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Who is involved?[]

To-do list[]

Progress Item
 Done  Split the Biome page into multiple pages, as listed here.
 Done  Move User:Lxazl5770/Biomes to Template:Biomes, make any pages using the template automatically add to Category:Biomes, and add the template to each individual biome page.
 Wip  Condense the Biome types and Biome IDs sections on Biome to be more like summaries, now that the detailed information about the biomes are found on individual pages. A work-in-progress draft can be seen at User:Madminecrafter12/Biome.

CSS script[]

Anyone that is a part of this project may want to add this line to their common.css page.

/* Add icon to the userlinks of those involved with the Biome project */
.mw-userlink[title^="User:Madminecrafter12"] {
    padding-left: 14px;
    background: url("https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/media/minecraft.gamepedia.com/5/51/Sapling.png") no-repeat left center;
    background-size: contain;