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This script was last updated for Java Edition 1.16.3 and Bedrock Edition 1.16.40.

There once was a time when what is now called Java Edition was the only variant of Minecraft in existence. As time passed, Minecraft was ported to many other devices, from smartphones to consoles. Eventually, many of these editions were ported to a single, unified code base called Bedrock.

Java Edition and Bedrock-based variants of Minecraft differ in many ways more than just their technical implementations. These differences are known as parity issues. They can be minor, such as Bedrock's darker block breaking texture, noticeable, such as Java's lack of shovels in the crafting recipe for boats, or significant, such as Bedrock's absence of NBT access in commands. The areas with the most substantial differences are redstone mechanics and, yes, commands.

The Minecraft Wiki has an editor-created list of parity issues on the page named "Official pages/Parity issue list"; there's a link to the in the video's description. The developers at Mojang have confirmed they look at the wiki's list to see what they're going to fix over time; so if you see a parity issue you'd like to see fixed, be sure to check if it's on the wiki. All users are free to edit the list and adding any parity issues will not only help complete the wiki, but also bring the attention to the developers.