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Many times, users will capitalize Minecraft terms that shouldn't be capitalized, or not capitalize ones that should be capitalized.


The purpose of this project is to give Minecraft names in articles the correct capitalization. This is especially for tutorial and mod pages, because they tend to get edited less, and therefore fixed less.

How to help[]

If you want to help with this project, the first thing to do is to add your signature to the member list. Then, look through as many pages as possible, specifically articles tagged for cleanup, and see which ones need fixing with capitalization.

What to capitalize[]

Most names in Minecraft, including mobs, blocks, items, and generated structures, are considered common nouns, and therefore should not be capitalized. On the other hand, dimensions, enchantments, game modes, names of skin packs, and status effects should be capitalized. On an article, you may see a mob capitalized, or an enchantment not capitalized. Anytime you see this, fix it.

Note that in some cases, however, you should capitalize items, blocks, and entities. An example of this would be for a block/item/mob description box, a crafting box, or the title of a page.

Also, when a dimension is one word used in an in-game term that includes more than one word (with the exception of "the"), the dimension should not be capitalized. For example, "end portal" is correct, as well as "nether portal." However, "the End" and "the Nether" would still be capitalized. Never capitalize the "the" when describing dimensions, unless, of course, it's at the beginning of a sentence.

For potions, the "potion" part should not be capitalized, but the "status effect" part should. For example, "potion of Invisibility" is correct, but "Potion of Invisibility" and "potion of invisibility" are not.

For more information about what should and shouldn't be capitalized, see the "capitalization" section of the style guide.

Side project[]

A side project for this project is to name the terms in Minecraft as their in-game terms, rather than shortened terms or alternate terms. Some examples include, "ender pearl" rather than "enderpearl", "eye of ender" rather than "ender eye", and "end crystal" rather than "ender crystal". The exception to this would be if the article is specifically talking about a shortening or alternate term for a certain in-game word (for example, "Ender crystal is the entity ID name, as well as a common alternate term, for end crystal").


To add yourself to the list, simply click "edit source" for this section, and make a bullet underneath the last username, (*) and then typing ~~~~ to sign.