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This project is defunct. 
Consider looking for related projects to help. If you feel this defunct project may be worth reviving, please discuss with related projects first.


There is a possible need for a welcoming committee to help new users of the Minecraft wiki in becoming active, contributing members. This project aims to develop and organize a group within the wiki userbase that will serve as greeters and general help to the membership at large.

Who's Involved[edit]

Aims (Provisional)[edit]

  • Provide support to new members in joining the wiki community.
  • Provide new members with wiki-editing assistance.

To-Do / Discussion List for Talk Page (Provisional)[edit]

Charter of Action
  • Who do we help?
  • How do we help?
  • What are our limitations?
Tools and Templates
  • What do we need?
  • How should they be built?
Helper Recruitment and/or Restrictions
  • Is this an open project, or is it participation by invite/interview?
  • "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"