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Templates are a very good addition to the wiki. MessageBox templates are the easiest and most common template. All wiki users should know how they work, or at least where and when you use them. But since Templates are user created, they are often hard to find. The Template Category does not list all of them (although almost all). This page is a list of often used Templates

Page changing requests[]

{{delete|Optional reason}}

  • Tells visitors that the page is pending deletion.
  • Page goes in the Pending deletion Category

{{merge|Page to merge with|Optional reason}}

  • Tells visitors that the page should be merged with another page.
  • Page goes in the Pending merge Category

{{move|Page to move to|Optional reason}}

  • Tells visitors that the page should be moved to a other location.
  • Page goes in the Pending move Category


  • Tells visitors that the page is too small and needs expansion.
  • Page goes in the Stub Category


  • Tells visitors that the page needs cleanup to meet quality standards.
  • Page goes in the Cleanup Category


  • Tags articles with a notice that they do not have any links going to them and are thus orphaned.

{{split|Optional reason}}

  • Tag that marks a section of a page for suggested split to a new article, so that it can get an admin's attention.
  • It adds the page to the Pending Splitting category.


  • Tag for pages that are being worked on, useful to avoid suspicion of an abandoned or spammy article.


  • Tag for pages that are part of a project, i.e. a translated page.



  • Tells visitors that the statement is not supported by evidence.
  • Displays: Citation needed

{{info needed}}

  • Tells visitors that the statement does not give sufficient information. More information is needed to clarify.
  • Displays: More information needed


  • Makes a link. Puts the link in a reference list. Displays onsite a link to the list like this: [1]

<references /> or {{Reflist|NumberOfColumns}}

  • Places the references list
  • Reflist is the same as the references tag, except that reflist allows you to select the amount of columns you want.


  • Tells visitors that the official source provided does not contain the information needed.
  • Displays: Not in citation given


  • Tags article/section with a warning that said article/section's name is purely conjecture as of the time the tag was placed.
  • The optional "article" attribute can be changed to whatever describes the part in question, i.e. "section" or "item".


  • Tells visitors that the content is about something removed from the game.


  • Tells visitors that the content is about something officially removed from the game, but which using hacking still can be obtained.


  • Tag for pages of third party content like client mods. Required for said pages as per the wiki rules as an obligation.

{{mcrs diagrams}}

  • Tag for pages which contain diagrams in MCRedstoneSim format, mainly for pages discussing redstone wiring and contraptions.


  • Tag for pages about custom servers built upon the Classic architecture.



  • Use this to resolve disambiguations that don't warrant their own disambiguation page or can really, really cause confusion.


  • Use this on top of sections if they briefly describe something which has its own article.

#REDIRECT [[Target page]]

  • Makes a redirect page

{{ytl|video id|display name|uploader|upload date|t=time stamp}}

  • This will make an external link to a YouTube video, as an alternative to embedding the video on the page. It is recommended to be used to for citations, history links, and other purposes.

{{ytl|video id|width|align=|nocat=}}

  • This will embed a YouTube video on a page. It is recommended to use {{ytl}} if it makes more sense, rather than embedding videos. If nocat is not set, pages using this template will be categorized into Category:Pages with videos.

Talk pages[]


  • Very useful in talk pages where a conversation thread has grown to the extent it's so far indented. This graphically guides the reader's flow back to the left to restart indentation.


{{Comment margin|<indentation>[|<text>]}}

  • Used as replacement of :::: at the beginning of a comment to show the level of indentation or some custom text to the left margin of an indented comment. The comment will be automatically indented.


This text has been indented 4 levels.
In reply to comment #7:
I don't think that will be good at all.

{{subst:unsigned|User name|Optional date}}

  • If someone forgets his signature, add this after their text.

Example: {{subst:unsigned|Swpe|12:34, 20 November 2010}}
Gives: –Preceding unsigned comment was added by Swpe (Talk|Contribs) 12:34, 20 November 2010. Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Custom Messages[]

Advanced explanation: Advanced Templates
You might not always know/can use these. Therefore here is a basic manual on making a custom message.


  • use: | title = Text here, to create a title, which is bolded
  • use: | text = Text here, to create a text below the title
  • Use: | discuss = 1, to show 'discuss' in the upper right corner. Which links to the talk page of the page it is on. Works only if you have set a title.

you should have at least a title or a text, and you can have only one of both of them. Use <br /> to create a new line.

| title = Hello
| text = This is an example

This is an example

| title = Is this a good page?
| discuss = 1

Is this a good page? [discuss]


You can always search for the documentation of the template for help! Some templates do not have documentation.