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This project is finished and no longer maintained. 
The details, specification and more of this project can be viewed via this page's History tab.

This project derives from the discussion that happened in the Community Talk in August and September of 2011.

Moving pages can be done using the {{move|new page name|Needs to be moved to be comply with renaming scheme as per discussion}} template.

Deleting pages can be done using the {{delete|Needs to be deleted to make way for renaming scheme as per discussion.}}


Old title New title Page moved Links moved Notes
Brick (Block) Bricks Yes Yes (links)
Brick (Item) Brick Yes Yes (links)
Chicken Egg Egg Yes Yes (links)
Clay Balls Clay Yes Yes (links) block 82 and item 337 both have the in-game name of "Clay"
Clay (Block) Clay (block) Yes Yes (links)
Coal (Item) Coal Yes Yes (links)
Cocoa Pod Cocoa Yes Yes (links)
Diamond (Block) Block of Diamond Yes Yes (links)
Diamond (Gem) Diamond Yes Yes (links)
Diamond (Ore) Diamond Ore Yes Yes (links)
End Portal Frame End Portal (block) Yes Yes (links) End Portal is the in-game name, but the portal itself is more likely to be searched for than the block, so it gets the name instead.
End Portal (structure) End Portal Yes Yes (links)
Glowstone (Block) Glowstone Yes Yes (links)
Glowstone Block Glowstone Yes Yes (links)
Glowstone (Dust) Glowstone Dust Yes Yes (links)
Gold (Block) Block of Gold Yes Yes (links)
Gold (Ingot) Gold Ingot Yes Yes (links)
Gold (Ore) Gold Ore Yes Yes (links)
Iron (Block) Block of Iron Yes Yes (links)
Iron (Ore) Iron Ore Yes Yes (links)
Item frame Item Frame Yes Yes (links)
Lapis Lazuli (Block) Lapis Lazuli Block Yes Yes (links)
Lapis Lazuli (dye) Lapis Lazuli Yes Yes (links)
Lapis Lazuli (Ore) Lapis Lazuli Ore Yes Yes (links)
Map (item) Map Yes Yes (links)
Melon Slice Melon Yes Yes (links)
Red Apple Apple Yes Yes (links)
Redstone (Ore) Redstone Ore Yes Yes (links)
Redstone (Dust) Redstone Dust Yes Yes (links)
Redstone Dust Redstone Yes Yes (links)
Redstone (Repeater) Redstone Repeater Yes Yes (links)
Redstone (Torch) Redstone Torch Yes Yes (links)
Redstone (Wire) Redstone Wire Yes Yes (links)
Redstone Wire Redstone Yes Yes (links) target is currently used for item 331 (please hold move until after Redstone Dust -> Redstone move and subsequent clean-up)
Snow (Block) Snow Block Yes Yes (links) blocks 78 and 80 both have the in-game name of "Snow"
Snow Block Snow Yes Yes (links) Links yet to be moved as bot isn't set up after migration
Snow [[Snow (cover)]] Yes Yes (links)
Wheat Seeds Seeds Yes Yes (links) block 59 (Crops) and item 295 (Seeds) have different in-game names, both of which are disambiguation pages
Wooden Planks Wood Planks Yes Yes (links)