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As in most games, Music plays a role in setting the mood for players in Minecraft. When settings are enabled, ambient music will play within the Overworld, The Nether and in The End. It also plays within game menus, and during the Credits.

All music in Minecraft is produced by Daniel Rosenfeld (also known as C418), a freelance musician from Germany.

Music Tracks

There are many music tracks which play regardless of where a player is located within a Minecraft world. However, each type of area in Minecraft (i.e. The Overworld, The Nether etc.) typically has a few tracks which are unique to that area. Creative Mode also has a few exclusive tracks, as does the main menu. This table will only list the origninal 12 Tracks.

Music File Name Run Time Notes
Minecraft calm1 4:21 When counting both parts of mice on Venus it's own song, This is the longest track in the game
Sween calm2 3:36
Clark calm3 3:12
Subwoofer Lullaby hal1 3:29
Living Mice hal2 3:08
Haggstrom hal3 3:24 This and Mice on Venus are the only two songs to have a second part
Danny hal4 4:15
Key naunce1 1:06 This is the shortest track in the game
Oxygene naunce2 1:08
Dry Hands piano1 1:09
Wet Hands piano2 1:31 This is known as the theme for Minecraft, although that title really goes to Minecraft
Mice on Venus piano3 4:42 (New)



This and Haggstrom are the only two songs to have a second part

When counting both parts as one song, this is the longest track in the game.

The old version of the song was much shorter, and did not include the second part and only included half of the first. This also made Minecraft the original longest song.

It is also possible for players to play special music tracks themselves through the use of a Jukebox and
Music Discs

Types of Music

  • In the Overworld, the music is calm and peaceful which creates a sense of harmony.
  • In the Nether, the music is dark and sounds evil.