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This page is part of the Tutorials Modernization project. 
There is information about the project below this notice.


Tutorials Modernization is a project suggested and launched by BabylonAS (fka NickTheRed27) to update the obsolete content in tutorials. None of the users cared about them, and in result most of the tutorials had obsolete information.

How to update[]

Updating is quite straightforward. After updating, however, you must add [[Category:Modernized tutorial]] to the tutorial's category list.

How to help[]

Feel free to ask suggestions on the talk page.


To join this project, add your signature to bottom of this list using ~~~.

To-do list[]

  •  In progress — Add the category to all currently up-to-date tutorials.
  •  In progress — Update outdated tutorials, add category to them.
  •  Not yet — Have a bot to remove the category from all pages after updating is complete.


42 of 293 pages have been completed

Unchecked tutorials[]

Checked tutorials[]