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This feature is exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS Edition. 

This is the list of features exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS Edition.

Menu Screen[]

  • The max world size for this edition of the game is 2016×2016, which is larger than Wii U Edition's world size which is 864×864 despite being much weaker compared to the Wii U.
    • This may be because extra data is not subject to the same limits as save data.
    • The Pocket Edition has a physically smaller world size in megabytes than Legacy Console Edition, which allows them to have larger size worlds.
  • The internal names for this game were "Proteus" and "Silverfish".
  • This edition includes 20 platform-specific splash texts.[1]
    • 10 were selected by an Other Ocean engineer who "(hopes) fans find them".[2]
    • Of the remaining 10, they are:[3][4][5]
      • "Coffee! Coffee now!"
      • "Don't be that guy!"
      • "Go to sleep! Go to sleep! It's time to go to sleep!"
      • "Generate me a force field with that computer and a microwave!"
      • "Ah, another visitor!"
      • "Rise from your grave!"
      • "What are you selling?"
      • "Rob is jarig!"
      • "Don, bear near?"
      • "Don't awoo!"
  • This is the only edition of the game wherein the splash text is not slanted and above the logo.


  • The graphics are more vibrant and smoother than in Java Edition.
  • Burning mobs emit large particles with fire's animation.
  • Shadows on entities move depending on the position of the sun.
  • At sunset, the clouds will turn pink.
  • Water has smooth lighting.
  • Blocks that emit light, such as lit furnaces, lit redstone, glowstone or lava, have no shadows on their sides as normal blocks do.
  • Suffocation animation is different.
  • Nether Portal's entering animation is different.
  • Player burning animation is different.
  • Lava has different animation when flowing.
  • Eating animation for animals when feeding them.
  • Some mobs only have an attack animation.

World generation[]

  • Biomes that would exceed the 128-block height limit are shrunk to fit in.
Superflat world type
  • Known as Flat
  • Classic preset only; cannot be customized.
  • Has no villages.
  • Blacksmith chests can have ink sacs and emeralds.
  • Tables have carpets instead of pressure plates.
  • Can generate in cold taiga and ice plains biomes, using Spruce Wood like the Taiga villages.
  • Zombie village buildings are built with moss stone and cobweb.
  • Acacia logs don't replace cobblestones in Savanna villages.
  • A tree has a chance to have vines growing around the trunk, making a "dying tree".
    • This includes trees grown from saplings.
  • Fallen trees are present.
    • They are composed of a trunk lying on its side, sometimes with vines and mushrooms, and a stump one to two blocks away in the direction the rings are facing.
Huge mushrooms
  • Will generate naturally in swamps.
Witch hut
  • Cauldron filled by random potion
  • Chance of splash potion not reduced
  • 23 water in a cauldron are filled by potion
Desert temple
  • If generated in a river, the temple's floor will be replaced by the bottom of the ground in a ravine or river, rather than just one block from TNT shape.
  • Library room's chandelier uses oak fence instead of birch fence.
  • Library chest doesn't contain a compass or an empty map. (There is a bug, which causes a map to appear in a library chest. If the map is clicked on, the game will crash.)
  • Altar chest doesn't contain ender pearls.
  • The deactivated end portal is now useful and works because of update 1.7.
  • Has bigger chance to generate under well in villages

Blocks and items[]

Invisible bedrock
  • Projectiles can pass through it.
  • Leaves a shadow
  • Looks like a sheet of stone in inventory
Jungle leaves
  • Opaque regardless of graphics settings
  • Available in creative mode, used for decoration only.
Sugar canes
  • Using bone meal on a one-block-high flower will cause dandelions or poppies to grow around it.
  • Opaque regardless of graphics settings
Snow layers
  • Builds up in height gradually through snowfall.
  • Are affected by gravity
  • Melts gradually in snowless biomes (except in Extreme Hills)
  • Called "Top Snow" in the inventory
  • Data value 243, rather than 2.
  • Can be crafted back into 9 Melon Slice.
  • In snowy biomes, such as cold taiga, they appear frost covered when it's snowing.
Monster spawners
  • Are available in Creative mode.
  • Take slightly longer to mine than in Java Edition.
Grassless dirt
  • Data value 1 is the grassless dirt from 1.7, acts as a temporary replacement for coarse dirt. However, coarse dirt was added in 1.5, making grassless dirt unavailable.
  • Is affected by smooth lighting.
  • Most water in swamps has a dark-gray color.
  • Crafting recipe includes a wooden shovel.
  • Emits smoke when destroyed.
Redstone dust
  • When placed, is in a + (plus) shape instead of • (circle) if it is not connected to other redstone components, similar to Java Edition prior to 1.0.
  • Does not have quasi-connectivity, meaning many contraptions for Java Edition and Legacy Console Edition have to be altered.
  • Requires 6.5 seconds to mine instead of 10.
Nether bricks
  • Has a brighter texture
Enchantment table
  • The book on it gives off light in the same manner as a torch.
  • Water color can be changed by adding dyes.
    • Colors can be mixed.
  • Can be used to dye items (like leather armor).
  • Water bottles can be used to refill water.
  • Can store potions.
    • Will make an explosion sound (not a real explosion) if potions are mixed, and the potions will disappear.
  • Potions inside cauldron creates potion particles.
    • Potion in cauldron can be used to make a tipped arrow.
Item frame
  • Uses BlockEntity instead of Entity.
  • Cannot share the same block with a transparent block.
  • Cannot share the same block space with other item frames.
Clownfish and Pufferfish
  • Cannot be used to tame ocelots.
Fishing Rod
  • Has a 3D bobber.
Nether Reactor Core
  • Used for decoration only.
  • Can only be obtained using inventory editing.
  • Can only be mined using iron pickaxe or diamond pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment.
    • If mined without Iron or diamond pickaxe, it will drop nothing.
    • If mined using Iron or diamond pickaxe without Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop 3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots.
Update Game Block
  • Block obtained from inventory editing
  • Functions identically to the missing texture block
  • Can be mined with bare hands.
Glowing Obsidian
  • Can only be obtained through inventory editing.
  • Glows at light level 12.
  • Can only be mined using diamond pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment.
    • If mined without diamond pickaxe, it will drop nothing.
    • If mined with diamond pickaxe without Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop normal obsidian.
info reserved6
  • Can only obtained through inventory editing
  • have tag called as .name
Piston and Sticky Piston
  • Require 1 tick to retract instead of retracting instantly as they are on other versions of Minecraft.
  • Have a thick, broader neck
  • Can push block entities such as chest, dispenser, etc.
Tipped Arrows
  • Made by using an arrow in a cauldron filled with a potion
Leather horse armor
  • Can be dyed using a cauldron.
  • Can be crafted using 7 leather.
Mossy cobblestone
  • Can generate at the top side of the building in an zombie Village.
  • Only has 3 lines of text as opposed to the 4 in other versions (it is possible to glitch in a 4th line).
Totem of undying
  • Can be put in any hotbar slot to activate it, due to the lack of a off-hand slot in this version.


All mobs
  • If the player is attacked by a burning mob the player will be set on fire as well.
Baby zombies
  • They have a 15% chance to want to be a jockey. If they want to be a jockey, upon nearing the player or villager they will check for one of the following to mount prior to attacking:
    • Adult chicken
    • Adult ocelot (hardly attack the player, due the ocelot constantly running away from it, and is slightly slower because the ocelot has the baby zombie's speed, and still can be tamed).
    • Adult wolf (the wolf becomes hostile and can't be tamed)
    • Adult zombie (The zombie still can burn in sunlight).
    • Cow
    • Pig
    • Sheep (The sheep can still be dyed)
    • Spider
    • Adult zombie villager (The zombie villager still can be cured, but after it is cured the baby zombie will dismount)
    • Adult zombie pigman (zombie pigman become hostile, but another zombie pigman near it still neutral)
    • Cave Spider
    • Mooshroom (Mooshroom still can be sheared)
    • Adult husk.

If a mob that a baby zombie is riding dies or despawns, the baby zombie will try to become a jockey again with another mob to ride.

Cave spider
  • Has a 1% chance of spawning as a spider jockey.
    • If in the Nether, they have a 1% chance of spawning as a wither jockey, (This makes it more dangerous, because if the player is attacked, the player will get the Poison effect from the cave spider and the Wither effect from the wither skeleton)
    • If an abandoned mineshaft generates in a snowy biome and has a cave spider spawner, the cave spider has a chance to spawn as a cave spider jockey, but with a stray instead of a skeleton.
Chickens and Pigs
  • Baby forms can spawn naturally.
  • Color around their faces and patches when sheared correspond to their wool color.
  • Baby Sheep can spawn naturally.
Snow Golems
  • Can be built using a Jack o'Lantern as a head.
    • Will still show the regular pumpkin as the head.
  • Will not die in a jungle biome.
  • Spawns version exclusive baby squid.
  • Produces a black cloud of "ink" particles when attacked.
  • Have bubbling particles.
  • Spawns only in ocean biomes.
  • Pups can spawn naturally.
  • Glow in the dark.
  • Have glowing eyes.
Magma cubes
  • Cores glow in the dark.
Spider Jockey
  • Can spawn with cave spider, replacing spider position.
  • Can spawn with baby zombie, replacing skeleton position.
Wither Jockey
  • Can spawn with cave spider, replacing spider position.
  • If holding item besides a bow, skeleton do not use a melee attack, but instead attack the player with arrows as if the skeleton were using a bow.
  • If holding an item, the zombie will not drop that item when it dies.
Wither Skeleton
  • Can spawn as Wither Jockey with Cave Spider.
  • Wither Skeleton holding bow can only spawned using mob editing, instead of using command.
  • Can teleport out of boats


  • Support for stereoscopic 3D on New 3DS systems is planned for a future update.[6] As this Edition is now discontinued, this feature will not be added.
  • New Nintendo 3DS Edition lacks online multiplayer,[7] but as of version 1.4, local multiplayer is possible between two people.
  • World types are Default and Flat. World sizes are Small (672×672), Medium (1344×1344), and Large (2016×2016). The size of a world cannot be changed once it is created. The ratio of The Nether to the Overworld is 1:3.
  • The height limit is only 128, as in the Pocket Edition Alpha, although worlds can be larger than the Classic and Small world types from Legacy Console Edition.
  • There is a mob cap that is much stricter than Legacy Console Edition: only 24 enemies, 24 animals, 16 squid, and 16 villagers can exist at one time. However, there is no cap on experience orbs, so it is possible to intentionally crash the game by throwing too many bottles o' enchanting. This was fixed in 1.9. There is a separate mob cap between the Overworld, the Nether, and the End dimensions.
  • Instead of including the map item, the map and the player's coordinates are displayed on the Touch Screen. The Touch Screen is also used for inventory management and crafting.
  • New Nintendo 3DS Edition initially includes six skin packs: Standard, Biome Settlers Pack 1, Biome Settlers Pack 2, Redstone Specialists, Journey to the West, and Holiday Skin Pack 2015.
  • There are three texture packs available from the start: Minecraft (the default), City, and Plastic. The City texture pack is 32×32.
  • As of Version 1.5, the Super Mario Mash-Up pack was added, as well as the Super Mario skin packs and texture packs, free of charge.
  • As of Version 1.7, The End is now accessible. Prior to the update, Strongholds still existed but the End Portal within them could not be activated.


This section is missing information about various blocks and items' tabs within the crafting section in the crafting menu. Update information to version 1.9.19. Show crafting tab items in order based on empty player inventory. 
Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.

The crafting menu shares similar block and item categories to that of Legacy Console Edition, although there is no armor tab. As with Legacy Console Edition, blocks and items are placed and grouped in completely different categories and tabs, compared to the Creative inventory. Due to the lack of banners and fireworks on New Nintendo 3DS Edition, there is no banner crafting or firework crafting tabs, nor a dye crafting tab, unlike Legacy Console Edition. The order of items changes depending on the items available in the player's inventory.


Items with an asterisk (*), do not appear outside the crafting table.

Creative inventory[]

The Creative inventory was similar to that of Legacy Console Edition, although with slightly different layouts of tabs, blocks, and items; to account for the set of blocks and items available in the Creative inventory on Bedrock Edition.



  • There is no search tab, with all of the Creative inventory's items in a single tab, on New Nintendo 3DS. Players must instead browse each individual tab to find the item in question.
  • Stairs, slabs, and many colored materials use the old order of stairs, slabs, and colored materials from Legacy Console Edition prior to the World of Color Update; although colored beds use the same rainbow order as Java and Bedrock, purpur slabs are found between red sandstone and oak slabs, and purpur stairs between brick and stone brick stairs. (Legacy Console previously positioned purpur stairs and slabs after quartz variants.)
  • Potions and enchanted books are arranged in a way more like Bedrock.
  • Unlike later versions of Java or Bedrock, spawn eggs are not sorted alphabetically, nor are they sorted with most passive mobs before most hostile ones. Instead, hostile mob spawn eggs are listed before most passive mob spawn eggs; the order of which, has a lot of differences compared to Legacy Console.
  • Unlike Legacy Console, all damage levels of anvils, and all levels of enchanted books, are available in the Creative inventory.
  • Interestingly, a long mundane variant of lingering potion can be found in the Creative inventory on New Nintendo 3DS, like on Bedrock, however, splash and regular potions don't show the long mundane variant. This item is exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS and cannot be found on either Legacy Console Edition or Java Edition.
  • Since Bedrock Edition 1.2.0, all blocks and items in the Creative inventory on New Nintendo 3DS, can be obtained in the Creative inventory on Bedrock.
  • Compared to Pocket Edition 1.1.7, New Nintendo 3DS also includes the following features from Bedrock Edition 1.2.0:
  • Compared to Pocket Edition 1.1.7, all features from this version of Pocket Edition are available, except:
  • Exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS:

Unobtainable items in the Creative inventory

The following items cannot be obtained directly in the Creative inventory on New Nintendo 3DS only. On other Minecraft editions such as Java or Bedrock, these items are in the Creative inventory.


Version 1.5 saw the addition of a online store, which sold texture packs, skins, and one mash-up pack. A few skins from each Skin Pack are available for free, as a demo, and new DLC packs were made available with each subsequent update, until the game was discontinued. The shop, too, was discontinued on March 27th, 2023, when Nintendo had closed the online 3DS eshop, which also closed in-game stores, as they were considered DLC in the eshop.

Mash-up Packs[]

  • Festive Mash-up 2016 (1.8)

Texture packs[]

  • Candy (1.6)
  • Cartoon (1.5)
  • Fantasy (1.5)
  • Natural [32×32] (1.7)
  • Steampunk (1.8)

Skin Packs[]

  • Battle & Beasts (1.6)
  • Campfire Tales (1.5)
  • City Folk (1.5)
  • Halloween Costume (1.8)
  • Magic: The Gathering (1.8)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1.8)
  • Moana Character Pack (1.8)
  • Star Wars Classic (1.6)
  • Star Wars Prequel (1.7)
  • Star Wars Rebels (1.8)
  • Stranger Things (1.7)
  • Strangers - Biome Settlers 3 (1.8)
  • Town Folk (1.5)
  • Villians (1.7)