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This project is finished and no longer maintained. 
The details, specification and more of this project can be viewed via this page's History tab.

This is a wiki project that aims to make entities at the same level of notation as items and blocks by making them a templates, categories and editing other pages to fulfill this need.


For a long time entities where neglected - they had no NevBox template of their own, the template called Template:Entity only talks about blocks with entities that they become at some points, mobs where divided away from the rest of the entities as if they are not one and the same, etc. Until now it was still somewhat forgivable, as entities do look different one from the other, BUT now with the upcoming Experience Orb we encounter an entity that has no category to go to but entities! this comes to show that we cannot overlook entities any longer! we must put them at equal status with items and blocks!

List of participents[]

--Yurisho 17:55, 7 September 2011 (UTC)
Cool12309(T|C) 01:22, 8 September 2011 (UTC)

To-do list[]

  • Make Dropped Item page.
  • Make Template:Entities NavBox template.
  • Remove entities from environment template, link to entities main page at matter category at said template, maybe change name.
  • Make entity category.
  • Make entity IDs section in Data values.
  • Merge entity template into block and item template(nothing to add to them)
  • Make new entity template for all entities, including mobs(essentially making mob template useless).
    • Change pages accordingly.(mobs pages and sand changed)
  • Re-write Entity to be similar to Mobs.