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As we finish working through some of the bumps that resulted from the migration, we'd like to introduce you to some of the fun new features of Gamepedia.

Social Media[]

You've noticed the new Social Media buttons. Yes, there are two sets.

The ones at the bottom of the left sidebar will take you to our Gamepedia portals. Follow us and you might get chances for game keys, and other giveaways, or just find out what's new and happening on the Gamepedia network!

The ones at the top, under the Share tab allow you to share fun stuff from MCW with your friends!


It gives us the ability to use and create some cool templates that can do stuff not normally available in MediaWiki. You might notice the new Widget namespace that has been added to all the wikis to house these special templates. You can find out more information about widgets and how they work at The Widget Catalog. We look forward to seeing what this very creative community does with them!

To add a widget, just create a page in the Widget: namespace and then use the {{#widget:...}} parser function to include it in the pages of the wiki. For security reasons, these pages are only editable by wiki administrators.

{{#widget}} parser function[]

To add a defined widget to pages, users can use the {{#widget}} parser function. The syntax is as follows:


Where WidgetName is a page name in the Widget namespace (e.g. Widget:WidgetName) and param=value pairs are the settable parameters, defined within the widget code.

Pages in Widget namespace[]

All widgets in the wiki are defined by creating pages in the special Widget: namespace.

To see all Widgets defined in your system, you can simply go to the page Special:AllPages, select "Widget" in the namespace dropdown and click "Go".

You can find many pre-defined widgets to install in your wiki at MediaWikiWidgets.org.


You might also have noticed a new button while you're editing Save draft. This is thanks to a new extension we have on Gamepedia that allows you to save a draft copy of a page while you are editing. Users must be logged in to save drafts, as they are tied to their user account.

Saving Drafts[]

Drafts are always saved when the user clicks preview or show changes, however the following behavior is dependent on whether the client's browser has JavaScript enabled or disabled.

Behavior JavaScript Enabled JavaScript Disabled
Save Draft Button
  • Initially Disabled to indicate no change
  • Enabled upon change
  • Disabled and renamed upon save to indicate success or failure
Always enabled
Automatic Saving
  • Only after a change
  • Waits for 120 seconds (configurable) of inactivity
  • Can be disabled if configured to 0 seconds


Accessing Drafts[]

If a draft has been saved the user can access them by

  • Returning to the edit screen for article they saved the draft of, where a list of existing drafts for that user and article will appear at the top of the edit page.
  • Visiting the drafts special page (Special:Drafts) where there is a list of all drafts for that user.

Edge Cases[]

  • When a page is moved, the drafts which refer to that page are moved with it
  • When a draft is created for a new page but the page is never saved, the draft will still be available for creating the page and will retain the title and namespace
  • When a draft is created for a page and the page is then deleted, the draft will remain, and the behavior will then be just as for drafts of uncreated pages

Draft Expiration[]

Drafts automatically expire if not modified for longer specific length of time (configurable). To prevent excessively frequent modifications to the database, these drafts are only actually pruned from the database a fraction of the times (configurable) which a request for a list of drafts is made. Even if pruning never takes place, expired drafts will not be accessible to users.

Mobile view[]

The migration to Gamepedia also includes a much asked for Mobile view. Thanks to Matt all language versions of Minecraft Wiki now have a stylish mobile view for your smartphones and tablets. This is for viewing only, you can't log in, you can't edit, but you can now easily access the great information on mobile devices!


Gamepedia is not just the name of our wiki platform, it's also the name of our new network home... Gamepedia.com. We hope you will visit often to see what's happening on our network, new wikis, contests where you can win some cool stuff just for editing, and MORE!