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For the entire time the Minecraft Wiki has existed, there's been a basic guide on how to start off with the game. But that guide can be hard to understand, some parts are outdated, and in some places break the wiki rules. This project is aimed toward cleaning up the existing tutorial pages and creating a general guide to leading you through the game, not step-by-step, but by giving you a list of choices to choose from, expanding on your ability to be creative in your approach.

The Approach[]

The Beginner's Guide Rewrite project is aiming to clean up and/or rewrite the beginner survival tutorials for clarity and so they conform to the Style Guide. Part of this is to link other pages on the wiki that contain more information about a subject, and not to expound upon all of that subject's properties in the beginner survival pages. For example, the controls should not be explained in the Beginner's guide (like they used to be) but instead the Controls page should be linked so they can go read it.


Progress Page
 In progress Tutorials/Beginner's guide
 In progress Tutorials/The second day
 In progress Tutorials/The third day
 In progress Tutorials/Nether survival
 In progress Tutorials/End survival
 In progress Tutorials/Nomadic experience
 In progress Tutorials/Your first ten minutes


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