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local p = {}

p.facts = {
	"''[[Minecraft]]'' was originally called \"''Cave Game'' \"",
	"[[Java Edition Far Lands/Infdev 20100327 to Beta 1.7.3#The Farther Lands|the Farther Lands]] existed before [[Java Edition Beta 1.8]]",
	"it is theoretically impossible for the head of a [[piston]] to fit inside its body in ''[[Java Edition]]''",
	"the old texture for [[cobblestone]] is taken from [[Markus Persson|Notch]]'s unfinished game ''[[RubyDung]]''",
	"[[Daniel Rosenfeld|C418]]'s [[skin]] is the Steve skin, but with a [[jukebox]] head",
	"[[mojira:MC-4|MC-4]] is the oldest bug report that is still standing",
	"there was a hoax announcement about a [[Easter eggs#2017|Mine & Craft Digital Leisure Device]] by [[Mojang Studios|Mojang]]",
	"some of the [[texture]]s have signatures and credits in unused spaces",
	"the [[music disc]] \"11\" is exactly 1:11.111 long, emits power level 11 via [[Redstone Comparator|comparator]], and displays a Steve face and the text \"12418\" (\"C418\") at the end when viewed through a spectrogram",
	"there is a [[splash]] [[Easter eggs#Never displayed splash|that is never displayed]] on the [[Menu screen|main menu]]",
	"in ''[[Education Edition]]'' and education-enabled [[Bedrock Edition]], combining two units of the same chemical [[compound]] in a [[Lab Table|lab table]] still produces failed effects",
	"when in [[third-person view]], the [[player]] will appear to throw [[Eye of Ender|eyes of ender]] from their feet",
	"when the [[Ambience#Cave ambience|ambient sound]] 14 is put into a spectrogram, it appears to be a [[creeper]] face",
	"standing on a floating [[boat]] will drain the [[Hunger|hunger bar]] if the boat was moved",
	"in [[Legacy Console Edition]], breaking a damaged [[anvil]] and placing it again would completely repair it",
	"chainmail [[armor]] used to be [[Java Edition removed features#Chainmail armor|crafted]] from [[fire]]",
	"[[creeper]]s were originally based [[Creeper#History|on a failed pig model]]",
	"most of the [[Ambience#Crimson Forest ambience|ambience]] in the [[Crimson Forest|crimson forest]] was made with balloons",
	"the [[ghast]] sounds are actually sounds [[Daniel Rosenfeld|C418]]'s cat makes when it is disturbed while sleeping",
	"in ''[[Java Edition]]'', a game crash can be forced by holding <kbd>F3</kbd>+<kbd>C</kbd> for 10 seconds",
	"feeding a [[cookie]] to a [[parrot]] will kill it",
	"in ''[[Java Edition]]'', there is a 0.01% chance that the [[Menu screen#Minceraft|title screen]] will display \"Minceraft\" instead of \"Minecraft\"",
	"before the release of the [[bug tracker]], bugs were originally reported on [[MCW:Issues|this wiki]]",
	"[[the End]]'s original [[biome]] name was \"Sky\"",
	"there is a 10<sup>−10</sup>% (one in a trillion) chance of an [[end portal]] being activated upon generation",
	"the player's [[inventory]] can hold up to 999 stacks with 63,936 items using [[Shulker Box|shulker boxes]]",
	"[[Enderman|endermen]] see [[End Stone|end stone]] as bluish [[cobblestone]]",
	"a [[Item (entity)|dropped]] [[Nether Star|nether star]] cannot be destroyed by [[explosion]]s, and in [[Bedrock Edition]] will never despawn",
	"up to two [[Block of Diamond|diamond block]]s can generate in [[Woodland Mansion|woodland mansion]]s",
	"the first 3 tracks of ''[[Minecraft - Volume Alpha]]'' are connected together",
	"[[Name Tag|naming]] a [[vindicator]] \"Johnny\" will cause it to attack any nearby [[mob]]s",
	"''[[Minecraft: The Movie]]'' was originally going to be directed by [[wikipedia:Shawn Levy|Shawn Levy]], the executive producer of ''[[wikipedia:Stranger Things|Stranger Things]]''",
	"leather armor can be [[Dye#Dyeing armor|dyed]] in 12,326,391 different ways",
	"[[Java Edition 1.13]] was originally going to be called \"Technically Updated\" before it was combined with the [[Update Aquatic]]",
	"[[Java Edition 1.3.1]] was the last major update to not have an official name",
	"February 29, 2020 was the first leap day to not have an update released",
	"from [[Java Edition 12w19a|12w19a]] to [[Java Edition 13w01a|13w01a]], there existed a [[Cocoa Beans|cocoa pod]] textured like a [[Dragon Egg|dragon egg]]",
	"as of the [[Nether Update]], there are 16,777,216 different ways to craft a [[chest]], [[Note Block|note block]], or [[jukebox]]",
	"there are 2<sup>64</sup> (18,446,744,073,709,511,616) [[Seed (level generation)|seeds]] in ''[[Java Edition]]'', but only 2<sup>32</sup> (4,294,967,296) seeds in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
	"[[rabbit]]s can also be [[Breeding|bred]] with [[dandelion]]s besides [[carrot]]s",
	"there is no [[music]] played in the [[Warped Forest|warped forest]] biome",
	"[[hoglin]]s are afraid of [[Nether portal]]s",
	"[[Bedrock Edition]] is written in the programming language [[wikipedia:C++|C++]]",
	"[[walking]] and [[sneaking]] do not increase the [[Hunger#Exhaustion level increase|food exhaustion level]]",
	"climbing up [[scaffolding]] costs the same [[Hunger#Exhaustion level increase|exhaustion level]] as [[jumping]] up every block",
	"when [[Hunger#Mechanics|saturation]] is not at zero, [[health]] regenerates much faster in ''[[Java Edition]]'' than in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
	"the normal [[jump]] height of the player is 1 ¼ blocks, instead of 1",
	"[[villager]]s made no sounds until [[Java Edition 1.6.1]], almost two years after their introduction",
	"[[cake]]s were added as a response to ''Minecraft'' winning the [[2010 Indie of the Year Awards]]",
	"the original [[Sword|iron sword]] texture was taken from [[Markus Persson|Notch]]'s abandoned game ''[[Legend of the Chambered]]''",
	"[[the Nether]]'s original [[biome]] name was \"Hell\"",
	"[[Bastion Remnant|bastion remnant]]s cannot generate in the [[Basalt Deltas|basalt deltas]] biome",
	"despite the size of the [[ghast]], it can be trapped in a [[minecart]]",
	"before [[Java Edition Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4]], the [[sun]] and the [[moon]] rose in the north and set in the south",
	"[[villager]]s can sleep in [[bed]]s in [[the Nether]] and [[the End]], when it is night time in the [[Overworld]]",
	"the [[Dead Bush|dead bush]] is the only [[non-renewable resource|unrenewable]] plant-like block",
	"the sound of a [[minecart]] falls into the category of \"friendly creatures\"",
	"in ''[[Java Edition]]'', [[Wither Skeleton|wither skeleton]]s are the only [[mob]] that can spawn inside [[Flower|wither rose]]s",
	"[[Red Dye|red dye]] can also be [[Red Dye#Crafting|crafted]] from [[beetroot]]s",
	"[[cobblestone]] takes slightly longer to [[breaking|mine]] than [[stone]]",
	"[[stronghold]]s try to generate under [[village]] meeting points in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
	"the nearest 3 [[stronghold]]s are on average twice as far in ''[[Java Edition]]'' than in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
	"the top textures of [[Grass Block|grass block]], [[dirt]], [[sand]], [[stone]], [[netherrack]], [[bedrock]] and [[TNT]] are randomly rotated",
	"[[sign]]s and [[banner]]s cannot be pushed by [[piston]]s in ''[[Java Edition]]''",
	"the [[End spike|obsidian pillars]] of [[the End]] extend through the island all the way down to [[altitude|Y level 0]]",
	"there are [[End gateway#Generation|exit gateways]] randomly generated across the [[The End#Outer Islands|outer islands]] in [[the End]]",
	"you can use [[maps]] normally in [[the End]]",
	"[[Grass Block|grass block]]s take slightly longer to [[breaking|mine]] than [[dirt]]",
	"[[Chorus Flower|chorus flowers]] can be harvested by shooting an [[arrow]] at it, and the arrow is not consumed",
	"[[Hoe|iron hoe]]s can [[Hoe#Harvesting|instantly break]] [[leaves]]",
	"almost all [[painting]]s are based on actual paintings by artist [[Kristoffer Zetterstrand]]",
	"light gray stained [[Glass Pane|glass pane]] is almost invisible in the [[inventory]] in ''[[Java Edition]]''",
	"in [[Bedrock Edition]], using an Overworld [[Map#Player marker and pointer|locator map]] in [[the Nether]] (and vice versa) shows the player's corresponding location between the two [[dimension]]s",
	"the [[bedrock]] pattern in [[the Nether]] is the same regardless of [[Seed (level generation)|world seed]]",
	"the pattern of [[Slime#\"Slime chunks\"|slime chunks]] are always the same regardless of [[Seed (level generation)|world seed]] in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
	"the [[Channeling]] enchantment works on non-mob entities such as [[boat]]s, [[minecart]]s and [[Armor Stand|armor stand]]s",
	"in ''[[Java Edition]]'', a [[blaze]] has the exact same [[Hitbox#Entity|hitbox]] size as the [[player]]",
	"[[End Rod|end rod]]s can be crafted using [[Blaze Rod|blaze rods]] and [[Popped Chorus Fruit|popped chorus fruit]]s",
    "[[Smooth Stone|smooth stone]]'s existence was originally an unintentional side effect of other [[slab]] types, but was eventually officially reimplemented due to player demand",
    "the first version of ''Minecraft'' was created in just 6 days",
    "the belief that [[enderman]] sounds are English words played backwards is just speculation",
    "[[fishing]] in ''Minecraft'' is slower when the bobber is not directly under the sky",
    "[[the Nether]] was originally proposed to be called \"The Nexus\" or \"The Slip\"",
    "[[Etho Slab|TNT slabs]] existed once, but only as an April Fools prank",
    "[[enderman|endermen]] originally dropped [[diamond]]s",
    "if [[enderman|endermen]] have no blocks to [[Teleportation|teleport]] to when projectiles fly to them, they reflect the projectiles",
    "there was [[Bedrock Edition unused features#Hoglin Meat|hoglin meat]] as an unused texture in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
    "before [[Rotten Flesh|rotten flesh]] was added, [[zombie]]s used to drop [[feather]]s",
    "[[enderman|endermen]] are the only mobs that spawn in all 3 [[dimension]]s",
    "[[Nether portal]]s once could be spawned [[Java Edition Alpha v1.2.2|by pressing <kbd>F4</kbd>]]",
    "[[Iron Ingot|iron ingot]]s take place in the most amount of crafting recipes in the game",
    "[[planks]] take place in the second highest amount of crafting recipes in the game",
    "[[crying obsidian]] was originally planned to set the spawn point, but [[bed]]s were added instead",
    "[[Ender Dragon|ender dragon]]s and [[wither]]s are unable to go through [[portal]]s",
    "the type of [[boat]] bought by fisherman villagers [[Boat#Trading|depends on their biome outfit]]",
    "you can afford a stack of [[arrow]]s [[Trading#Fletcher|from a fletcher villager]] by selling it the equivalent of just 16 [[log]]s",
    "unlike other horse armor, leather horse armor has [[Horse Armor#Crafting|a crafting recipe]]",
    "[[leaves]] placed by the player never decay",
    "[[dungeon]]s are the earliest added [[generated structures]] that still exist in the game today",
    "the contents of an [[Ender Chest|ender chest]] is stored as part of [[Ender Chest#Inventory|the player's own data]]",
    "[[Buried Treasure|buried treasure]] chests are always facing east",
    "[[Buried Treasure|buried treasure]] chests always generate in the same location in a [[chunk]]",
    "you can [[jump]] and climb up [[vines]] even if they are not attached to blocks",
    "you can use less [[dye]] to make [[carpet]]s from white [[wool]] by converting the wool to carpets first",
    "there are [[Armor Stand|armor stand]]s equipped with iron [[armor]] in [[taiga]] [[village]]s",
    "[[water]] and [[lava]] used to spread infinitely",
    "the only place to find [[bamboo]] outside the [[jungle]] biomes is a [[shipwreck]]",
    "in ''[[Java Edition]]'', players in [[boat]]s take no fall damage",
    "when used correctly, [[boat]]s could be used to skip over [[lava]]",
    "[[dolphin]]s can lead you to [[shipwreck]]s if you feed them [[Raw Cod|raw cod]] or [[Raw Salmon|raw salmon]]",
    "you can use [[dye]] on a [[sheep]] to continuously obtain colored [[wool]]",
    "[[basalt]] is generated when [[lava]] is above [[Soul Soil|soul soil]] and next to [[Blue Ice|blue ice]]",
    "[[bamboo]] is the fastest growing plant in ''Minecraft''",
    "[[Minecart with Furnace|furnace minecarts]] are fully functional in ''[[Java Edition]]'', but only exist as an unused texture in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
    "there was an [[History of textures/Unused textures#Wax block|unused texture for a wax block]] in the [[Buzzy Bees]] update",
    "there was an [[History of textures/Unused textures#Crystallized honey texture|unused texture for crystallized honey]] in the [[Buzzy Bees]] update",
    "[[Fire|soul fire]] inflicts twice as much damage as normal fire",
    "[[Enderman|endermen]] originally [[:File:Enderman JE1.png|had green eyes]] before they were officially added",
    "[[wool]] was added in [[Java Edition Classic|Classic]] and it was called \"cloth\"",
    "[[wool]] in [[Java Edition Classic|Classic]] had a different color pallete",
    "before [[Java Edition Beta 1.7]], [[TNT]] was activated by punching it",
    "[[creeper]]s initially had a melee attack, and exploded only when it is killed",
    "it takes 1 minute and 14 seconds to slide down 256 [[Honey Block|honey blocks]]",
    "[[piston]] is based of a ''Minecraft'' [[Mods|mod]] made by Hippoplatimus",
    "[[Smithing Table|smithing table]] is the only crafting station that can only craft one specific type of item",
    "for [[Easter eggs#2014|April Fools 2014]], every player got their [[skin]] changed to a [[villager]]",
    "there are [[Bedrock Edition unused features#Paintings|four unused painting]]s in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
    "[[Blue Ice|blue ice]] emits a [[Light#Light-emitting blocks|light level]] of 4 in [[Bedrock Edition]]",
    "the Overworld [[log]]s are the only blocks that can be used as both input and fuel in [[furnace]]s",
    "[[bat]]s do not drop anything, not even [[Experience|experience orbs]]",
    "[[Iron Golem|iron golem]]s and [[Snow Golem|snow golem]]s can be [[Lead#Leashing mobs|leashed]]",
    "[[planks]] were added before [[log]]s",
    "[[mob]]s do not try to walk over [[Rail (disambiguation)|rail]]s",
    "the sounds of [[dolphin]]s and [[panda]]s are taken from the actual real-life animals",
    "a stack of [[Block of Coal|coal blocks]] can [[smelting|fuel]] a furnace for over 42 ''Minecraft'' days",
    "the texture of [[Sea Lantern|sea lantern]]s is animated",
    "[[plains]] biomes can generate as patches within a [[Dark Forest|dark forest]]",
    "the orange [[terracotta]] symbols on the outside of [[desert pyramid]]s resemble the Ankh, the Ancient Egyptian symbol for life",
    "[[igloo]] is the earliest added [[generated structures|structure]] to contain [[sign]]s, [[trapdoor]]s, [[bed]]s, and [[carpet]]s",
    "[[Honey Bottle|honey bottle]]s are the only drinkable item that can stack and restore hunger",
    "[[Nether Bricks|nether bricks]] is the only block that has both a [[wall]] and a [[fence]] variant",
    "[[Buried Treasure|buried treasure]] is the smallest [[generated structures|generated structure]] in the game, containing only a [[chest]]",
    "[[Fishing Rod|fishing rods]] can pull [[Item (entity)|items]]",
    "for a coding contest, [[Markus Persson|Notch]] made ''[[Minecraft 4k]]'', a version of ''Minecraft'' less than 4 kilobytes in size",
    "the [[beacon]]'s texture went through five different designs before its curent appearance, making it the most changed block texture in the game",
    "although the texture of the [[bedrock]] block changed in the [[Texture Update]], the bedrock portion of the [[End Crystal|end crystal]] stayed the same",
    "the [[Spawn Egg|spawn egg]]s for the various [[fish]]es in [[Bedrock Edition]] were supposed to look like actual fish eggs",
    "in [[Pocket Edition]] Lite, the name of the player was \"Stevie\" instead of \"Steve\"",
    "the range of the [[Note Block|note block]] both starts and ends at the note F♯",
    "[[Markus Persson|Notch]] had planned to make a video announcing \"Minecraft 4D\" for [[Easter eggs#2010|April Fools' 2010]] but ran out of time due to moving into a new home"
return p