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Welcome to the tagalog translation project page for the Minecraft Wiki.

Ok, how do I get started?[]

The Tagalog version of the article Zombie would be Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Tagalog translation/Sombi - just remember to translate the title into tagalog's word for it.

* Then go to the English version of the article you want to translate in a new tab in your browser and click on Edit in the upper-right corner of the page. You can select everything in the box and copy it. Or, you can copy parts of the page into the new language article and translate away!
You can always take some breaks when translating some pages; you dont have to translate a single article in one hour!
At the very beginning of the language article, make sure you add the template {{project|Tagalog translation}} to display an informative box to indicate the page belongs to the project and to add the article to the language translation category.
You should also place a {{Translated from}} template at the top of the article so that readers and editors can know if the provided information is still in date. The parameters for this template should be specified as follows:
{{Translated from|oldid|je=1.xx|be=1.yy|en=Article}}
where oldid is the revision of the original article that was translated, 1.xx is the current Java Edition version number at time of writing, 1.yy is the current Bedrock Edition version number, and Article is the English name of the article being translated. This way, foreign language readers will know whether the information on the page is up to date or not, and will be able to help out by updating the content of the page to fit modern standards.
** Links to other articles can be generated easily using the Language link template. For example, a link to [[Cobblestone]] would instead be formatted as {{ll|Cobblestone}}, with the word "Cobblestone" translated to the language in question. Do NOT just directly link to the translated word, as this will not work!
* Edit this project page and put a link to the article you're translating in the Progress list under Pages being translated (* [[Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Tagalog translation/Sombi]] ~~~~) to avoid redundant or conflicting translations. The 4 tildes will sign your name and put a timestamp on the article you are translating.
* When you're finished, remove the link from Pages being translated and paste it into Translated under the appropriate section, replacing the link text with the translated name of the article ([[escaped link|Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Tagalog translation/Stone|Stone]]) in the list, with "Stone" or whatever translated, of course.
* Now pick another article to translate.
* Remember to keep translated articles up to date when each game update releases, or when new information is added to the english version! Translation articles tend to be very major contributors to clutter on maintenance logs, particularly Special:WantedPages, and as such articles which are sufficiently outdated (no major translation-related activity having taken place since the release of two major updates to Java Edition) are liable for deletion to keep maintenance pages clean.


  • Try to preserve the same general style/syntax as original page - that'll make it easier on everyone, especially you!
  • On the other hand, be reasonable when translating - don't feel too bound to the word-by-word syntax of the original article if it makes the translation anything but conversationally informative.
  • DO NOT copy-paste text to and from Google Translate and the wiki! Please have some consideration for semi-fluent and native speakers who will be sent into minute agony upon seeing the bad renditions of articles on their favorite game.


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