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This project is finished and no longer maintained. 
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To do extensive tests and take detailed observations of all mobs in Minecraft. Try to discover mob behavior that has not been observed before. Before posting on wiki,Post this in [[Research Articles/Animal AI]] AI if its an animal(including wolf). Someone create [[Research Articles/Hostile and Other AI]] Please make sure all information is relevant to the current and past Minecraft versions. Also, check that this behavior/observation is not false, made up, or a bug. (Note that if you do happen to find a bug, it should be posted in the issue tracker)

People Involved[]

To do[]

  • Test different mobs under different conditions
  • Take detailed observations
  • If possible take screenshots, following these standards, and do not flood the Wiki with them, use common sense.
  • Once you think you're onto something, check the Wiki to see if anyone has discovered this already

Mobs to observe[]

Use these links as a reference for your research.