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User rights give users the ability to perform certain actions. Some of these are automatically granted, e.g. by creating an account or making a certain number of edits, but most have to be manually granted by an admin or a bureaucrat.

List of rights[]

This page is meant to serve as a guide to what purpose the user rights that exist here have; for a complete list of every specific right of each user group, see Special:UserGroupRights.

Basic user groups[]

One of the key features of a Wiki is that in most cases, anybody can edit it. Therefore, all users, whether logged in or out, have the ability to edit pages. There are a few exceptions, however; most notably, pages that are high traffic or a heavy vandalism target may be protected so that only certain users can edit them. Also, filters exist that prevent edits with a certain number of characters or certain words from being made to a page (e.g. edits containing profanity).

Logged-in users[]

Main page: MCW:Users

Any user who has created an account has the ability to move pages, upload files, email users, as well as a few other small privileges. The autoconfirmed user group gives more user rights, including editing semi-protected pages and moving pages without leaving a redirect.

Autoconfirmed users[]

Users who registered with an email (and validated it) gain additional rights such as editing sprites and more. This will be granted after 4 days (5 days including the day that this user right group has been granted).

Manually-granted user groups[]


Users with the "autopatrol" user right have their edits automatically marked as patrolled. This means that when a patroller or an admin is viewing the recent changes or the history of a page, their edit(s) will be automatically marked as "checked" for any issues, so the patroller will know to skip over them. Unlike most user rights, a user can be granted the "autopatrol" right by any admin, not just a bureaucrat. This right is typically given to users who are known to make constructive edits that are free of significant factual or grammatical errors. These users also have the ability to move pages without leaving a redirect.


Main page: MCW:Patrollers

Patrollers have the ability to mark an edit as patrolled and quickly rollback a user's previous consecutive contributions to a page. This right is typically granted to users who are not only trusted and constructive, but also have demonstrated a need for this right, usually by checking over the edits of other users and acting on them as necessary. Only bureaucrats can give a user the patroller right. Despite the right not coming with the autopatrol right, this right gives the user the ability to move a page without leaving a redirect.


Administrators are users with the ability to block users, protect pages, delete pages, edit fully-protected pages, edit the MediaWiki interface, grant users the "autopatrol" right, and more. A user can only be granted this right by a bureaucrat. Unlike most other user rights, administrators are typically promoted after a discussion on the community portal resulting in a consensus to promote; bureaucrats will rarely grant a user admin rights via their own accord.

Most of the abilities administrators have here locally are the same as those granted by default on Gamepedia. This page provides a list of these rights, as well as the role admins should typically play in a community.


Bureaucrats have all the rights admins have with a few extra. Most notably, bureaucrats can add or remove any user right that can be granted locally to/from a user, including the bureaucrat right itself. They also have the ability to hide/unhide the text, summaries, or user involved in an edit or log action in agreement with these guidelines. Bureaucrats, like admins, are typically promoted after a consensus from a community portal discussion, and have usually already been an admin for a decent period of time.


The "Bots" user right allows the edits of an account to be marked as bot edits, meaning they won't show up by default in recent changes. This is useful when the same edit needs to be made to a mass number of pages and if performed by a normal user would be tedious and clutter recent changes unnecessarily. Instead of granting a user the "Bot" role temporarily to perform a mass edit, this right is typically given to the alt account of a trusted user who has demonstrated a long-term need for a bot. Note that wanting to perform one type of mass edit is generally not a sufficient reason to be granted this right; in a case like this, reach out to the owner of one of the current bots.

Bot users use various softwares to perform their mass edits, AutoWikiBrowser being one of the most common.

Other user groups[]

These user groups will appear on Special:UserGroupRights, but either cannot be granted locally or are unused completely.

Check user[]

Check users have the ability to view the private information of a user's edits, such as their IP address. This right is not granted locally on Minecraft Wiki nor most Gamepedia wikis.

Interface administrators[]

Interface administrators have the ability to edit sitewide and user-specific JS, CSS, and JSON files. However, these rights are automatically granted to administrators and users who cannot be trusted with all the administrator rights rarely can be trusted with just the interface admin rights. Therefore, this right is usually never granted.

Widget editors[]

Widget editors have the ability to edit the Widget namespace. However, this right is almost never granted locally for the same reason as why "Interface administrators" isn't.

Wiki guardians[]

Wiki guardians are granted through the wiki claim system, usually used on smaller wikis where only a few admins are needed at most. They have all the rights an administrator has. Unlike an administrator, however, bureaucrats cannot directly grant this role; a user can only be given the wiki guardian right if a Gamepedia Staff accepts their wiki claim. Larger wikis, such as Minecraft Wiki, usually have a local adminship promotion process, making wiki guardians irrelevant.

Global user groups[]

Global Bots, Global Administrators, Global Bureaucrats, GRASP, Hydra Admins, and Gamepedia Staff are all global user groups and cannot be granted locally.