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Hello! This project is about improving articles about Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang's action/adventure game based on classic dungeon crawlers.

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Minecraft Dungeons Diaries


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Minecraft Dungeons Development
?Development starts as a 3DS exclusive.[1]
September 29, 2018Minecraft Dungeons is announced publicly at MINECON Earth 2018.
May 17, 2019David Nisshagen is interviewed about Minecraft Dungeons.
May 17, 2019A key-like mob (first seen in the Minecraft Dungeons trailer) is seen again in the announcement for MINECON Live 2019, indicating an announcement relating to Minecraft Dungeons is coming.
June 9, 2019The gameplay of Dungeons was revealed for E3 2019.
September 28, 2019The Story of Dungeons was revealed for Minecon Live.
Minecraft Dungeons Beta
March 25, 2020The Dungeons Closed Beta was released for Windows 10 to 1,000 players.
March 31, 2020Minecraft Dungeons is postponed to May 26, 2020.
March 31, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a minor update with bug fixes.
April 3, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a minor update with bug fixes and some new features. This is the last beta update.
Minecraft Dungeons
May 26, 2020Minecraft Dungeons is fully released in both regular and hero edition.
May 29, 2020The Jungle Awakens and the Creeping Winter DLC's are namedropped, with Jungle Awakens being planeed to release on July 1st.
June 9, 2020Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox one and Nintendo switch has a minor update with bug fixes.
Nintendo switch and PS4: June 17, 2020 PC and Xbox one: June 22, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a major update with multiple bug fixes as well as changed some game mechanics.
June 22, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a minor update.
July 1, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has its first DLC released, Jungle Awakens. It also has many mechanics, such as the souls system revamped and multiple bug fixes.
September 8, 2020Minecraft Dungeons Has its second DLC, Creeping Winter released. It also had many new merchants added to the camp, a new system of modified levels known as Daily Trials and multiple bug fixes.
September 14, 2020Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One has a minor update with cloud gaming support for Xbox game pass ultimate and mobile touch controls.
September 29, 2020Minecraft Dungeons for PC has a minor update that added localization support for simplified and traditional Chinese text.
October 3, 2020New major changes for Minecraft Dungeons, such as online multiplayer cross-play, a new season pass and four new DLC packs were showcased on Minecraft Live 2020.
October 26, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a major update that added a new limited set of daily trials known as Seasonal Trials, beginning with Spooky Fall. It also added some of the new Howling Peaks content into the game files.
November 11, 2020Minecraft Dungeons for Xbox Series X/S has a minor update that fixes bugs.
November 17,2020Minecraft Dungeons has a major update that add multi platform cross-play for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows. It also added 4 skins into the game, changed some weapon/enchantment mechanics and added a threat level to Daily Trials.
November 23, 2020Minecraft Dungeons for Playstation 4 reveives a minor update that fixes a bug.
December 9, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has its 3rd DLC, Howling Peaks released. It also introduces the new Apocalypse+ difficulty along with changes to existing items/mobs, multiple bug fixes and more new ingame files for the Ocean DLC, the Flames of the Nether DLC and items for the new Chills and Thrills seasonal trial event.
December 17, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a minor update that added the Chills and Thrills seasonal trials into the game. It also added some more files for the Flames of the Nether DLC, the Ocean DLC and the End DLC
February 8, 2021The Flames of the Nether DLC is finally named and is expected to release February 24, 2021.

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