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This script was last updated for Java Edition 1.16.3 and Bedrock Edition 1.16.40.
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The ender dragon is Minecraft's first added and primary boss, an enormous flying black beast circling the center end island, capable of shooting toxic purple fireballs and flinging her targets dozens of blocks, the ender dragon is a difficult enemy to kill.

As the name implies, the ender dragon is a dragon that lives in, well, the End, and is currently the only dragon in the game. She has 200 health points, which is 100 hearts, and various amounts of damage resistance depending on the part of her body, the head being the most vulnerable. Only one spawns per world in the End, where she forever circles the center island. If artificially summoned in any dimension, she will head to the coordinates 0,0 on the X and Z axis.

The ender dragon is hostile towards the player but will automatically attack and fling any mob that is in her path; this can be observed in the End when she angers endermen. She can also destroy most blocks. When damaged, she is healed by end crystals on obsidian pillars that naturally generate with the island. She can also fire dragon's breath from her mouth, which harms any mob touching it and also shoots it, although a bit different, when landing on the center end island's portal frame in Java Edition, which she does from time to time. When perched on the portal frame she is immune to arrows, any arrows that hit her catch on fire and bounce off. When she leaves the portal frame she charges at the player in an attempt to fling them before resuming to her normal flying pattern.

The ender dragon is immune to water, fire, lava, and potion effects. When killed, she has an exploding animation, and the player gets the "Free the End" advancement on Java Edition or "The End" achievement on Bedrock Edition, although the player does not get this until entering the exit portal.

The ender dragon drops 12,000 experience points the first time she is killed, as well as spawning a dragon egg on the exit portal, which is opened upon her death. She can be resurrected using four end crystals, one on each side of the exit portal, giving the player "The End... Again..." advancement or achievement, for Java Edition or Bedrock Edition respectively.

The ender dragon can be resurrected an infinite number of times. The first 20 times she dies an end gateway will appear allowing easy, fast travel to the outer end islands. If she is killed any more times after the 20 end gateways are created, no more will form. If a resurrected ender dragon is killed, it will only drop 500 experience points and spawn no dragon egg. She cannot be renamed with a name tag nor her vision be viewed in spectator mode, unlike other mobs.

According to Mojang Studios, the ender dragon is female, hence her laying an egg, and her name is "Jean".