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This script was last updated for Java Edition 1.16.3 and Bedrock Edition 1.16.40.
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End stone bricks are a decorative block made from end stone, making up the vast majority of the blocks which generate in end cities in the outer End.

End stone bricks can be obtained when mined with any pickaxe, not using a pickaxe will result in nothing. They can also be obtained by putting end stone in a 2 by 2 square in a crafting grid, resulting in 4 end stone bricks, or putting end stone in a stonecutter, resulting in 1 of them. If you'd rather, you could just demolish end cities instead, as a good-sized city will provide more than enough end stone bricks for most player's uses.

They can be further processed in the crafting table to create 6 end stone brick walls, 6 end stone brick slabs and 4 end stone brick stairs via the usual wall, slab and stair recipes. These blocks can also be obtained by putting end stone bricks in a stonecutter, which will result in 1 wall or stairs block, or 2 slabs.

End stone bricks retain a lot of the structural integrity of their parent end stone - they take a good while to break, resist explosions pretty well, and endermen won't be able to displace them. However, they can be destroyed by the ender dragon when it flies through, so they are not the best material to build with on the main island if you intend to resummon the dragon. Crafting end stone into bricks also forfeits their ability to be used as bases for growing chorus trees, so it's recommended that you keep some raw end stone around if ever you decide to build a chorus farm.