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Guide for rewriting[]

Note: not all pages will follow the format (e.g. moon). Instead, general guidelines should be followed, including following the style guide, removing duplicate information, moving as much information from the trivia section here and other guidelines stipulated below.

Environment sections
  • Introduction: Brief description of the feature, make sure the templates are in the right order. Information here should be no more than a couple sentences.
  • Creation: How to create it
  • Generation: Where and how it naturally generates (for naturally generated).
  • Structure: How it is composed.
    • Loot: If there is something to loot, it goes here.
  • Various other sections to document additional features.
General sections
  • Achievements: If any achievements are directly relevant to the article, add it here using {{Load achievements}}. For example, an achievement that involves smelting something would not go on Furnace, but an achievement earned by a recipe using cobblestone would go on Cobblestone.
  • Video: If there is a video here, watch it and check to see if any corrections need to be made.
  • History: Make sure this section uses {{history}}. Group multiple development versions under one version by leaving out the version parameter. Remove any bugs that only lasted for a very short time, e.g. 1 version, or a few developement versions. Added missing history if relevant.
  • Issues: Remove anything here that is not {{Issue list}}. If missing, add it.
  • Trivia: Remove any information that fits better in another section, is tutorial based, is a bug, is obvious, is comparative, or based on visuals. If there is a lot of trivia, or it only affects a certain edition, subsections may be relevant.
  • Gallery: Remove images that discuss the same thing, or are related to an outdated bug. Remove images that are simply a fan creation, and does not show anything about the article topic.
  • See also: Remove any links that are already mentioned in the article, such as crafting products, damage values, mob variants, or drops.
  • References: If there are no references, remove this section.
  • Make sure it has any relevant templates, such as {{Entities}} or {{Redstone}}
Other guidelines
  • Move information to the proper sections for that type of article, e.g. history in "History", usage in "Usage".
  • Move history information to the history section, unless it is about an upcoming update
  • Remove information that belongs on other pages, e.g. information about the void on the Bedrock article.
  • Remove tutorial information and add it to the proper tutorial if relevant, e.g. remove combat and add it to Tutorials/Combat.
  • Remove information based on bugs that are outdated.
  • Add any relevant missing information.
  • Give in-game terms and editions the names that they have now (unless it's part of History), such as Bedrock Edition rather than Pocket Edition, and terracotta rather than hardened clay.
  • Use proper templates. Such as:

After finishing, add Category:Rewritten environment from the bottom of the page, and it will automatically get added to the list at the bottom of this page.


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