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This project is dedicated to cleaning up and creating consistency within texture documentation.

What needs to be done[]

There's a few things that need to happen:

  • Update History sections of pages to include all texture revisions
  • Move files to the right names
  • Update file names on pages
  • Check earlier release versions and development versions to see if any other texture changes were missed
  • Ensure documented texture changes are accurate

How to do it[]

Just go through the pages listed below and correct/update any histories that need updating. Contact PancakeIdentity if you want to help with the file moving process.


Many blocks, items, and mobs are missing texture revisions. Please create renders of all revisions (including when initially added) and follow the above naming scheme. This includes texture pack pre-releases which were not included in development versions.

It is also worth noting that certain changes to {{InvSprite}} have made some history entries nonsensical, so these should also be fixed. The pre-flip and post-flip versions of several block renders are hit particularly hard, as the most up-to-date inventory sprites are replaced, commonly making it seem as though the texture update took place in 2012, and in some other cases inventory sprites are replaced by downscaled renders, which somewhat defeats the purpose. So post-flip block sprites will also need to be added.

People involved[]

Put your signature here if you wish to help with this project.

Missing information[]

The following pages are missing revisions or other history information (incomplete list):

  • Most textures from Texture Update pre-releases not in development versions. (i.e. Previews in tweets and minecraft.net releases)
    • Texture Update v1/v2 releases specifically have a multitude of missing texture revisions and history information.
  • Many Bedrock/PS4 history sections are incomplete.
  • Every Texture Update texture that was in a snapshot is either documented or under this list. However, some blocks have incomplete histories before that. Please add them if you notice any!
    • The Bedrock betas were also not checked, so if you're aware that a revision was used in Bedrock and is not documented, add it to the history.
  • Ambient occlusion on repeaters and comparators - see MC-68302

If you see any pages that have a missing texture/render, add them to this list as well (or fix it yourself if you are able).

  • Stair facing directions
  • A lot of directional blocks like wood/logs being rendered from the wrong direction (faces are flipped). Make sure they're all correct. Generally, blocks should be rendered with their South/Up/East faces (player facing North/West in-game for double-checking face rotation)


  • Heads before texture update for history
  • Nether Portal (block) (Texture Update info)
  • Purpur Pillar (Top texture was the same pre-20w09a and pre- The current textures introduced in those versions are the same. (JE2 BE2 and JE3 BE3))
  • Tripwire (all textures in history)
  • Redstone Repeater (Side texture changes. All renders before 1.5 must be re-rendered with correct side texture.)
  • Trapdoor (Wooden and Iron trapdoors side texture changes - required renders. Dark Oak trapdoor must be re-rendered with correct UV.)

Java Edition[]

Bedrock Edition[]

  • Farmland (hydrated farmland with coarse dirt side textures for Bedrock Edition, should be easy to do, we already have all the textures anyway. Also confirm.)
  • Scaffolding (upon their introduction to Bedrock Edition, their mesh wasn't 3D)
  • Wood (when was wood made rotatable in Bedrock? If stripped wood wasn't rotatable when added, remove the animation from Bedrock and Console history.)



  • End Crystal item (Gifs of the enchanted crystal item in history)
  • Redstone Dust (item) (1st revision)
  • Written Book (gifs of enchanted written book in history)
  • General research into the inventory appearance of unobtainable technical blocks. Should be relatively easy to research for Java Edition, but Bedrock Edition will prove a bit more tricky.


  • Horse Armor renders (18w43a, 18w46a) (Also, the textures weren't changed in 19w08a)
  • Minecarts (they had a chest in them way back in alpha, which presumably looked different to minecarts with chests which were added later)
  • Sweep Attack (All revisions)

File updating[]

Contact PancakeIdentity before working on this section. You need some tools and info on how to keep things working.

Unlike the above section, this is a list of everything that has been completed. It roughly follows the order of Template:Blocks.