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Hello everyone, this video will give you a guide with regard to the Minecraft Wiki, showing our history, facts and our goals. Always with the community in mind, we try to provide the most precise documentation for one of the most famous games.

The Minecraft Wiki is an online encyclopedia maintained by the community, for everything from the Minecraft universe. The wiki includes the games Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth, but also Mojang Studios and other studios that were participating in making Minecraft. Whether you are using the game for education or just to have fun with other players, here you can read and learn every detail of the game.

All of that writing work took quite a while to achieve what we have today. We also appeared prominently on the websites of the game developers and on reliable news sources or press from different countries where Minecraft is available.

Taking advantage of the momentum, we would like to show a little of our history! The wiki was founded on the 16th of July in 2009, but since the 15th of November in 2010, it is hosted by the Gamepedia, which is currently owned by FANDOM. As probably most wikis, the Minecraft Wiki is also running on a software called MediaWiki, the same as Wikipedia is using. With over 4300 pages, 1.6 million edits, and over 300 active users, the Minecraft Wiki is one of the most popular wikis on the entire Gamepedia platform. This means that millions of people have access to first-hand information. Believe me, the proposal seems simple, but it is a very complex game.

There are a bunch of Minecraft wikis in different languages. The biggest ones are English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. The English Minecraft Wiki and some others also contain 2 smaller wikis, which are the Minecraft Dungeons Wiki and Minecraft Earth Wiki. They can be found in their own namespace.

The Minecraft Wiki is sometimes also edited by Mojang Studios directly. Some pages like add-ons, with their documentation, were even made by them. And even if these were created by Mojang Studios, they're still editable by everyone. Also, the Minecraft Wiki was used as a place to report bugs before the official bug tracker, MoJIRA, was created.

If you want to discover more about our work, you can definitely find it on this video description. We will also bring videos of all subjects, but this takes time and you'll need to be patient. We will try to cover new update content first, so you're all up to date with the latest updates. Maybe you can even add to the wiki yourself! Make sure to post ideas and contribute, so everyone can enjoy an even more complete wiki. Do note that the wiki is not a place for suggestions for the game itself. Thank you! See you soon!