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This page is for collaboratively verifying changes that others have made on the wiki. Both admins and patrollers have the ability to mark pages and edits as patrolled as a way of verifying an edit. By extension, they can also mark edits to confirm the validness of the information added by them, but sometimes they cannot themselves. Using this page one can request help with patrolling an edit for a specified reason, so others can take over and/or help.

By sharing unpatrolled edits on this page, and helping each other communicate back what you know and find, it is easier to spot and deal with false information, misinformation and sneaky vandalism. This also helps to share verified information as a backlog of facts.

How does this work

  1. A patroller or administrator posts a {{/request|?|Question?|diffs=123456}} (click link for documentation) on this page, asking for the verification of a single piece of factual information with a link to each related unpatrollable edit. These requests are sorted by the page the edits relate to, under a linked header.
  2. Another trusted editor (might be a patroller or a non-patroller) answers the request by providing sourced information to contribute to verifying the unpatrollable edits. This may require play-testing or fact-checking, just recalling from memory is not useful.
  3. If full verification requires additional work/replies, the request is marked as "wip" for the progress icon, to show it isn't finished yet. Repeat point 2
  4. When enough information is gathered to fully verify the edits of the request, a patrolling user may mark the related edits as patrolled and then mark the request as "done" for the checkmark icon. This may be the user who originally posted the request, or another patrolling user.

Confirming/patrolling edits

In this section, all (questionable) edits are listed that cannot be patrolled yet until someone can confirm their correctness. Please reply to each individual list item as if it were a talk page, to explain/confirm/debunk whether the related edit(s) is/are correct or not. This may require play-testing, research or some other reliable source.

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