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Minecraft Wiki

This project seeks to maintain the Minecraft Wiki's templates.


  • Improving template documentation
  • Standardizing templates
  • Deleting unused templates
  • Categorizing templates

To do[]

  • Make sure template documentation pages show examples of the template with different combinations of parameters.
  • Redesign some templates so they can be substituted cleanly.
  • Categorize uncategorized templates.
  • Replace direct transclusions of {{msgbox}}.
  • Expand the template list at MCW:Templates.
  • Facilitate the creation of requested templates.
  • Move template-like subpages of articles to template space.
  • Make the wording of msgbox templates more concise.
  • Split some templates that have more than one function.
  • Merge very similar templates.


Use three tildes (~~~) to add your username. Please note any specific interests pertaining to templates.

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