rabbit stew.
Zombie villagers


Bad Omen
  • When received, the effect icon will at first be shown in the center of the screen, with an animation similar to the Totem of Undying animation.[feedback 37]
Conduit Power
  • Allows the character to take a breath of air, and this fills up the bubble bar until the effect runs out, opposed to stopping the bubbles from going down as in Java.[feedback 38]
Fatal Poison
  • Exists.
    • Given to parrots when they are fed cookies.
    • Same icon as Poison.
    • Can kill the player irrespective of difficulty.
Fire Resistance
  • Gives a better under lava view than in Java Edition.[132]
  • Causes the entity to not have a burning animation at all, causing the view of the player to not be blocked.
Hero of the Village
  • When received, the effect icon will at first be shown in the center of the screen, with an animation similar to the Totem of Undying animation.[feedback 37]
Water Breathing
  • Allows the character to take a breath of air, and this fills up the bubble bar until water breathing runs out, opposed to stopping the bubbles from going down as in Java.[feedback 38]


Fire Aspect
  • Deals extra damage to all mobs or players touching water or rain, instead of only aquatic mobs.[133][upcoming: JE Combat Tests]
  • A thrown trident can hit multiple targets, but it behaves like a regular trident when thrown by a dispenser.
  • Deals higher damage.


  • A relative coordinate can have the next relative coordinate right behind it (without a space).
  • More gamerules:
  • Certain gamerule commands are available even without turning on cheats.
Raw JSON text format
  • Format starts with an object containing only a "rawtext" list, rather than starting directly in the json text input (a string, a bool, a number, an object containing "text" or alike, or a list containing any of the prior options).
Save-all, save-off and save-on
  • Are all merged into /save.
  • /scoreboard players random <entity> <objective> <min> <max>
  • Has optional boolean to cancel teleporting if it ends up inside collision boxes of blocks.
  • /title does not support raw JSON text, only plain strings, instead /titleraw exists to allow raw JSON text.


  • Dropping an item makes the "pop" sound.[134]
  • Hitting the air makes the "attack" sound.[135]
  • Jumping sounds when jumping off of and landing on blocks.[feedback 40]
  • Silverfish and endermites have walking sounds.[136]
  • Sounds for breaking blocks have a higher pitch.[137]
  • Volume sliders play a preview of the relevant sounds when adjusted in the main menu settings.

In Java Edition but not in Bedrock Edition[]


  • Arrows stick to player model after being hit by one.[138]
  • Bee stingers stick to player model after being hit by one.[139]
  • Items picked up are dragged upwards to the player's body, rather than dragged to their feet.
  • Crossbow handling mechanics are different. In Java, the arrow will only load onto the crossbow when the mouse button is released; holding the right mouse button will then fire and charge the next arrow. In Bedrock, the crossbow will automatically load the arrow when finished charging; holding the right mouse button will then fire but not charge the next shot until the player clicks again; charging the crossbow will take an item damage.
  • Cinematic Camera keybind.
  • F2 takes a screenshot.
  • F3 shows the debug screen.
  • F3+F4 shows the gamemode switcher screen.
  • Items with a right-click action can be used in the off-hand if the main hand has no right-click action.[note 23]
  • Middle-clicking an item copies the item into a stack in the creative inventory.
  • More UI/function shortcuts.[note 24][feedback 41]
  • Pressing F will swap the item to off-hand.
  • Sneak and sprint inputs can be switched between hold and toggle in the accessibility settings. Was usable until 1.14[140]
  • Tab ↹ opens a menu of current online players.
  • Hovering over an item in the inventory and pressing 1-9 moves the item to the hotbar slot.[141]
  • 1.9 combat system.[note 25]
  • Camera goes through glass, glass panes and iron bars.[142]
  • Chat is automatically opened when sleeping.
  • Clouds are visible from the inside.[143]
  • Crops can be planted by aiming at the side or bottom of a block.[144]
  • Dark heart particles when dealing more than 2 damage to an entity.[note 26]
  • Death messages are more specific.[note 27]
  • Explosion particles have higher resolution.
  • Health regenerates faster after eating food and filling saturation.[feedback 42]
  • Health bar has a white outline when regenerating.
  • Holding down use when selecting a block will place it whenever it becomes possible.
  • Mouse sensitivity is more responsive.
  • Off-hand slot can hold any item.
  • Particles and nameplates render parallel to the screen.
  • Pressing F1 or hiding the GUI while wearing a carved pumpkin or looking through a spyglass removes the vignette.[145][146]
  • Recipes in the recipe book have to be unlocked.
  • Smarter lighting system, where light only goes through faces that make sense (e.g. a slab on top of a light source blocks it).
  • Sunrise afterglow is visible during the rain.
  • Spectator mode, without enabling experiments toggle.[feedback 43]
  • Vignette (darker corners of the screen, more clearly visible the darker it is).
  • Water pushing strength is based on water height: a source block or high flowing water pushes players and mobs faster than shallow flowing water.
  • When a stronger effect overwrites a weaker effect the weaker effect remains, but is hidden and will come back after the stronger effect expires if the weaker effect had a higher duration.[147]
  • When world spawn is obstructed, the player's spawn is on the block as close as possible that's not obstructed.
  • 1.13 game font.
  • Can shift-click netherite ingots into the correct slot of the smithing table interface.[148]
  • Can shift-click items into the crafting table interface.[149]
  • Can double shift-click stacks of the same item into a chest by holding a stack of it and hovering on another.
  • Chat UI is vastly different (doesn't obstruct screen as much).[feedback 44]
  • Chat UI size can be adjusted within the settings.
  • Chat text font size settings.
  • Chat delay options.
  • Creative inventory has 9 category sections instead of 4.
  • Creative search bar is immediately focused when the inventory is opened to the search tab, or the user clicks on the search tab. Taking an item fully selects the typed text, but leaves it focused so the user can immediately begin searching for something else. Closing the inventory clears the search.
  • Creative inventory has a "Destroy Item" option to clear the entire inventory.
  • Credit screen scroll can be speed up by holding Spacebar and also by holding Ctrl+Spacebar to make it even faster.[150]
  • Command suggestions can be disabled in chat.
  • Death message appears on the death screen.
  • Hotbar is positioned lower in Java than in Bedrock.
  • Item tooltips are different.
  • Main hand can be switched to the left hand.
  • Mouse cursor is re-centered when opening a GUI screen.
  • Off-hand slot visible in the HUD.
  • Experience level is positioned lower and has a black outline.
  • Raid boss bar is segmented.
  • Recipe book for furnaces.
  • Score on the death screen.
  • HUD is still visible when a GUI is opened.
  • Skin customization menu.
  • Social interactions screen.
  • Some recipes in the recipe book are grouped together.
  • Text can be cursive.
  • Text Background can be controlled to just chat or to every text.
  • Toolbars can be saved in the creative inventory.
  • Tutorial toasts for new players.
  • Wither boss bar is purple instead of pink.[feedback 45]
Pause Menu & Options
  • Accessibility options controlling chat opacity.
  • Advancements.[feedback 46]
  • Can change resource packs while playing in a world.[feedback 47]
  • Difficulty can be locked to prevent "cheating".
  • Language can be changed while in a world.
  • Maximum framerate can be set.
  • More accessibility options such as:
    • Distortion Effects.
    • FOV Effects.
    • Monochrome Logo.[note 28]
  • Opening the pause menu in singleplayer pauses the game.[151][feedback 48]
  • Programmer Art resource pack in the default game.
  • Several additional languages.
  • Statistics.
  • Subtitles for sounds in-game.[feedback 49]
  • V-sync.[note 29][feedback 50]
  • World options:
    • Large biomes, single biome, amplified and debug world types.
    • Customizable superflat.[feedback 51]
    • Hardcore mode.[feedback 43][note 30]
    • Option to prevent structures from generating.
  • Block, item, function, and entity type tags.
  • Blocks separated from fluids.
  • Custom dimensions.
  • Customizable height limit.[note 31]
  • Customizable world border.
  • Full implementation of custom biomes.
  • Items and blocks can be remodeled, with various state predicates.
  • Items and blocks have different names, partially due to its flattening.[note 32][152]
  • Loot tables have more functions.[more information needed]
  • Lots of game translations are different and of higher quality, pulled from the translation strings from Crowdin instead of translating them with a small group of people.[note 33][158]
  • More predicate options than Bedrock.[more information needed]
  • Namespaced IDs.
    • Character set is limited to [a-z0-9_./-], the namespace itself cannot have /.
    • Everything in resource packs is namespaced.
    • List of registries are namespaced.
    • minecraft is implied if left out.
    • / means directory everywhere, not just loot tables and functions.
  • Paintings and particles split up into 1 file per texture, rather than texture map, and can, therefore, be animated.
  • Predicate files.
  • Remote console (RCON)[note 31]
  • Status effect amplifiers are saved to file as a byte, and in memory as an integer, meaning values above 127 will overflow when the entity is saved to file.
    • Values below 0 are treated as 0.
  • Uncensored chat.

World generation[]

  • Mineshafts are much more frequent.
  • Spikes in basalt deltas are larger and more frequent.[159]
  • Bastion loot chests frequently generate with gilded blackstone underneath.[160]
  • Dripstone caves temperatures are warmer.
  • Igloos always generate with a villager without profession (will see brewing stand or cauldron, and pick a career).
  • Jungle pyramids can generate in bamboo jungles.
  • Jungles and old growth taigas have more frequent and denser tree generation.
  • Nether (crimson and warped) forests are much denser than in Bedrock Edition.
    • Crimson and warped fungi can generate in small quantities in their counterpart biomes (i.e., crimson fungi in warped forests).[161]
  • Oak and spruce trees can generate in windswept hills and windswept gravelly hills.
  • Oak trees can generate in snowy tundras.
  • Azalea trees can generate with more tree shape and size variant.[162]
  • Plains are weighted only 1 in warm biome generation instead of 3 ({FOREST, DARK_FOREST, MOUNTAINS, PLAINS, BIRCH_FOREST, SWAMP} instead of {FOREST, DARK_FOREST, MOUNTAINS, PLAINS, PLAINS, PLAINS, BIRCH_FOREST, SWAMP}).
  • Red sandstone can generate in badlands and eroded badlands.
  • Savannas, jungles, meadows and plains generate a lot more grass.
  • Solid terrain, structures, and biome generation can generate all the way to 2.147 billion blocks (if the hardcoded 30 million block limit is removed).
  • Villages can spawn in superflat.
  • World boundary exists at the edge of the world.


  • Block entity IDs are namespaced.
  • Block outlines are partially transparent and thicker.
  • Blocks that lose support (e.g. torches, carpet, scaffolding, etc.) make breaking sounds and particles.
  • Blocks with an X model, such as saplings and flowers, always have the same texture applied left to right (the front and back face per pixel are not the same).
  • Blocks broken by pistons emit particles.[163]
  • Breaking (not mining) particles start as the shape of the block and are colored based on its darkest face.
  • More blocks can support general support-needing blocks.[note 34]
  • Have a breaking animation.[164]
  • Ominous banners can be washed.
  • Beam color changes instantly.[165]
  • Beam has an outer semitransparent layer.[166]
  • Can be placed without any supporting block.[167]
  • Have a different model.
  • Random texture rotation on the top.[168]
  • Can be hung from any block that has a wide enough base, except for leaves and fence gates.[169]
  • Hitting a bell during a raid applies the glowing effect to illagers within 32 blocks of it, and produces a different sound when doing so.
  • Can be used to repair stone tools and weapons in an anvil.[170]
Repair & NameStone Pickaxe2

Block of Copper
  • Has a higher blast resistance.[171]
  • Can face in all directions when on the top or bottom of a block.
  • Can be extinguished by splash or lingering water bottles.[172]
  • Can be placed underwater.[173]
  • Can be placed on more blocks.[174]
  • Campfire smoke particles become more transparent as they get higher.
Cartography tables
  • Show a preview of the map.[175]
  • Fire resistance entities doesn't burn inside lava cauldron.[176]
Cave air and Void air
  • Exist.
  • Support lanterns on top face.[177]
  • Have a Christmas present look during December 24th - 26th (includes double chests).[feedback 52]

Xmas Chest.gif Xmas Large Chest.gif

  • Placement is different: when not sneaking, chests first try to connect left, then right; when sneaking, it only tries to connect to the clicked block.[178]
  • If the solid block is powered to signal strength 15, then the comparator outputs 15, no matter the fullness of the container.
  • Are broken faster.
  • Can be used continuously by holding down the "use" button (defaults to right click in Java).[179]
Concrete powder
  • All variants have random texture rotation on top.[20]
Copper Ore
  • Has a higher blast resistance.[180]
  • Orientation of the texture varies depending on the coordinates, similar to stone.[181]
  • Has a higher blast resistance.[182]
  • Have quasi-connectivity.
  • Have generally more functionality.
    • Can equip armor on villagers[183] and wandering traders.[184]
    • Can place armor stands.[185]
    • Can place carpets on tamed llamas.[186]
    • Can place chests on tamed donkeys, llamas and mules.[187]
    • Can place horse armor on tamed horses.[188]
    • Can place saddles on pigs, tamed horses and striders.[189]
    • Can place shulker boxes underwater.[190]
    • Can shear mooshrooms and snow golems.[191]
  • Have quasi-connectivity.
End Stone Bricks
Enchanting Table
  • The book position are centered towards the player.[194]
Fence gates
  • Can support candles, torches, redstone torches, sea pickles, lanterns and pressure plates on the top face.[195]
  • Has a hitbox.[196]
  • Produces more smoke particles.
Flower pots
  • Can be placed without any supporting block.[197]
Glass panes
  • Support lanterns on top and bottom faces.
  • Support torches and pressure plates on the top face.
  • Remove prior work penalty from items.[198]
  • Fill all slots with item entities, rather than only the first.[verify]
  • Push items in a consistent order, the first slot first.[199]
Hanging roots
  • Custom player heads are available through commands with NBT data that contains player skins.
Infested blocks
  • Break slower than their non-infested counterparts.[201]
  • Have particles when silverfish spawns from infested blocks.
  • When infested, stone bricks correctly turn into infested stone bricks instead of infested stone.[202]
Iron bars
  • Support lanterns on top and bottom faces.[203]
  • Support torches and pressure plates on the top face.
  • Multiple jukeboxes can play the same music disc.[204]
Large Fern
  • Has a chance of dropping wheat seed.[205]
  • Leaves only start decaying when 7 blocks away from logs/wood.
  • Rain particles drip from leaves.[206]
  • Emit redstone particles when powered.
  • Handle model is slightly longer.
  • When on the ground or ceiling, they can face in 4 directions.
Lightning Rod
  • Turns white when struck by lightning.[207]
  • Have a unique texture for the dye slot.
Mushroom blocks
  • Change to mushroom pores texture when next to another mushroom block of the same kind.
  • Have cap texture on all sides when placed.
  • Decays into netherrack when a snow layer is placed on top of it.[208]
  • Using bone meal on nylium spreads nether vegetation to plantable blocks.[209]
  • Have generally more functionality.[note 35][210]
    • Can detect respawn anchor charges.[211]
    • Can detect target block updates.[212]
  • Have quasi-connectivity.
  • Pushing a block over farmland/dirt path won't convert it to dirt if the base block wouldn't.
Powder Snow
  • Makes breaking particles when picked up with a bucket.[213]
  • Crimson and warped planks can be used to repair wooden tools and weapons in an anvil.[214]
  • Are placed in the direction the player is facing, unless it's connected to another rail.[215]
  • Growth is not blocked by logs and stripped logs.
  • Bottom of floating scaffolding can be stood on.
  • Can be broken instantly.[feedback 53]
  • Can be placed inside lava.
Sculk Sensors
  • Animation is smoother.
  • Editing interface is different.
    • Will stop writing if the text reaches the end of a line.
    • Lines can be navigated using the up and down keys.
Slime blocks
  • Don't render adjacent face to another slime block.
  • Render the inner cube when in the player's inventory.[40]
  • Mining can be done without needing to re-press the mine key, after mining other snow.
Soul sand
  • When there is ice underneath it, it makes the player walks even slower on top of it.[note 37]
  • Have a lower collision box.
  • Render adjacent face to another spawner block.
  • Walls, fences, iron bars, and glass pane connects correctly to corner stairs.[217]
  • Torches, buttons, and levers can be placed on two back sides of corner stairs.[218]
Sticky pistons
  • Have quasi-connectivity.
Structure blocks
  • Data mode, unusable by players but used by developers.
    • Can only be accessed by clicking the mode button while holding the Alt key.
  • The default mode are set on Load.[219]
Structure void
  • Can be moved and broken by pistons.
  • Can be used to craft chiseled stone bricks from stone bricks.[220]
  • Can be used to craft cut sandstone slabs and cut red sandstone slabs.[221]
Sweet berry bushes
  • Can be broken instantly during any growth stage, not just the first.[222]
  • Can be planted on farmland.[223]
  • Can be planted when aiming at the side of a block.[224]
  • Stage 1 sweet berry bushes slow down entities.[225]
  • Can detect more projectiles such as ender pearls, bottle o' enchanting, fireworks rockets, and fishing bobbers.[226]
Torches and Redstone torches
  • Redstone torches on comparators and repeaters are shaded, which is inconsistent with the behavior of redstone torches themselves and with the behavior on Bedrock Edition.[227]
  • Soul torches can be crafted using charcoal.[228]
  • Torch placement depends on solid face, not a solid block.[note 38]
  • Wall torches have a rectangular model, rather than pipelined.[229]Wall Torch (S) JE7.pngWall Torch (S) BE2.png
  • Can be climbed like ladders when placed on top of ladders.[230]
  • Waterlogged trapdoors prevent water from flowing through their solid faces.[231]
  • Closing a trapdoor can trigger players' crouched state.[232]
Turtle eggs
  • Breaking in creative mode removes all eggs.[233]
  • Can be placed without any supporting block.
  • Different item models. They look like instead of [234]


  • Animation is faster.[235]
  • Lava produces smoke particles when turned into obsidian.
  • Ocean biome water colors are more clearly distinct between different temperatures.
  • Underwater render distance aren't limited and can be changed in the settings.[236]


  • Ability to select and click to move the cursor when editing signs, written books, etc.
  • Changing held item (scrolling through hotbar or picking up an item) resets mining progress.[237]
  • Dropped stacked items are more compact.[238]
  • Durability bar has better visibility and brighter colors.
  • Food items are positioned higher on the screen when consumed.
  • Highlighted slots show a transparent gray overlay above the item and slot.
  • Holding shift and double-clicking while holding an item moves all items of the type clicked on in or out of a block's inventory.
  • Item count is displayed in white and the tip of the mouse cursor contacts the very center of the item.
  • More items use rarity colored tooltips.[note 39]
    • Light blocks,[239] structure void[240] and minecarts with command block[241] use a purple/magenta colored tooltip as they are creative-only items.
  • Tools take longer to draw.
  • When dragging items into multiple slots, the slots are highlighted beneath the item texture. When the distribution is even, the empty remainder is not shown.
  • When shift-clicking items, the item appears in the destination slot instantly.
  • Exist.
Carpets and wool
Debug sticks
  • Stays activated while in water.
Fishing rods
  • Can reel in items.
  • Can reel in tropical fish and pufferfish in jungle biomes.
  • Have a thicker casting line.
  • When used, it has a different item model without the hook. Cast Fishing Rod JE3 BE2.png
Knowledge books
  • Map markers can be added by right-clicking a banner with a map.[feedback 55]
Minecarts with furnace
  • Exist.
  • Splash and drinkable potions have the same duration.
  • Can be activated without sneaking.
  • Can have banner patterns.[feedback 56]
Spawn eggs
  • Spawn eggs used on the mob of its type will spawn a baby variant.[242]
Spectral arrows
  • Effect particles are invisible when looking through spyglass.[244]
Suspicious stew
  • Can be given with the /give command.
  • Can be eaten with full hunger.[245]
  • Loyalty tridents immediately return to the player after hitting a mob instead of falling to the ground and then returning.[246][feedback 58]
  • Riptide tridents can be still be thrown, even when the launching effect is still playing.


  • Cramming too many entities into a small space causes some of them to take 3♥♥ suffocation damage every half second.
  • Crossbow Piercing arrows pierce armor stands.[247]
  • Explosions deal damage to entities while in water.[248]
  • Humanoids render all items in the head slot.
  • Mobs drop experience orbs and loot at kill location.[249]
  • Mobs drop their exact equipment, rather than drawing from the loot table.
  • Mobs have a 5% chance to spawn left-handed (main left hand).
  • Mobs in their death animation still have their hitbox (potentially obstructing attacks on mobs behind it).
  • Mobs spawn with carved pumpkins and jack o' lanterns on their head during Halloween.[feedback 59]
  • Mobs suffocate inside of dirt path or farmland.[250]
  • Passive mobs spawn much less often and do not despawn.
  • The zombified piglin's angry sound is played twice the speed of the original sound file in the game.
  • Thrown/shot projectiles take thrower/shooter's momentum into account.[note 40]
  • Zombies, zombie villagers, husks and zombified piglins have a new animation for their arms when chasing a player.
  • Take damage in water.[251]
  • Have a slower and smoother paddling animation.
  • Have an animation when they lie on a bed, even when players are not sleeping.
  • Hiss at phantoms that are currently pursuing a player.‌
  • Stray cats pursue and attack chickens‌.
  • Have different baby models.
  • Animation colors are smoother.
  • If exploded with a status effect, leaves a lingering cloud of that effect.[252][253]
  • Can stay inside the boat/minecart.[255]
Ender Dragon
  • Killing it using /kill command would skip the death animation.
Elder Guardian and Guardian
  • Killing it while on fire drops cooked fish.[256]
Experience orbs
  • Are collected slower.
  • Are partially transparent (translucent).[257]
  • Drop instantly on death.[258]
Firework rockets
  • Explode when colliding with an entity.[259]
  • Drop bone meal instead of bones.[260]
  • Are afraid of warped fungus in flower pots.[263]
  • Knockback entities.[264]
  • Can open doors (except pillagers).
  • Move door by door killing all villagers, rather than wander around the village without focus.
Iron golems
  • Naturally spawned golems attack withers.
  • Produce particles when walking.
Item frames
  • Can place up to 6 frames inside the same block space.[265]
  • Can be instantly broken by simply punching it.
  • Allows non-solid blocks to occupy the item frames.
  • Zombified piglin and drowned chicken jockeys.
Killer bunny
Magma cubes
  • Can swim in lava.[266]
  • Retain their name after getting split.[267]
  • Baby piglins are "mischievious" and try to steal items from players.[269]
  • Baby piglins have a higher pitch than regular piglins when converting into their zombified counterparts.[270]
  • Become neutral when the player wears gold armor.[271]
  • Can break their crossbow.[272][feedback 61]
  • Get aggravated by players breaking minecarts with chest.[273]
  • Swing their arms to throw items after bartering.[274]
  • Switch their weapon for a better weapon, if available.[275]
  • Are unable to stand up if there's no space for it.[note 42]
  • Can have semi-transparent textures on the second skin layer.[277]
  • Model and hitbox are slightly shorter when crouching.
    • Sneaking players are 1.5 blocks high (allowing sneaking under slabs).[feedback 62]
  • Walking backward makes the body face straight, rather than turned partially.[278]
Polar bear
  • Baby polar bears attack foxes.[279]
  • Killing it while on fire drops cooked fish[280]
  • Can spawn in old growth pine taiga and old growth spruce taiga.
  • Are attacked by "Johnny" vindicators,[281] and damaged by evoker fangs.[282]
  • Have an increased sight range, movement speed,[283] and attack range.[284]
  • Can drop wool when being killed after being previously sheared and regrowing their wool.[285]
  • Detection range is reduced to 8 blocks while the player wears a skeleton mob head.
  • Have different AI and drift when the player approaches them.
  • Have a bow charging animation.
  • Retain their name after getting split.[286]
  • Can climb magma blocks.
  • Can spawn with status effects on Hard difficulty.[287]
  • When rider a strider, the camera bobs up and down in first person mode.[288]
  • Drops are affected by the looting enchantment.[289]
TNT and Minecarts with TNT
  • TNT drop rate is 100%.[290]
Trader llamas
  • Can breed.
  • Have a baby form.
  • Have a different ID and their own spawn egg.
  • Can be picked up by boats.[291]
  • General
    • Will give players gifts related to their profession. Baby villager will give players poppies or wheat seeds, while nitiwts and unemployed villagers will just give wheat seeds.
    • Display angry particles when a panda is attacked by a nearby player.
    • Flee from zoglins.[292]
    • Walk up to the job site block or bed in order to claim it, rather than claim it from a distance.[293]
  • Clerics
    • Gold ingots/Emeralds trade gives 10.(BE: Gives 2)
  • Librarians
    • Can offer curse enchanted books.[294]
  • Nitwits and Unemployed villagers
    • Grunt and shake their heads when the player tries to trade with them.
Wandering traders
  • Drink a potion of invisibility and milk when dark/light, respectively.
  • Flee from zoglins.[292]
  • Provide helpful potions to illagers during a raid.
Zombie villagers
  • Can spawn with armor equipped.
  • Drop equipment when being cured into a villager.


  • Beacon and Conduit effect particles are partially transparent.[297][298]
  • Beacon and Conduit effect produces less particles than normal status effect particles.
  • Beacon and Conduit effect icons are colored with blue outline to distinguish with other status effects.
  • Effect icons stick to the top of the screen, with 2 rows: positive and negative effects.
  • Effect particles spread outwards diagonally of players instead of upwards vertically only.
  • Strength/weakness has +3/-4 attack damage, rather than 130%/-0.5.
Bad Luck and Luck
Dolphin's Grace
  • Exists.
  • Exists.
Hero of the Village
  • When received, the effect applies to all villages, not just the village saved.[299]
Instant Damage, Instant Health and Saturation


  • Enchantment glint is higher resolution and smoother.[301]
  • Single-level enchantments just appear as the enchantment name, without a redundant number.
Frost Walker
  • Path is a circle, but a square in Bedrock.
  • Only works if the entity who is wearing frost walker boots is on the ground.
  • Increases the chance of not taking drowning damage.[302]
Soul Speed
  • Changes the player's field of view.[303]
Sweeping Edge


Raw JSON text format
  • "text" takes priority over "translate".
  • "bold"
  • "clickEvent"
    • "change_page"
    • "copy_to_clipboard"
    • "open_file"
    • "open_url"
    • "run_command"
    • "suggest_command"
  • "color"
  • "extra"
    • Parents boldness, click event, color, font, hover event, insertion, italicness, obfuscation, strikethrough and underlining.
      • [1,2,3] is an alias for {"text":"1","extra":[{"text":"2"},{"text":"3"}]}.
  • "font"
  • "hoverEvent"
    • "show_entity"
    • "show_item"
    • "show_text"
  • "insertion"
  • "italic"
  • "keybind"
  • "nbt"
    • "block"
    • "entity"
    • "interpret"
    • "storage"
    • Usable in signs, tellraw and title
      • Can also be set in item name and lore via loot tables.
  • "obfuscated"
  • "strikethrough"
  • "underlined"


  • Anvil sound when placing a bell.
  • Correct sounds for placing bee nest/bee hive.[306]
  • Correct sounds for horizontal chains.[307]
  • Music "So Below" plays in Basalt Deltas biome.[308]
  • Sound range is greater.
  • Sounds for burning items/entities into a lava cauldron.[309]
  • Sounds for breaking, placing and walking on nether brick variants are newer.[310]
  • Sounds for breaking and placing gilded blackstone are newer.[311]
  • Sounds for combat (such as critical hit) are newer.
  • Sounds for converting zombies to drowned.[note 43][312]
  • Sounds for casting a fishing rod are newer.
  • Sounds for channeling enchantment.[note 43][312]
  • Sounds for crossbow loading ends.[note 43][312]
  • Sounds for dolphin attacking, jumping and playing with items.[note 43][312]
  • Sounds for enchanting.[313]
  • Sounds for emptying item frames.[314]
  • Sounds for going under and above water.
  • Sounds for hitting amethyst block from a firework rocket.[315]
  • Sounds for hurting shulker while closed.[note 43][312]
  • Sounds for minecart moving underwater.[316]
  • Sounds for killing salmon.
  • Sounds for killing cod.
  • Sounds for opening and closing wooden (trap)doors and fence gates are newer.
  • Sounds for opening and closing iron (trap)doors are newer.
  • Sounds for opening and closing a chest are newer.
  • Sounds for placing all crop types are newer.
  • Sounds for placing and breaking kelp and seagrass are newer.
  • Sounds for placing and breaking coral, coral blocks and coral fans are newer.[317]
  • Sounds for placing cocoa beans.[318]
  • Sounds for placing lily pads.[319]
  • Sounds for pressing a button are newer.
  • Sounds for pufferfish are newer.
  • Sounds for rain are newer.
  • Sounds for Riptide are newer.
  • Sounds for reeling in a fishing rod.
  • Sounds for stepping on a pressure plate are newer.
    • However, sounds for placing and destroying weighted pressure plates are incorrect.[320]
  • Sounds for stripping wood are slightly different.[321]
  • Sounds for tilling grass blocks with a hoe are newer.
  • Sounds for Thorns.[322]
  • Sounds for water splash are newer.[323]
  • Sounds for wither skeletons are newer.[324]
  • Underwater ambient sounds.
  • Sounds for filling bottles with a water source.
  • Unique sounds for harvesting honey.[325]
  • Unique sounds for making dirt paths with a shovel.[326]
  • Unique sounds for paddling/rowing in boats.
  • Unique sounds for breaking/placing rooted dirt.[327]
  • Villagers using smithing table produce the correct sound.[328]


  • Color code §6, gold, has shadow color 2A2A00 in Java and 402A00 in Bedrock.
  • Commands that provide block states is written [key=value,key=value] in Java Edition and ["key":"value","key":"value"] in Bedrock Edition.
  • In Bedrock Edition, text background on titles, items, and action bars don't have square corners as in Java.[329]
  • In Bedrock Edition hearts move down when having regeneration while they move up in Java Edition.
  • In Java Edition, nether biome particles are generated within the respective biomes. In Bedrock Edition, particles appear everywhere, even outside of the biomes, but are only visible when inside of the biome, at which point they can be seen everywhere. Given their rendering behavior at extreme distances it appears as though they are rendered in much the same way as rain and snow.
  • Tropical fish names differ between editions (full list can be found in here).
    • Gray-Sky SunStreak: Blue Dory (BE)
    • Gray-Blue Flopper (185008129): Blue Tang (JE)
    • White-Gray Brinely: Butterfly Fish (BE), Butterflyfish (JE)
    • White-Orange Clayfish: Ornate Butterfly (BE), Ornate Butterflyfish (JE)
    • Lime-Sky Brinely: Queen Angel Fish (BE), Queen Angelfish (JE)
    • Red-White SunStreak: Tomato Clown (BE)
    • Red-White Kob: Tomato Clownfish (JE)
    • Teal-Yellow Dasher: Yellowtail Parrot (BE), Yellowtail Parrotfish (JE)
  • Java has /forceload, while Bedrock has /tickingarea.
  • Completely different /tellraw syntax between editions, existence of /titleraw in Bedrock, etc.
  • Loading screen looks different between editions (both for menu, and a world).
  • Different anvil XP costs between editions.[more information needed]
  • Different chest loot between editions.[note 44]
    • The bastion remnant loot tables in Bedrock do not contain spectral arrows (as they have not been implemented). These entries are replaced with arrow entries, resulting in an abundance of arrows in these chests.[note 45]
    • The buried treasure loot tables are more varied, have different weights and stack sizes, and are drawn from less pools in Bedrock. Only in BE, the chests may contain a potion of regeneration, a name tag, a music disc ("Mellohi" and "Wait"), a bottle o' enchanting, a cake, 1–3 leads and chainmail armor. Only in Java, they may contain cooked cod and salmon, a leather tunic, an iron sword and 4–8 emeralds.[note 46]
    • The jungle pyramid's loot tables have slightly different weights and item stacks between editions.[note 47]
    • The ruined portal loot tables in Bedrock have a lower weight for bells and higher weight for golden apples, among other differences.[note 48]
    • The stronghold loot tables are more varied in Bedrock; storerooms may contain 1–3 ink sacs, altars may contain 1–3 emeralds, and the weights in libraries are slightly different.[note 49]
  • Different villager schedules between editions. (See Villager § Schedules.)
  • Different villager trading between editions.
    • General
      • Bedrock trade groups are based on the specific trade slot. Java trade groups are based on the villager level. This affects the chances of trades that are chosen. For example, Bedrock farmers always sell bread, while Java farmers only have a 40% chance to sell bread (20% per slot, 2 slots). For simplicity's sake, these groups aren't listed as they still respect the levels.
    • Butcher
      • The emeralds for coal trade give the villager 2 XP in Java and 10 XP in Bedrock.
    • Cartographer
      • The banner for emeralds trade isn't "grouped" with itself in Java. See the below point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this.
    • Farmer
      • The suspicious stew trade isn't "grouped" with itself in Java. This affects the chances of offering the trade. In Bedrock, the chance of offering the suspicious stew is 13 for a single slot. In Java, it's 67, as all 6 suspicious stew types are listed as separate trades.
    • Fletcher
      • The emeralds and arrows for tipped arrows trade may give Arrows of Decay (currently not in Java) in Bedrock, while it may give Arrows of Slow Falling in Java.
    • Leatherworker
      • The Journeyman level emeralds for dyed leather tunic trades rewards the villager 10 XP in Bedrock while it rewards 1 XP in Java.
    • Mason/Stone Mason
      • The granite/diorite/andesite for emeralds trade is not "grouped" in Java. See the above point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this.
      • The emeralds for polished granite/polished diorite/polished andesite trade is not "grouped" in Java. See the above point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this.
      • The emeralds for terracotta and glazed terracotta trades are not "grouped" in Java, while they are all in one big group in Bedrock. See the above point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this. This one is especially bad as the quartz trade 6.25% chance of appearing.
      • The emeralds for quartz blocks/pillars trades are not "grouped" in Java. See the above point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this. In this specific case, this means that Java will always offer both trades while Bedrock will always offer only one. See the above point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this.
    • Shepherd
      • None of the colored item or dye trades are "grouped" in Java. See the above point about the farmer's suspicious stew trade for an explanation of this.
    • Weaponsmith
      • The enchanted iron sword trade has a price multiplier of 0.05 and a villager XP reward of 1 in Java, while it has a price multiplier of 0.2 and a villager XP reward of 5 in Bedrock.
      • The emeralds for bells trade is offered by apprentice weaponsmith villagers in Java, while it is offered by journeyman weaponsmith villagers in Bedrock.
      • Said bell trade has a villager XP reward of 5 in Java, while it has a villager XP reward of 10 in Bedrock.
  • Different wandering trader trading between editions.
    • Bedrock has trade grouping which prevents items of similar types from being offered more than once per trader.
      • All dyes are grouped (1 for 3, 12 uses), all seeds are grouped (1 for 1, 12 uses), both mushrooms are grouped (1 for 1, 12 uses), all coral blocks are grouped (3 for 1, 8 uses), and all saplings are grouped (5 for 1, 8 uses).
    • Bedrock offers ink sacs, cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, and bone meal instead of Java's offers of black dye, brown dye, blue dye, and white dye.
  • Block and item shading is darker in Java than in Bedrock.
  • Clouds fade differently between editions.
  • Daylight detectors output identical power levels at different times and different weather conditions.[note 50]
  • Different graphics saturation level between editions.
  • Different sound volume levels between editions.
  • In Java Edition, entity shadows are more smoothly rounded than on Bedrock Edition.
  • Experience bar looks slightly different between editions.[more information needed]
    • The experience levels are positioned higher on Bedrock Edition.
  • Foxes behave differently across editions.
    • Have a health of 10♥♥♥♥♥ in Java and 20♥ × 10 in Bedrock.
    • Have different chances of holding eggs (15%‌[JE only]/20%‌[BE only]) or feathers (20%‌[JE only]/15%‌[BE only]) when spawned.
    • In Bedrock, they always drop the item they spawn with when killed; in Java, they have an 8.5% chance of doing so.
    • When killed, adult foxes drop 1–2 in Java and 1–3 in Bedrock.
  • Drowned equipment spawn rates differ.
    • Have a 2% chance to spawn with a fishing rod in JE, as opposed to 0.85% in BE.
    • Have a 6.25% chance to spawn with a trident in JE, as opposed to 15% in BE.
    • Have a 3% chance to spawn with a nautilus shell in its offhand in JE, as opposed to 8% in BE.
  • Bee nest in flower forest have 3% chance to generate in Bedrock and 2% chance in Java.
  • Grindstone, loom, smithing table, stonecutter, villager and wandering trader GUIs are different between editions.[more information needed]
  • Java Edition username is 3–16 characters long, but Bedrock Edition can be 3–32 characters long (without signing in).[note 51]
  • Nether portal blocks in the End teleport players to the Nether in Java and the Overworld in Bedrock. The behavior of end portal blocks in the Nether is unknown.[verify]
  • The distribution of resource packs on servers is handled differently: in JE, a link to a downloadable file is required in the server.properties; in BE, it is included in the world files. This also affects realms, where on BE you can add your own RP to the realm. In JE, this feature is restricted to the maps in the map creators program.
  • The ash particles in Basalt Deltas move randomly in Bedrock Edition, but move northwest in Java Edition.[330][331]
  • Piglins need 6 seconds to barter in Java, but 8 in Bedrock.[332]
  • Random tick speed gamerule defaults to 1 in BE and 3 in JE.
  • Renaming on an anvil has a maximum of 50 characters long on JE and 30 characters long on BE.[333]
  • Spawn radius gamerule defaults to 5 in BE and 10 in JE.
  • Smelting cacti yields more experience in JE (2) than BE (0.2).
  • Swinging animations are different between editions.[more information needed]
  • Taking damage or healing plays an animation in JE, but not in BE.
  • Totem of Undying animation uses a 3D item render in JE, and a 2D one in BE.
  • Wither roses deal damage at different rates: 1♥ every half a second in JE and every two seconds in BE.
  • Different generated structures and cave carvers location between editions.
  • In BE, jungle bush are make out of jungle leaves. In JE, jungle bush are make out of oak leaves.

Textures and animations[]

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The specific instructions are:
  • Sunflowers: the back and front are one element in Java Edition but rendered as two completely separate planes in Bedrock Edition, both of which can be seen from the front. Java Edition is also affected by MC-122701.
  • Cross models: the pixels are more square shaped on Bedrock Edition, and the back faces are more realistically mirrored (although this results in cases of ugly unrealistic mirror symmetry).
  • Other plane models
Object Java Edition Bedrock Edition
Baby drowned targeting Baby Drowned Targeting.png Baby Drowned.png
Baby husk targeting Baby Husk Targeting.png Baby Husk JE2 BE2.png
Baby Panda Baby Panda JE1.png Baby Panda BE1.png
Baby zombie targeting Baby Zombie Targeting.png Baby Zombie JE2 BE2.png
Baby zombified piglin targeting Baby Zombified Piglin Targeting.png Baby Zombified Piglin BE5.png
Bee[334] Bee.gif Bee BE.gif
Bell (Floor) Bell (N).png Bell BE1.png
Blaze Blaze.gif Blaze BE.gif
Boat (item) Oak Boat (item) JE4 BE3.pngSpruce Boat (item) JE2 BE3.pngBirch Boat (item) JE2 BE3.pngJungle Boat (item) JE2 BE3.pngAcacia Boat (item) JE2 BE3.png Oak Boat (item) BE4.pngSpruce Boat (item) BE4.pngBirch Boat (item) JE3 BE4.pngJungle Boat (item) JE3 BE4.pngAcacia Boat (item) JE3 BE4.png
Buried Treasure Map Map (item) JE2 BE2.png Buried Treasure Map BE3.png
Cat Spawn Egg Cat Spawn Egg JE2.png Cat Spawn Egg BE1.png
Cod Cod.gif Cod BE.gif
Conduit Conduit.gif Conduit BE1.gif
Dragon Fireball Dragon Fireball JE2.png Dragon Fireball BE2.png
Drowned targeting Drowned Targeting.png Drowned.png
Enderman Enderman.png Enderman BE.png
Glow Squid Glow Squid JE1.gif Glow Squid BE1.gif
Hoglin[335] Hoglin JE2.png Hoglin BE2.png
Husk targeting Husk Targeting.png Husk JE2 BE2.png
Iron Door Iron Door JE5.png Iron Door BE6.png
Lava Lava JE14.gif Lava BE4.gif
Lava Cauldron Lava Cauldron JE1.png Lava Cauldron BE2.png
Leather Horse Armor (item) Leather Horse Armor (item) JE2.png Leather Horse Armor (item) BE3.png
Leaves Acacia Leaves.pngBirch Leaves.pngDark Oak Leaves.pngJungle Leaves.pngOak Leaves.pngSpruce Leaves.png Acacia Leaves BE2.pngBirch Leaves BE4.pngDark Oak Leaves BE2.pngJungle Leaves BE5.pngOak Leaves BE5.pngSpruce Leaves BE3.png
Leaves (Fast)[n 1] Acacia Leaves (fast) JE1.pngBirch Leaves (fast) JE4.pngDark Oak Leaves (fast) JE1.pngJungle Leaves (fast) JE3.pngOak Leaves (fast) JE5.pngSpruce Leaves (fast) JE4.png Acacia Leaves (fast) BE2.pngBirch Leaves (fast) BE3.pngDark Oak Leaves (fast) BE2.pngJungle Leaves (fast) BE2.pngOak Leaves (fast) BE5.pngSpruce Leaves (fast) BE3.png
Lectern[verify] Two lecterns side by side JE.png Two lecterns side by side BE.png
Light Block[336] Light 0 JE3.pngLight 1 JE3.pngLight 2 JE3.pngLight 3 JE3.pngLight 4 JE3.pngLight 5 JE3.pngLight 6 JE3.pngLight 7 JE3.pngLight 8 JE3.pngLight 9 JE3.pngLight 10 JE3.pngLight 11 JE3.pngLight 12 JE3.pngLight 13 JE3.pngLight 14 JE3.pngLight 15 JE3.png Light 0 BE1.pngLight 1 BE1.pngLight 2 BE1.pngLight 3 BE1.pngLight 4 BE1.pngLight 5 BE1.pngLight 6 BE1.pngLight 7 BE1.pngLight 8 BE1.pngLight 9 BE1.pngLight 10 BE1.pngLight 11 BE1.pngLight 12 BE1.pngLight 13 BE1.pngLight 14 BE1.pngLight 15 BE1.png
Locked Map Map (item) JE2 BE2.png Locked Map (item) BE2.png
Logo[n 2] Java Edition logo 12.png Minecraft logo 2.svg
Map Map (item) JE2 BE2.png Map (item) BE3.png
Oak Door Oak Door JE8.png Oak Door BE4.png
Ocean Explorer Map Ocean Explorer Map JE2 BE2.png Ocean Explorer Map BE3.png
Offhand slot Grid layout Offhand Empty.png Grid layout Bedrock Offhand Empty.png
Ominous Banner Ominous Banner.gif Ominous Banner BE.gif
Panda Spawn Egg Panda Spawn Egg JE1.png Panda Spawn Egg BE1.png
Phantom Phantom JE2.gif Phantom BE1.gif
Pillager[n 3][337] Pillager JE2.png Pillager JE1.png
Piston Piston (U) JE3.png Piston (U) BE2.png
Piston Head Piston Head (U) JE3.png Piston Head (U) BE2.png
Pufferfish (Small & Medium) Pufferfish small.gifPufferfish medium.png Pufferfish BE.gifPufferfish medium BE.png
Redstone Dust (with dot) Inactive Redstone Wire (NE) JE4.pngInactive Redstone Wire (ES) JE4.pngInactive Redstone Wire (SW) JE4.png
Inactive Redstone Wire (NW) JE4.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NEW) JE4.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NES) JE4.png
Inactive Redstone Wire (ESW) JE4.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NSW) JE4.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NESW) JE4.png
Active Redstone Wire (NE) JE4.pngActive Redstone Wire (ES) JE4.pngActive Redstone Wire (SW) JE4.png
Active Redstone Wire (NW) JE4.pngActive Redstone Wire (NEW) JE4.pngActive Redstone Wire (NES) JE4.png
Active Redstone Wire (ESW) JE4.pngActive Redstone Wire (NSW) JE4.pngActive Redstone Wire (NESW) JE4.png
Inactive Redstone Wire (NE) BE.pngInactive Redstone Wire (ES) BE.pngInactive Redstone Wire (SW) BE.png
Inactive Redstone Wire (NW) BE.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NEW) BE.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NES) BE.png
Inactive Redstone Wire (ESW) BE.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NSW) BE.pngInactive Redstone Wire (NESW) BE.png
Active Redstone Wire (NE) BE.pngActive Redstone Wire (ES) BE.pngActive Redstone Wire (SW) BE.png
Active Redstone Wire (NW) BE.pngActive Redstone Wire (NEW) BE.pngActive Redstone Wire (NES) BE.png
Active Redstone Wire (ESW) BE.pngActive Redstone Wire (NSW) BE.pngActive Redstone Wire (NESW) BE.png
Salmon Salmon.gif Salmon BE.gif
Sheared Sheep[feedback 67][338] Sheared White Sheep.png Sheared Black Sheep.pngSheared Blue Sheep.pngSheared Brown Sheep.pngSheared Cyan Sheep.pngSheared Gray Sheep.pngSheared Green Sheep.pngSheared Light Blue Sheep.pngSheared Light Gray Sheep.pngSheared Lime Sheep.pngSheared Magenta Sheep.pngSheared Orange Sheep.pngSheared Pink Sheep.pngSheared Purple Sheep.pngSheared Red Sheep.pngSheared Yellow Sheep.png
Sheep[feedback 67] Black Sheep JE4.pngBlue Sheep JE4.pngBrown Sheep JE4.pngCyan Sheep JE4.pngGray Sheep JE4.pngGreen Sheep JE4.pngLight Blue Sheep JE4.pngLight Gray Sheep JE4.pngLime Sheep JE4.pngMagenta Sheep JE4.pngOrange Sheep JE4.pngPink Sheep JE4.pngPurple Sheep JE4.pngRed Sheep JE4.pngYellow Sheep JE4.png Black Sheep BE5.pngBlue Sheep BE5.pngBrown Sheep BE5.pngCyan Sheep BE5.pngGray Sheep BE5.pngGreen Sheep BE5.pngLight Blue Sheep BE5.pngLight Gray Sheep BE5.pngLime Sheep BE5.pngMagenta Sheep BE5.pngOrange Sheep BE5.pngPink Sheep BE5.pngPurple Sheep BE5.pngRed Sheep BE5.pngYellow Sheep BE5.png
Sticky Piston Sticky Piston (U) JE3.png Sticky Piston (U) BE2.png
Sticky Piston Head Sticky Piston Head (U) JE3.png Sticky Piston Head (U) BE2.png
Shivering Strider[339] Strider Shiver JE3.gif Strider Shiver BE2.gif
Strider[340] Strider JE2 BE2.gif Strider JE2 BE2.gif
Stripped Spruce Log Stripped Spruce Log (UD) JE2.png Stripped Spruce Log (UD) BE3.png
Structure Void Structure Void (item) JE2.png Structure Void (held) BE3.png
Swimming drowned Swimming Drowned.png Swimming Drowned BE.png
Wandering Trader Spawn Egg Wandering Trader Spawn Egg JE1.png Wandering Trader Spawn Egg BE1.png
Water Water JE16-a1.png Water BE (animated).png
Water Cauldron Water Cauldron (level 1) JE7.pngWater Cauldron (level 2) JE7.pngWater Cauldron JE7.png Water Cauldron (level 1) BE2.pngWater Cauldron (level 2) BE2.pngWater Cauldron BE2.png
Weeping Vines[341] Weeping Vines Age 0 JE1.png Weeping Vines Age 0 BE1.png
Weeping Vines Plant[342] Weeping Vines Plant JE1.png Weeping Vines Plant BE1.png
Witch Witch.png Witch BE.png
Woodland Explorer Map Woodland Explorer Map JE2 BE2.png Woodland Explorer Map BE3.png
Zoglin[343] Zoglin.png Zoglin BE.png
Zombie targeting Zombie Targeting.png Zombie JE3 BE2.png
Zombified piglin targeting Zombified Piglin Targeting.png Zombified Piglin BE6.png
  1. How leaves render in "Fast" graphics setting.
  2. Ignore the "Java Edition" part, this is only about the "Minecraft" text.
  3. The texture in Bedrock is an old version of the texture in Java (see MCPE-46125 for an outline).

Hitboxes and collision boxes[]

Block Hitbox Collision box Description (Bedrock Edition)
Anvil Different Different Bedrock report: MCPE-59921.
Azalea & Flowering Azalea Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-129948.
Bamboo (sapling and stalk) Different Same
Banner (wall) Different Same Hitbox is slightly lower.
Bed Different Different Bedrock report: MCPE-60829.
Bell Different Different Bedrock report: MCPE-51416.
Big Dripleaf Different Different Bedrock report: MCPE-121662.
Boat Different Different
Brewing Stand Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-59922.
Cauldron Different Different Collision box and hitbox under the cauldron is different, hitbox doesn't go inside the cauldron.[344]
Candle Cake Different Different The candle part of the candle cake have no collision box on Bedrock Edition.[345]
Chest Different Different
Chorus Plant Different Different
Conduit Different Different
Composter Different Different Hitbox doesn't go inside the composter.[346]
Crimson Roots Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-122699.
End Portal Frame (with eye) Different Different The eye part is intangible.
Farmland Different Different Is a full block.
Fences (corner) Different Same Corner hitboxes don't follow direction.[347]
Flowers Different Same
Flowers and grass (2-blocks tall) Different Same Large hitbox considered intentional in Java Edition.[348][349]
Glass Panes (corner) Different Same Corner hitboxes don't follow direction.[347]
Grass/Dirt Path Different Different Is a full block.
Grindstone Different Different
Hanging Roots Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-122361.
Hopper Outline is different Same Have a full block outline selection.
Iron Bars (corner) Different Same Corner hitboxes don't follow direction.[347]
Item Frame Different Different Is a block.
Lantern Different Different Bedrock report: MCPE-51416.
Lectern Different Different Bedrock report: MCPE-47604.
Lever (ground and roof) Different Same
Lily Pad Different Different Is wider and higher.[350]
Mushrooms Different Same
Nether Portal Different Same
Piston (body) Different Different Is a full block.[351]
Piston (head) Outline is different Same Has a full block outline selection.
Rails (flat) Different Same
Redstone Wire Different Same Hitbox doesn't vary with different shape.[352]
Saplings Different Same
Scaffolding Outline is different Same Has a full block outline selection.
Sea Pickle Different Different Hitbox doesn't vary with different amount of pickles.[353] Sea pickles have no collision in Bedrock Edition
Sea Turtle Egg Different Different
Signs Different Same Standing signs have a higher hitbox, wall signs have wider hitbox.
Snow Layer(s) Same Different Stacked snow layer collision is 1 pixel lower.
Stairs Outline is different Same Have a full block outline selection.
Sugar Cane Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-60827.
Torches Different Same
Tripwire Hook Different Same
Twisting Vines Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-116556.
Vines (roof) Different Same Doesn't have a hitbox.
Walls Different Different Corner hitboxes don't follow direction.[347]
Warped Roots Different Same Bedrock report: MCPE-122698.


Feedback pages[]

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  66. See feedback page.
  67. a b See feedback page.


  1. There is a new policy about accepting certain parity issues in the bug tracker; this was not in effect until late April 2020. A parity issue can be reported in the bug tracker if all of these following criteria are met:
    • it is present both in Bedrock and Java editions;
    • it behaves differently across editions;
    • it was introduced or explicitly changed in the Buzzy Bees update or later.
    See this post by a moderator on the Mojira subreddit for more details.
  2. For example, if a player had one iron ingot, the recipe book would show not just iron nuggets, but also pistons and iron doors.
  3. See Bedrock Edition exclusive splashes for more details.
  4. See this section for a full comparison list.
  5. This feature is part of Minecraft Education Edition and is therefore inaccessible without the Education mode enabled.
  6. a b c d e f g h i j This feature is either unused or unaccessible without the use of cheats, commands or external software.
  7. This is considered to be working as intended both in Java and in Bedrock. Though the Bedrock behavior is intended, Jens Bergensten decided to keep the Java one.
  8. A similar issue happens when de-powering/reconnecting redstone wires in certain directions in Java, due to MC-11193.
  9. When enabling "The Wild Update" experimental toggle.
  10. See this table for comparison.
  11. See raid loot for full list.
  12. Doesn't happen in Java anymore as of 1.14 due to MC-148379.
  13. Doesn't happen in Java due to MC-127433, MC-134448 and MC-147711.
  14. See this section for more details.
  15. Painting NBT and registry in Java contain a typo, referring to motif as "motive" (see MC-187188).
  16. MC-161182, which describes the issue, has been incorrectly resolved as a duplicate of MC-151161 – resolved as "Works As Intended".
  17. This is considered to be working as intended in Java Edition; see MC-139433.
  18. See this section for comparison.
  19. Java uses the gamerule command for this purpose.
  20. Java uses teams for this purpose.
  21. Java uses the maxChainCommandLength gamerule for this purpose.
  22. Java uses the HideFlags item tag for this purpose.
  23. 'Windows 10 Edition' or any console or mobile device with keyboard and mouse connected to it.
  24. Such as F3+B to show hitboxes, F3+G to show chunk borders, etc.
  25. Worked on by redoing combat again, this new version will be added to both Bedrock and Java (see Java Edition Combat Tests).
  26. Present in the legacy console edition, even though it didn't receive the combat changes.
  27. For example, it may detail if you were trying to escape a player/mob. See the list of death messages. For death messages from Buzzy Bees onwards, see MCPE-98552.
  28. Refers to the Mojang Studios logo.
  29. Attempts to synchronize the game's current frame rate with the monitor's refresh rate, to reduce screen tearing.
  30. A tweet by now ex-community manager Aubrey Norris suggests that it is being worked on since at least early 2018.
  31. a b For Bedrock Dedicated Server.
  32. See this section of the Bedrock Edition flattening list.
  33. This leads to more accurate and consistent translations. For example: "Easy" (difficulty) is translated in Dutch as "Makkelijk" in JE and incorrectly as "Makkie" in BE, which is informal.
  34. For example, coral can be placed on glass. See the full list here.
  35. See this section for more details.
  36. See this section for details.
  37. Doesn't work in Java as of 19w42a due to MC-163952. However, it was resolved as Works As Intended, inconsistent with MC-1127 also being resolved as Works As Intended.
  38. For example, torches can be placed on the back of stairs. See this section for a full comparison.
  39. For example, mob head tooltips are yellow for an Uncommon rarity.
  40. Doesn't always happen due to MC-137719.
  41. This is considered a bug both in Java and in Bedrock, though the Bedrock behavior seems to be the intended one.
  42. For example, throwing an ender pearl in a 1 block high bath will make the player "crawl" (swimming animation).
  43. a b c d e Currently the sounds are already in Bedrock Edition, however it is unused.
  44. See also this user list for more thorough explanations.
  45. For more details, see the bastion remnant loot tables.
  46. For more details, see the buried treasure loot tables.
  47. For more details, see the jungle pyramid loot tables.
  48. For more details, see the ruined portal loot tables.
  49. For more details, see the stronghold loot tables.
  50. See this section for details.
  51. However, if signed in with a Microsoft account on Bedrock Edition, the username can only be up to 12 characters long.


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