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This project is finished and no longer maintained. 
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  • To license all unlicensed screenshots on this site.
  • Side project: In the course of licensing, tag the file with:


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How to license[]

A list of unlicensed screenshots can be found at Category:Unlicensed files. Add licensing templates to files under the licensing header. A quick reference guide is below. For a full reference guide, you may view the list of available licenses. Brief explanations of the Creative Commons licenses can be found here and the GDFL license here.

  • {{license cc-by}}, {{license cc-by-nc}}, {{license cc-by-nc-sa}}, {{license cc-by-nd}}, {{license GFDL}} -- Files that can be freely used by the wiki provided that the original author is credited.
    • Note: If the source of the image can be found, ensure the exact same license is marked here as it is at the source, otherwise just use cc-by generic license. Do not simply tag everything with cc-by unless you are absolutely sure the original source was covered under a CC license.
    • Vanilla Minecraft images should not be under these first eight licenses, no matter what the description reads.

  • {{license Mojang}} -- Screenshot of Minecraft or other copyrighted work of Mojang. Freely usable on the wiki.
  • {{license copyright}} and {{License copyvio}} -- Copyrighted files (good, see below note) and files breaking copyright policy (bad), respectively.
    • In order for the copyright mark to work, a detailed description linking to the source and/or proof that "fair use" or other similar phrases are allowed by the author/owner of the copyrighted image. Direct communication that usage is allowed on this wiki is also recommended, but not required if the previous condition is satisfied. A good example to go by would be the user Kanegasi's avatar.


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