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Video overviews of an article's subject can be very useful for readers. Formerly, the Curse-owned mcspotlights channel created videos and placed them in articles. Regular wiki users were not allowed to modify video placement or the videos themselves. However, that channel is long since not producing new videos, and those it had produced are getting increasingly outdated.

It has been proposed that wiki editors create their own videos in replacement of those created by mcspotlights, so that articles could be supplemented by modern and community-controlled videos.

Video guidelines[]

  • Follow a consistent style in all videos.
  • The page(s) talked about should always be linked in the description.
  • If the video is in a non-english language, it should include the language code before the video name (eg "[PT] Zumbi" for a Portuguese zombie video)
    • To discuss: [EN] on english videos?

"By default" rule[]

In scripts, customizability should be kept in mind. For example, if creepers blow up blocks or not is dependent on the gamerule mob griefing, and should be specified as such. The customizability of world settings, graphics setting and more should all be kept in mind.

Exceptions to this rule (when not to specify "by default"):

  • Data packs
  • Resource packs
  • server.properties

There may still be instances of the above being referred to for clarity, such as on the /op video regarding op-level permissions, but they don't need to be applied all the time.


Wiki page videos[]

Wiki page videos are videos that document features of the game. If it has a wiki page, it should get a video eventually. Preferably each page their own video.

The community can assist with these videos by creating scripts, and with access to the discord channel, by creating recordings and video editing.

Creating scripts[]

Anyone who signed up for the project is free to start creating a script for a new page.

The script should be a subpage of this project, named after the corresponding page, for example, the script about [[Creeper]] should be at [[Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Wiki videos/Creeper]], and have {{Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Wiki videos/Template|[[Java Edition X.XX]] and [[Bedrock Edition X.XX]]}} included at the top, with the X.XX replaced with the version numbers of the current releases; this is used to see what scripts are outdated and need an update. Include a {{main}} template at the top of the script, linking to the article it is about.

Make sure to add a link under "In progress of writing" in the following format: [[Link to source page]] ([[/Link to script subpage|script]]).

When it's generally agreed upon that it's ready to be recorded, it'll be moved to "In progress of recording" and only minor edits will be made by the people involved in the recording.

If a script is about a feature which is changing in the next update, provide {{Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Wiki videos/WaitTemplate|reason}} at the top of the page, the reason should make it clear what part changed.

Script formatting[]

Unlike normal wiki articles, the viewers are being spoken to directly, so use "you" instead of "the player" to make the script/video more engaging.

Make parts of a sentence italic to specify there should be emphasis on this part of the sentence.

Write suggested visuals or audio in bold, this will not be spoken, and will instead be noted for the video editors to try to include. Remember, this is a suggestion and may be excluded from the video.

Mainspace videos[]

Focus to make scripts/videos for: Features added in new updates.

In progress of writing
In progress of recording audio
In process of recording video
Needs updating



Minecraft Dungeons videos[]

Focus to make scripts/videos for: Features and gameplay mechanics for MCD.

In progress of writing
In progress of recording audio
In process of recording video


Needs updating




Wiki news[]

Wiki news videos will be update videos about the wiki itself. Examples of what can be included in these videos are rules and style guide changes, new consensus' reached and new templates and how to use them.

The community will not be able to contribute to these videos, only admins and directors (unless an admin or director asks a certain member to assist, explain some things, or alike).

  • None


Voice recording[1]
Video recording[1]
Video editing[1]
Script providing (additional focus)
Subtitle translating
Past/inactive members
  1. a b c Requires you to have the Editor role on discord for communication and sharing results/gathering feedback.