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For the level in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Nether Wastes.

The Nether wastes is the most common biome found in the Nether.


The Nether wastes is a barren, maroon-tinted biome composed of mostly netherrack. It has extensive lava seas with glowstone blobs hanging from the ceiling. Blobs of nether quartz, nether gold ore, and blackstone generate in the wastes (where ore is most visible) with the more rare Ancient Debris found unexposed within the terrain. Gravel and soul sand are found along its coastlines.

Most of the Nether’s residents can be found throughout the wasteland including: Ghasts, zombified piglins, magma cubes, striders, piglins and occasionally endermen. Nether fortresses and bastion remnants are present as well.

The following mobs are naturally spawned here:

In Java Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Zombified Piglin1001684
Ghast[note 1]501684
Magma Cube21684
Creature category
  1. Only 5% of spawn attempts succeed.
In Bedrock Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Zombified Piglin1001712–4
Magma Cube101711–4
Creature category



These music tracks play while the player is in the Nether Wastes.

in Minecraft
Gameplay Soundtrack Title Soundtrack Track preview Weight
nether1.ogg The Nether "Concrete Halls" Minecraft - Volume Beta No. 7 1
nether2.ogg The Nether "Dead Voxel" Minecraft - Volume Beta No. 3 1
nether3.ogg The Nether "Warmth" Minecraft - Volume Beta No. 11 1
nether4.ogg The Nether "Ballad of the Cats" Minecraft - Volume Beta No. 15 1
rubedo.ogg Nether Wastes "Rubedo" Minecraft: Nether Update (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 2 6


Nether ambience plays while the player is in the Nether.

Name Sound Group
Nether Wastes Ambience Loop
Nether Wastes Addition 1 Loop Additions
Nether Wastes Addition 2
Nether Wastes Addition 3
Nether Wastes Addition 4
Nether Wastes Addition 5
Nether Wastes Addition 6
Nether Wastes Addition 7
Nether Wastes Addition 8
Nether Wastes Dark 1
Nether Wastes Dark 2
Nether Wastes Ground 1
Nether Wastes Ground 2
Nether Wastes Ground 3
Nether Wastes Ground 4
Nether Wastes Mood 1 Mood
Nether Wastes Mood 2
Nether Wastes Mood 3
Nether Wastes Mood 4
Nether Wastes Mood 5

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key
Nether Wastesnether_wastes8biome.minecraft.nether_wastes

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID
[No displayed name]hell8


Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.0previewAdded the biome "Hell" as the Nether's only biome.
This biome is added along with the Nether itself as well as the ghasts, zombie pigmen, netherrack, soul sand, and glowstone that it contains.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 PrereleaseAdded nether fortresses, which generate in the Nether, along with the blazes that spawn in them.
Added magma cubes, which spawn in the Nether.
1.915w31aThe Nether biome fog has been removed.
15w31cThe Nether biome fog has been re-added.
1.1016w20aPatches of magma blocks now generate in the Nether.
1.1318w19aThe biome "Hell" has been renamed to "Nether".
pre5The biome ID hell has been changed to nether.
1.1419w14aSoul sand and gravel now generate at lava sea level, instead of between y level 60 and 65.[1]
1.1620w06aTo distinguish it from other Nether biomes, the biome "Nether" has been renamed to "Nether Wastes".
20w07aAdded piglins, which can spawn in Nether wastes.
20w13aAdded striders, which can spawn in Nether wastes.
20w19aPatches of blackstone and gravel now generate in nether wastes at level of lava ocean.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.12.1build 1Added the Nether biome, known as "Hell".
Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta biome "Nether" has been renamed to "Nether Wastes".
Added piglins, which can spawn in the Nether Wastes.
beta striders, which can spawn in lava seas of the Nether Wastes.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1Added the Nether.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Added the Nether.


Issues relating to "Nether biome" or "Nether Wastes" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • In Bedrock Edition, if the Nether Wastes is used as the biome for Overworld generation, although the terrain is entirely netherrack, no ore is generated (including nether quartz, nether gold ore, ancient debris, etc.). Caverns and lakes (with red-colored water) still generate. The player is still able to place water in an Overworld Nether Wastes biome, but trying to sleep in a bed still causes an explosion.


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  1. MC-152207 Resolved as "Works As Intended"

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