Minecraft Wiki
This project is defunct. 
Consider looking for related projects to help. If you feel this defunct project may be worth reviving, please discuss with related projects first.


There is a possible need for a welcoming committee to help new users of the Minecraft wiki in becoming active, contributing members. This project aims to develop and organize a group within the wiki userbase that will serve as greeters and general help to the membership at large.

Who's Involved[]

Aims (Provisional)[]

  • Provide support to new members in joining the wiki community.
  • Provide new members with wiki-editing assistance.

To-Do / Discussion List for Talk Page (Provisional)[]

Charter of Action
  • Who do we help?
  • How do we help?
  • What are our limitations?
Tools and Templates
  • What do we need?
  • How should they be built?
Helper Recruitment and/or Restrictions
  • Is this an open project, or is it participation by invite/interview?
  • "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"