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Main articles: Weeping Vines and Twisting Vines

The Nether Vines. Those creepy vines climbing up or down throughout the nether is quite bonechilling. But inside those vines lies a good amount of usefulness.

Nether vines are like regular vines, but come from the nether. There are two types of these vines. They are called Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines.

Twisting vines generate in Warped Forest biomes. The can generate on the ground or on the Giant Warped Fungus. When nylium is bonemealed, it can occasionally create a new twisting vine. Twisting vines can be planted on netherack or warped nylium. When placed, they grow upward every 13653 ticks or about 11 minutes. Each time the block grows, the age increases, until an age of 25. The block stops growing after that. It will also stop growing if it touches the ceiling. They can be harvested by hand, but the best way is to use shears or silk touch as this will give you as many twisting vines a possible. When harvested by hand, there is a 33% chance that the vines will drop. Twisting vines have a few uses. The first is for climbing. The second is for using in the composter. When put in the composter, a twisting vine has a 50% chance of raising the level of a composter by 1.

Weeping vines are the opposite of the twisting vines. They generate in Crimson Forest biomes. They can generate of ceiling netherrack or on the bottom of nether wart blocks on the Giant Crimson Fungus. When these giant crimson funguses are created by bonemealing a crimson fungus, weeping vines are generated alongside it. Just like twisting vines, weeping vines will grow until they reach an age of 25. It still take them about 11 minutes to grow one level. The difference between these vines and the twisting vines are that these vines grow downward. That means they will also stop growing if they touch the ground. Like the twisting vines, weeping vines can be climed and have a 50% chance of raising the level of a composter by 1.