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This project page is outdated. 
It describes the situation in 2017, which has since changed.


Minecraft Pocket and Console Editions are being joined in a cross-platform "Minecraft". The entire wiki needs to be changed, to make way for the new names. The Minecraft editions will be:

  • Java Edition for the computer (macOS, Windows and Linux)
  • Legacy Console Edition for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Vita, and Wii U
    • Bear in mind that, according to SuperGeniusZeb, the original Xbox One and Nintendo Switch editions will still be updated (just not sold) by 4J Studios, so keep that in mind when updating the pages. The updated FAQ shows that this is no longer the case.
  • Bedrock Edition for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows 10, mobile (iOS, Android, Fire OS), VR, Apple TV and Fire TV.
  • Education Edition for Windows and macOS. Although also utilising the Bedrock Engine, it contains exclusive features for education usage and is considered to be a separate edition by Microsoft.
  • New Nintendo 3DS Edition for the New Nintendo 3DS. Although built off the Bedrock, there are a number of subtle differences.

The current consensus is to reformat basically the entire wiki to properly state which information belongs to which edition, without prioritizing any edition (up until now the Java edition was considered the main edition and any other editions have been treated as exceptions).

Please check out the talk page to get more involved! Let us know if you disagree or agree with what we're all saying.


Let's lay out the scope of work, and put a good amount of thought into it, before starting.

What version articles to rename
What templates, categories and modules need a rename
Templates (also requiring a bot to rename instances where they appear on pages)
What templates, categories and modules need a rename
What articles need a major reorientation
Make a single top-of-page template that identifies editions
Establish a standard order of editions
Create a sub-project system
Verifying edition-specific features


While not essential for the implementation of the renaming project, the scope of the project has paved the way for the potential to improve the way the wiki displays information regarding the different editions.

Identifying edition-specific features in a more user friendly manner
  • Currently {{only}} is used for identifying version specific features, however its implementation could be made better through more significant visual indicator of feature differences. See the talk page for more information.
  • Currently {{control}} shows only mouse/keyboard controls for the Java Edition.
  • There are instances of {{key}} where it shows Java Edition usage, and it could also show other usage alongside. For example, Third person view.
Improving the history template
  • The version history table could more clearly differentiate between versions. One proposal is through the use of coloured headings. See its talk page for more.


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