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Mining Fatigue is an effect that reduces mining and attack speed, opposite to Haste.


Attack speed

The effect decreases attack speed by 10% × level, equivalent to the attack speed cooldown attribute‌[Java Edition only] decreasing by 0.2 × level. For the in-game default level III, attack speed decreases by 30% (attack speed cooldown attribute decreases by 0.6).

Mining speed

The mining speed is reduced to 0.30^level of the normal mining speed. For the in-game default level III, the speed is reduced to 0.33 (0.027×) of normal speed, taking 37 times longer than usual to break a block with the proper tool for that block.

Mining Fatigue effects
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4+
Attack speed 90% 80% 70% 60%
Mining speed 30% (3.3×) 9% (11.1×) 2.7% (37×) 0.81% (123.5×)

Negative levels increase attack speed, but still act as level 4 with respect to mining.

While afflicted, a player can still craft and ride entities as usual, but cannot remove most vehicles due to how slowly the vehicle can be broken.

The affliction is cured by drinking milk, although milk does not prevent a subsequent affliction by an elder guardian, which can happen within a few seconds‌[Java Edition only] or immediately.‌[Bedrock Edition only] Axolotls can also remove this effect, if the player helps an axolotl kill a mob while an axolotl was battling that mob.


The only natural cause of Mining Fatigue is from affliction by an elder guardian, and the only natural effect level is III. Other levels can be achieved via commands.

In Java Edition, once per minute, elder guardians in the vicinity search for any player within 50 blocks to afflict with Mining Fatigue III. A player cannot defend from this attack. Concealment behind blocks, underground, or by a potion of invisibility offers no defense.

In Bedrock Edition, elder guardians within range afflict Mining Fatigue III immediately. Drinking milk to remove the effect results in re-infliction immediately after drinking the milk.

Cause Potency Length Notes
Elder Guardian III 5:00 Only when the player is not affected.



Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Advancement-fancy-rawHow Did We Get Here?
Have every effect applied at the same time A Furious CocktailHave all of these 31 status effects applied to the player at the same time: The source of the effects is irrelevant for the purposes of this advancement. Other status effects may be applied to the player, but are ignored for this advancement.
This is a hidden advancement, meaning that it can be viewed by the player only after completing it, regardless of if its child advancement(s), if any, have been completed.

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key
Mining Fatiguemining_fatigue4effect.minecraft.mining_fatigue

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key
Mining Fatiguemining_fatigue4potion.digSlowDown


Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-releaseMining Fatigue is added along with 18 other status effects but is currently unobtainable in regular gameplay.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2Mining Fatigue JE1 BE1 The effect sprite for Mining Fatigue has been added to inventory.png.
Milk now cancels the Mining Fatigue effect.
1.814w25aMining Fatigue mechanics have been adjusted; speed no longer reduces at 20% per level.
Mining Fatigue III has been made obtainable via elder guardians.
1.915w34bMining Fatigue now affects the new attackSpeed attribute.
1.1418w43aMining Fatigue JE2 The effect icon texture of Mining Fatigue has been changed.
18w43bMining Fatigue JE3 BE2 The icon was fixed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.11.0build 1Mining Fatigue JE1 BE1 Added Mining Fatigue.
Mining Fatigue is currently unobtainable.
v0.16.0build 1Mining Fatigue III has been made obtainable via elder guardians.
Bedrock Edition
?Mining Fatigue JE3 BE2 The texture was updated.
Legacy Console Edition
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 31.0.1Mining Fatigue JE1 BE1 Added Mining Fatigue.
Mining Fatigue is obtained from elder guardians.
1.90 Mining Fatigue JE3 BE2 The effect icon texture of Mining Fatigue has been changed.


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