Minecraft Wiki

This is a wiki project that aims to organize the wiki through the power of categorization. Editors who have an interest in keeping the wiki organized in the background using the category system should add their name to the participant list below and then either look for tasks in the to-do list or discuss ideas for categories and category trees.


Discuss the usefulness of this project on the talk page.

Categories are a very useful way to navigate the wiki outside of articles. They assist in finding topics of a similar type or nature, not unlike navigation boxes. For example, if a user reads about the pillager and wants to find related articles, they could check a category like Category:Illagers. Not only this, but it also helps in the maintenance of the wiki itself by categorizing all articles with some form of needed maintenance such as deletion requests. It also keeps templates and other useful resources grouped and categorized for editors to easily find and use.

Who's involved[]


  • Organize the wiki's category tree into a clear structure of article categories
  • Find articles of a related nature and categorize them with relevant and useful categories
  • Propose a standard or guidelines for category creation and usage
  • Organize all the maintenance-related content for Minecraft Wiki and group them, i.e. Navbox templates

Category guidelines[]

  • The tree should start from the root category Category:Minecraft Wiki and split into primary categories. These primary categories should have no pages in them if possible, just categories.
  • Categories should be created under the following checklist:
    • Is it a subject matter worth categorizing by interest?
    • If it's a category for categories or templates, will it be too micromanaged?
    • Does a similar category already exist? e.g. Category:Licensing templates instead of Category:Licenses
  • Categories should be properly cased; No camelCasing except where appropriate.
  • Make sure to add a sort key when appropriate to properly order pages in categories. e.g. To categorize Bedrock Edition distance effects in Category:Bedrock Edition, use the code [[Category:Bedrock Edition|Distance effects]]