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This project is uploading missing Minecraft version screenshots.


Some Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition version screenshots are missing and need to be uploaded. Do you have any questions? Contact Nashdelacruz25 (talk).


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Bedrock Edition Beta[]

Nashdelacruz25 (talk)

Mcpe4the108 (talk)

Bedrock Edition[]

Not beta? Join here!

Super-Cow-Pig173 (talk)

Java Edition and Java Edition Snapshots[]

Logaff (talk) 12:31, 10 October 2020 (UTC)


 In progress - Upload missing Bedrock Edition beta screenshots.

Steps To Do[]

For Bedrock Edition:

  • First, download the version of Minecraft you would like to screenshot.
    • Second, screenshot the main menu of the game. If you are on Windows 10, hit ⊞ Win + G and click the camera button under Game Capturing to take a screenshot. The default screenshot save folder on Windows 10 is C:\Users\<username>\Videos\Captures.
      • Third, convert to PNG. If you are on Android, go to [1].

For Java Edition:

  • First, launch the Minecraft launcher, create a new installation, and select the version you would like to screenshot. Select the installation and launch the game.
  • Alternative method: Download the version you would like to screenshot on the wiki page of that version, then follow this tutorial starting with Step 2.
    • Second, screenshot the main menu of the game using the (by default) F2 key (F1 + F2 for versions Alpha v1.2.0 up to Beta 1.1_02), or the Fn + F2 keys for Macs and some other keyboards.
      • Third, if you are using Windows, import the screenshotted image from %AppData%\.minecraft\screenshots into FileOptimizer and hit Ctrl + O, or click the "Optimize" menu and hit "Optimize all files". The program will (by default) put the original image in the Recycle Bin and optimize the image. This might take a while depending on the file size of your image.
      • For Linux and macOS users: Download and install the Linux/macOS port of PNGOUT from this page and use the following tutorial. You can find your screenshots directory on this section.
        • Forth, upload the optimized screenshot to Special:Upload and select the license under "Minecraft content:". Fill out the title and description and hit "Upload file". Edit the wiki page of the version you've screenshotted and insert your image. When you're done editing, fill out the edit summary and hit "Save changes".