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Patrollers is a custom user group for the Minecraft Wiki. A list of the current members of the patroller user group can be found here. These users have the ability to quickly rollback a series of consecutive edits by the same user with one click, and to mark other edits as patrolled. This group came into effect on July 12, 2018, after a discussion which can be found here.

User rights[]


  • Mark others' edits as patrolled

This right allows to mark edits made by other users as patrolled. When a patroller or admin views the Recent changes page, all unpatrolled edits will have a red exclamation mark next to them. Additionally, there will be an option to hide patrolled edits on the page. When a patroller or admin clicks on a diff link for an unpatrolled edit, there will be a "mark as patrolled" option. When this is clicked, the edit will be marked as patrolled and the appearance of that edit in Recent changes will change accordingly. This action cannot be undone.


  • Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page

This right causes a link called "rollback" to show up next to edits in page histories, diffs, recent changes, user contributions, etc. Clicking the link will revert all of the edits the user made to that page, back to the last revision by the previous user, in one click. Additionally, there is a script that gives the ability to revert edits almost as quickly as normal rollback, but with a custom edit summary rather than just the default "Revert edits by [X]." This script is invoked by a small gray pencil button next to the normal rollback option. It is turned on by default, but can be disabled in one's preferences. Rolling back edits will automatically mark the new edit as minor, and all edits reverted by the rollback as patrolled.

Quick guide[]

Patrolling edits[]

Edits should usually be marked as patrolled once they have been reviewed and any major problems have been fixed. For example, once an edit is reverted, or a formatting error is fixed (assuming that there are no other major problems), the edit should be marked as patrolled. The problems that should be checked for before patrolling include, but are not limited to, vandalism, false information, errors that break formatting (such as an unclosed table), or major grammatical errors that would likely make the text very difficult to understand for readers. If there's a minor grammatical error or a sentence could be worded better, the edit can be patrolled before that's fixed. If you're not sure what to do with an edit or it adds or changes information that you cannot verify, leave it to someone else or post a patroller request for others to look into, explained below. Two important things to remember when patrolling are to use common sense and observe when and how others patrol.

Patroller requests[]

When you're not sure whether or not the changes of an edit are accurate and true, you have the option to post a request for it on the patroller requests page. This will allow you to let others know exactly which edit or edits you think need further looking into and why, and let others comment on each case and/or take over the patrol. Inversely, you may also visit the page yourself and see what requests you can help with. For more information on how to write and use these kind of requests, see the page for a more in-depth guide. This method is available for making it easier to communicate your insight and considerations with other patrollers, instead of just leaving unpatrolled edits with nothing.

Rolling back edits[]

The most important thing with rolling back edits is to only use the normal rollback button if the edits are obviously disruptive and the revert does not warrant an explanation. If the edits were likely made in good faith and/or you think that it would be helpful for other editors to see an explanation, it's usually better to use the custom edit summary rollback option, the undo option, or edit an earlier revision and save it, instead.

Obtaining the right[]

Like all user rights (except autopatrol), a user can only be added to the patroller user group by bureaucrats or FANDOM Staff. Although there are currently no formal guidelines for granting or a request for permission page for this right, it will often be given to trusted and experienced users. All local administrators, members of SOAP, and FANDOM Staff automatically have all the rights that this user group comes with.

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