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Some images have non-descriptive titles. Currently, such names are blacklisted.

How to manage an image[]

When you reach a badly-named image, check the file usage section.

  • If the file is used only on user pages, add Category:User images and leave it at its current title.
  • If the file is used only on a Issues page, add [[:Category:Issue images]] and leave it at its current title.
  • If the file is unused, mark it for deletion, using {{delete|Unused file}}.
  • If the file is not used on a normal page, but it is used on translation pages, decide how you would use the file on a normal page. If you have an idea, check the page to see if it has any badly-named files. Do not use the file on the page until after moving it.
  • If the file is used on a normal page, visit the page to seek if it has any other badly-named files. If the file is used on multiple pages, check all of them.

If the page has any other badly-named files, check if they are used anywhere else, ignoring user and translation pages. Then, decide what to call them. Move the images without leaving redirects (if you accidentally leave a redirect, mark the redirect page for deletion), and update their names as quickly as possible. Do not update the filenames on other people's user pages. The following pages need to be moved or categorized. See the instructions above for more info.

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