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This article is about fossils found in soul sand valley. For the similar structures generated in the Overworld, see Fossil.

Nether fossils are fossils that generate in soul sand valleys.


Nether fossils generate randomly throughout the Nether in soul sand valleys.


Main article: /Structure

Nether fossils are composed of 5 to 27 bone blocks. Unlike Overworld fossils, they do not have a lowered structure integrity and no blocks are replaced with coal or diamond ore. They are made with the NBT structure block format and the NBT files for each fossil are stored in the folder minecraft.jar/data/minecraft/structures/nether_fossils.

There are 14 different variants of nether fossils:

Structure name Description Consists of Images
nether_fossils/fossil_1 Small ribs.

10 Bone Block

Nether fossil 1
nether_fossils/fossil_2 A horizontal sternum.

10 Bone Block

Nether fossil 2
nether_fossils/fossil_3 Small partial ribcage.

6 Bone Block

Nether fossil 3
nether_fossils/fossil_4 Small ribcage structure.

6 Bone Block

Nether fossil 4
nether_fossils/fossil_5 One medium rib.

5 Bone Block

Nether fossil 5
nether_fossils/fossil_6 Large ribcage structure.

21 Bone Block

Nether fossil 6
nether_fossils/fossil_7 Three sets of large ribs.

18 Bone Block

Nether fossil 7
nether_fossils/fossil_8 One large rib.

6 Bone Block

Nether fossil 8
nether_fossils/fossil_9 Three ascending sets of medium ribs.

15 Bone Block

Nether fossil 9
nether_fossils/fossil_10 One large rib.

8 Bone Block

Nether fossil 10
nether_fossils/fossil_11 Medium ribcage structure.

24 Bone Block

Nether fossil 11
nether_fossils/fossil_12 Medium ribcage structure.

11 Bone Block

Nether fossil 12
nether_fossils/fossil_13 Three large ribs.

17 Bone Block

Nether fossil 13
nether_fossils/fossil_14 Large ribcage structure.

26 Bone Block

Nether fossil 14


Java Edition
September 28, 2019Nether fossils are shown unnamed as part of the soul sand valley biome at Minecon 2019.
1.1620w06aAdded nether fossils.
20w11aNether fossils can now be located with /locate.
Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta nether fossils.


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