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What makes a useful redirect?[]

  • Primarily, anything someone would search for when trying to find an item, or game feature:
    • Exact names used in the game
    • Names of certain specific features (e.g.: "Armorer")
    • Very common alternate names (e.g.: Loads of people call "enchanted golden apple" "notch apple", despite that never being an official name. "AI" is an alternate name for "Mob").
    • Non-American English variant spelling (e.g.: "Armour"), possibly excluding joke English language variants
  • Common link targets, in order to avoid piped links to reduce page clutter. (MCW:STYLE#Linking)
    • TODO: Are plurals useful?
      • Proposal: Only keep plural redirects if the singular word does not fit exactly inside the plural. For example, [[wolves]] is acceptable as the word "wolf" cannot be seen in its full form, however [[zombies]] would not be acceptable as the singular word zombie fits in in its plural, and as such the link can be changed to the equally functional [[zombie]]s. (discuss)
    • Lowercase names (such as "Zombified piglin"), see MCW:STYLE#Capitalization
  • Historical names (Stained Clay)
  • Terms that would not make good redirects may include:
    • Alternate names invented by YouTubers, etc. (e.g.: "Butter" for Gold, "Googlies" for Zombies)
    • Simple plural suffixes such as Zombies, see above


  •  In progress Figure out criteria for useful redirects
  •  Not done Amend style guide to match criteria
  •  Not done Sort redirects to be removed
  •  Not done Check redirects are not used on prominent external sites
    •  Not done Mark redirects which can't be deleted due to external usage with a template and/or category
  •  Not done Delete unused redirects
  •  In progress Categorise remaining useful redirects

List of redirects[]

This is a great tool to sort through redirects and either tag them with templates like {{Redr}} if they are useful, and {{delete}} if they are not, however another tool can be simply going to Special:RandomRedirect and tagging them. However, the latter may not be an ideal option when most redirects are categorized, but as of the time writing, most redirects have not been listed under the subcategories of Category:Redirects.

You can also use this page to help sort through redirects. Unlike the list below, the page only lists redirects in mainspace which do not have a {{Redr}} template.


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