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The Userboxes Standardization project aims to standardize all of the most common userboxes into a single namespace. Of course, they will not be deleted from their current homes in various userspaces, but people using them in the future will get them from the standard namespace, making things much more organized. The standardized namespace is MCW:Userboxes/ub_category-ub_name (e.g. MCW:Userboxes/os-windows10), but the userbox templates may be moved to Template:User ub_name (e.g. Template:User os-windows10) for easier typing.

Of course, the original authors of the userboxes will still be credited via a new column on the userboxes page, but the userboxes themselves will no longer be held in the userspaces. This will make adding them much more efficient and simpler, as well as making the entire thing more organized.

Other side goals are listed in the Todo.


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 In progress Copy all existing userboxes into new namespace
 In progress Redesign userboxes page into a more readable format, update links, credit original authors
 Not started Standardize all userboxes to use the userbox template and have one uniform size
 In progress Add all userboxes to Category:Userboxes
 Not started Create template page for creation of new userboxes
 In progress Rename all {{BASEPAGENAME}} to {{ROOTPAGENAME}}

Userboxes Progress[]

When you copy over a userbox to the new namespace, add it to this list.


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Minecraft General Info[]

Minecraft Version Info[]

Minecraft Preferences[]


Userbox (Ironically)[]

Below is a userbox that you can add to your userpage if you're a contributor.

NOTE - The namespace was changed from MCW:Userboxes/USP to MCW:Userboxes/project-usp on 02 January 2015
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Userboxes Standardization Project.