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Obsidian Pillars are structures located in the End.


Atop each obsidian pillar is an Ender Crystal (some protected with iron bars). Multiple pillars can be found around the Exit Portal, and the Ender Dragon will roam around the pillars to heal itself. This is visualized by a beam of particles which flows between the crystal and the dragon, whenever it flies close.

The pillars may be very high, meaning it will be quite hard to destroy the crystals. Players may need to use Ladder or Water to get up the pillar, but it would take a lot of work. 


  • Obsidian pillars will regenerate when the Ender Dragon is being revived.
  • The Ender Dragon cannot destroy Ender crystals, iron bars or any of the obsidian pillars.
  • Obsidian pillars can be converted into End bases if the interior is mined out large enough.
  • On obsidian pillars, a special bedrock slab is located there. They disappear when the Ender crystal is destroyed.
  • Obsidian pillars are one of the easiest ways to obtain obsidian as thousands of blocks of obsidian can be mined before regenerating them.
  • Obsidian pillars were added in the 1.8. Beta Adventure update with all the main island.


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