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This script was last updated for Java Edition 1.16.3 and Bedrock Edition 1.16.40.
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Let's say you want to build a giant, spectacular castle, but don't want to have to manually gather all the resources or don't want to risk it being burned down or blown up. Well, that sounds like a perfect instance to use creative mode!

Creative is one of the five gamemodes, 3 in Bedrock, in Minecraft and one of three that can actually be accessed via the main menu, in normal worlds, instead of only using commands. Although it is technically the second gamemode to be introduced, after survival, the earliest Minecraft versions were actually more similar to the current creative mode than survival. To make a creative world, when you create a new singleplayer world, click the "Game Mode: Survival" option twice to set it to creative, and then click the "Create new world" button. Also, if cheats are enabled, you can switch to creative mode from a world in any other gamemode, by typing slash gamemode creative in chat.

So what is so special about creative mode, you may ask? Well, you have no health or hunger bar, so it is nearly impossible to die to natural causes. However, you can die by jumping into the void in Java Edition; when you're 64 or more blocks below the lowest possible block position of the world, your health will constantly be depleted by 2 hearts per second. However, in Bedrock Edition, this won't cause you to die; you will just continue falling indefinitely, until the game crashes. The only other ways you can die in Java are by using commands, notably slash kill or external editors, as well as the void. But even these won't work in Bedrock Edition, making you completely invincible! Although all mobs still spawn in creative as normal, most avoid attacking you completely, and the ender dragon, the only exception, can't deal any damage with its attacks. Creative mode also allows you to break any block instantly, including those that are unbreakable in normal survival, such as bedrock and barriers.

Another advantage of creative mode is the ability to fly. Activated by double-tapping the jump key, flying not only allows you to easily travel anywhere on the vertical axis but also allows for significantly faster horizontal travel. You can fly upwards by holding the jump key and downwards by holding the sneak key; the controls for moving forwards, sideways, and backwards are the same as normal. In Java Edition, landing on a surface will deactivate your flight, but it will continue as before in Bedrock Edition.

If you open your inventory in creative, you will be taken to an interface containing almost all blocks and items available, organized into different categories. You also have a tab to access your survival inventory, which is just like the normal inventory in survival but lacks the crafting grid. All items can be used as they would in survival, but most remain in your inventory when done so, creating a duplicate item. For example, if you place a block, that block will exist placed on its own, but will still appear in your hotbar. Also, tools, weapons, and armor will not lose any durability when used, always keeping the same form as if they were freshly obtained. Another feature of creative mode is being able to use the pick block key to put the block or entity you're looking at into the selected spot in your hotbar, granted it has an item form.

So, if you're wanting to make a spectacular redstone creation but don't want to collect all the resources required, or you want to build the mansion of your dreams without having to worry about a creeper blowing it all up, creative just might be the perfect game mode for you!