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Minecraft makes use of missing textures and missing models to handle potential errors present in the game's resources as well as resource packs.

Missing texture[]

Missing Texture JE4.png

The missing texture is a texture used by Minecraft for handling cases where a suitable texture cannot be found. Outside of its use in missing models, this is almost always due to a texture being referenced which simply does not exist under that name.

The texture uses a prominent black
and magenta
checkerboard in Java Edition or a black
and magenta
checkerboard in Bedrock Edition, in order to stand out as much as possible in most cases. Using bright colors is industry standard, and black and magenta is employed by other game development studios, notably Valve.[1]

The texture is not intended to appear in vanilla gameplay, and cases where it does are due to misconfigured resource packs.

As of Java Edition 21w42a, there are only three ways in which the missing texture can appear without using a resource pack, all of which require commands:

  • By creating minecraft:block_marker particles associated with either air, cave air or void air:[2]
    • /particle minecraft:block_marker minecraft:air
    • /particle minecraft:block_marker minecraft:cave_air
    • /particle minecraft:block_marker minecraft:void_air
  • By creating minecraft:item particles associated with either air or a spyglass :[3][4]
    • /particle minecraft:item minecraft:air
    • /particle minecraft:item minecraft:spyglass
  • By summoning a panda eating a spyglass.[4]
    • /summon minecraft:panda ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{id:"minecraft:spyglass", Count:1b},{}]}

When the game has to use the missing texture, such uses are generally announced in the game's output log:

  • References to nonexistent textures results in Using missing texture, unable to load [NAMESPACE]:textures/[TEXTURE].png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: [NAMESPACE]:textures/[TEXTURE].png
  • Absent texture references for model elements results in Unable to resolve texture reference: #texture in [NAMESPACE]:block/[MODEL]
  • Cases where no particle texture is specified does not output anything to the log at all.[5] This is why the air and spyglass items' use of the missing texture for particles goes unreported in the game logs.


History of the texture itself[]

Java Edition Beta
1.4Missing Texture (Windows) JE1.png The missing texture has been implemented. It differs depending on the system - see the subsection below.
Java Edition
1.513w02aMissing Texture (Windows) JE2.png The missing texture has changed to display more descriptive text.
1.6.113w18aMissing Texture JE3.png The missing texture generated has changed to a magenta and black checkerboard texture.
1.7.213w38aMissing Texture (anisotropic filtering) JE3.png When anisotropic filtering is enabled, the missing texture has a 4x4 checker instead of a 2x2 checker.[6][7][8] The true nature of this texture is unknown, as the appearence of the block and item texture atlases at the time is also unknown - whether this is the full missing texture, or if all empty spaces in the atlas are the missing texture and the game is instead drawing from a twice as large sample of it (possibly allowing proper block and item textures to be included in this missing texture), remains unknown.
1.814w25aRemoved the anisotropic filtering option, meaning that the 2x2 checker is once again the only missing texture.
1.1317w43aMissing Texture JE4.png The missing texture generated has changed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.16.0build 5Missing Texture BE1.png Added missing texture.
b1.4-13w17a platform differences
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The missing texture used in these versions would be generated differently depending on the operating system and Java version.[9]

Texture Operating system Java version Notes
b1.4 - 13w01b 13w02a - 13w17a
Missing Texture (Windows) JE1.png Missing Texture (Windows) JE2.png Windows XP Appears standard across all Windows versions.
No smoothing.
Windows 7[11]
Windows 10
Missing Texture (Windows 10, Java 16.0.2) JE1.png Missing Texture (Windows 10, Java 16.0.2) JE2.png Windows 10 Minor differences in the x and u. No smoothing.
Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6, Apple legacy Java runtime 1.6.0 65-b14-468) JE1.png Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6, Apple legacy Java runtime 1.6.0 65-b14-468) JE2.png MacOS 10.3.9[18] No smoothing - standard for non-Retina systems.[17]
MacOS 10.5.8
MacOS 10.6.8[20]
MacOS 10.14.6[17]
  • Apple legacy Java runtime 1.6.0_65-b14-468[17]
Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6, Apple legacy Java runtime 1.6.0 65-b14-468, antialiased) JE1.png Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6, Apple legacy Java runtime 1.6.0 65-b14-468, antialiased) JE2.png MacOS 10.14.6[17]
  • Apple legacy Java runtime 1.6.0_65-b14-468[17]
Monochromatic smoothing - standard for Retina systems.[17]
Missing Texture (MacOS 10.5.8) JE2.png MacOS 10.5.8[21] Unknown Monochromatic smoothing. Almost identical to the above version, with almost unnoticeable single-pixel differences.
Missing Texture (MacOS 10.4.11) JE2.png MacOS 10.4.11 Polychromatic smoothing.
Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6, Java 1.7.0 80-b15) JE1.png Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6, Java 1.7.0 80-b15) JE2.png MacOS 10.14.6[17] No smoothing.
Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6) JE1.png Missing Texture (MacOS 10.14.6) JE2.png MacOS 10.14.6[17]
  • 1.8.0_301, GraalVM EE 21.2.0
  • 11.0.12, GraalVM EE 21.2.0
  • 16.0.2, GraalVM EE 21.2.0
Monochromatic smoothing.
Missing Texture (Linux) JE1.png Missing Texture (Linux) JE2.png Debian under WSL2[23]
  • 11.0.11
No smoothing.

General history[]

Java Edition Beta
1.4The game now generates missing textures for absent assets.
Prior to this version, the game would outright crash if a texture could not be loaded.
The texture does not seem to appear in the vanilla game at all, and must be induced through either modding (such as simply deleting existing texture files from the jar) or particularly game-breaking glitches.[25][26][27][28]
Java Edition
1.513w02aThe missing texture is now added to procedurally-generated block and item texture atlases (stitched_terrain.png and stitched_items.png).
1.814w25aWith the merging of blocks-atlas and items-atlas into textures-atlas, blocks and items now both reference the same missing texture.
1.1419w06aAdded particles.png-atlas with the deprecation of particles.png, containing a missing particle texture.
19w07aAdded paintings.png-atlas with the deprecation of paintings_kristoffer_zetterstrand.png, containing a missing painting texture.
19w08aAdded mob_effects.png-atlas with the removal of effect icons from inventory.png, containing a missing effect texture.
1.15Pre-release 1Banner patterns, shield banner patterns, beds, chests, signs and shulker boxes have been split from textures-atlas into banner_patterns.png-atlas, shield_patterns.png-atlas, beds.png-atlas, chest.png-atlas, signs.png-atlas and shulker_boxes.png-atlas, each with their own copy of the missing texture inside, rather than using the same missing texture as blocks and items did.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.16.0build 5Presumably the version that added the missing texture. It is predefined as an actual file, rather than generated by the game.

Missing model[]

This section is missing information about Console output when a model is missing or invalid. 
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Missing Model JE3.png

In an analogous fashion to the missing texture being used for instances where no texture is defined, the missing model is use in cases where no model is defined, or the model is invalid.

By default, the missing model is a full 16x16 cube which uses the missing texture on all six faces.

The missing model is obviously also never intended to appear in standard gameplay, and uses the missing texture again to appear prominent and highlight errors to fix.

Contrary to popular belief, no central "missing texture block" has ever existed in the game; all cases of blocks which use this model are due to another block simply having no assigned texture or model.


For cases where the missing model was used in-game, see Java Edition missing texture and model uses § Missing model.

History of the model itself[]

Java Edition
1.814w06bMissing Model JE1.png Missing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE1.png Added the missing model.
It is worth noting that despite being 8x8x8, it maps the entire 16x16 texture on each side as opposed to only the central 8x8 section. This results in no visual oddities for the 2x2 missing texture due to the it already only having four distinct square regions at each corner.
14w10aMissing Model JE2.png Missing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE2.png The missing model has changed to be a full cube.
14w25aRemoved the anisotropic filtering option, meaning that the 2x2 checker is once again the only missing texture, and the missing model that uses it the only missing model.
1.1317w43aMissing Model JE3.png The missing texture's change has resulted in the appearance of the missing model also changing.
This section is missing information about 1.13, 1.15 changes. 
Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.
Java Edition
1.814w25aThe missing model now also applies to items.
Missing Model (inventory) JE1.png First person missing model 14w25a.png Held missing model 14w29a.png Dropped missing model 14w25a.png Framed missing model 14w31a.png It appears equivalent to other cube blocks in all situations.
14w30aHeld missing model 14w30a.png For most items, the missing model is now the size of a full block when held in third person or by a mob or another player. Some invalid data value items such as invalid data value chests still appear to use the normal size.[more information needed]
1.915w31aMissing Model (inventory) JE2.png First person missing model 15w31a.png Dropped missing model 15w31a.png Framed missing model 15w31a.png The missing model now appears the size of a full block when held in first person and as a dropped item, and also larger than before in an item frame. In the inventory, it visually appears as a 2D missing texture, which is due to its viewing angle defaulting to straight-on from a face instead of at an angle due to changes in how item models can be rendered.
The remaining invalid data value items like chests now use the full-size missing model.

General history[]

Java Edition
1.814w06bThe missing model has been added as a model file under models/block/missingno.json.
Prior to this version, the game would outright crash if it tried to render a block with no defined model.[29]
14w18aThe missing model is now hardcoded and cannot be modified by resource packs, as to prevent a crash if the model is absent.[30]
As a result, it is also absent from the jar file from this point onwards.

Notable bugs[]

Translucency ordering[]

From 14w25a presumably up to somewhere in 1.15 or 1.16, there existed a remarkable visual bug where missing models associated with blocks that used translucent rendering would interact anomalously with the rendering of transparent blocks in the world, as well as of entities, including the holder. Unlike normal missing models, translicent blocks and other entities would render in front of such a model when held, even if they were physically farther away from the camera than it. However, this only applies if the distant entity or transparent block in question is not first occluded by the player model. As a result, the held translucent block can form a player-shaped silhouette around the player model in front of a background made of entities (such as paintings) or translucent blocks.

This effect can be seen without the use of resource packs up to 17w47a simply by holding ice, stained glass, stained glass panes or slime blocks of an invalid data value.

This effect also happened to particles and certain other objects in-game from 13w41a onwards.

Unloading the default resources[]

In 1.13 and its later development, the game would catch invalid resource packs and unload them automatically if errors were detected. This also included the default resources, meaning that appling a flawed resource pack would result in all assets being unloaded, and as such the missing error assets appearing everywhere.

Somewhere in 1.13.1, the game was made to unload all resource packs except the default resources in cases like these.

Interestingly, horses appeared completely white, rather than the expected missing texture.



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