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[!!] When I Connect To 12w30a server/lan with 12w30b sometimes crash the client!!

  • Why would you try to connect to one unreleased version of the game with another, newer unreleased version of the game? This is not a bug. You are not using the software in the manner in which it is intended to be used. --5thHorseman 15:37, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Some people don't have access to the server though. Like for exmple, my brother tried connecting to my server (which I hadn't bothered to update yet, he woke up before I did) and got disconnected. How is he supposed to change that if he has no control of the server? The simple answer is to either use an older snapshot (why should he switch to a buggier version?) or just wait who knows how long till the server administrator updates it. --Frostyfrog 16:59, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • But it's not a bug. There is no promised or expected backwards comparability between released versions of Minecraft. Why would you expect it in snapshots? --5thHorseman 17:55, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Intended behavior should be to indicate a version mismatch between client and server, not that it should crash.

[!] When I come back from the Nether, no chunks load and I fall out of the world. Sometimes I die, and everything reloads normally, but sometimes I keep falling forever and and have to restart the game.

  • I am getting this too. Either I fall into the Void and die (pausing and reloading leaves me stuck in the ground, suffocating) or I get stuck where I spawn, unable to move, forcing me to reload the save. Chunks load normal after I respawn or reload. 20:02, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Also of note that it can happen either going to or coming from the Nether. Both worlds may fail to load. 20:38, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[!!] My client crashes every time a few seconds after connecting to one server; I can play on another server fine but other people on that one are having similar problems. 12w27a on both worked fine.

- World MpServer Players: 1 total; [anx['flussence'/36683, l='MpServer', x=56.50, y=71.62, z=9353.50}} - World MpServer Chunk Stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 441 - Forced Entities: 114 total; [nl['Villager'/36841, l='MpServer', x=113.15, y=64.00, z=9345.47], anx['flussence'/36683, l='MpServer', x=56.50, y=71.62, z=9353.50], ni['Zombie'/36840, l='MpServer', x=117.50, y=15.00, z=9350.50], lx['Cow'/36843, l='MpServer', x=123.28, y=68.00, z=9364.28], ni['Zombie'/36842, l='MpServer', x=126.63, y=14.00, z=9368.53], nf['Skeleton'/36845, l='MpServer', x=121.25, y=24.00, z=9403.84], nf['Skeleton'/36844, l='MpServer', x=118.44, y=25.00, z=9391.84], mc['Sheep'/36847, l='MpServer', x=112.41, y=63.00, z=9423.41], mc['Sheep'/36846, l='MpServer', x=117.25, y=63.00, z=9410.22], ni['Zombie'/36839, l='MpServer', x=115.91, y=15.00, z=9353.44], mr['item.item.wheat'/36811, l='MpServer', x=80.75, y=69.13, z=9329.22], mr['item.item.seeds'/36812, l='MpServer', x=80.44, y=69.13, z=9329.66], lx['Cow'/36848, l='MpServer', x=122.59, y=63.00, z=9424.53], mc['Sheep'/36849, l='MpServer', x=116.47, y=64.00, z=9424.56], ni['Zombie'/36873, l='MpServer', x=131.50, y=14.00, z=9365.50], mr['item.item.wheat'/36811, l='MpServer', x=80.75, y=69.13, z=9329.22], nf['Skeleton'/36810, l='MpServer', x=91.50, y=43.00, z=9290.53], nf['Skeleton'/36809, l='MpServer', x=92.50, y=43.00, z=9291.50], nf['Skeleton'/36808, l='MpServer', x=94.72, y=43.00, z=9289.33], lx['Cow'/36877, l='MpServer', x=129.53, y=65.00, z=9431.69], lx['Cow'/36814, l='MpServer', x=83.28, y=63.00, z=9420.63], nl['Villager'/36813, l='MpServer', x=93.50, y=72.00, z=9343.69], mr['item.item.seeds'/36812, l='MpServer', x=80.44, y=69.13, z=9329.66], lx['Cow'/36878, l='MpServer', x=134.17, y=65.16, z=9431.53], nf['Skeleton'/36802, l='MpServer', x=69.41, y=22.00, z=9278.00], lx['Cow'/36807, l='MpServer', x=64.84, y=64.00, z=9390.34], lx['Cow'/36806, l='MpServer', x=64.94, y=63.00, z=9283.03], lx['Cow'/36805, l='MpServer', x=72.25, y=63.00, z=9284.22], lx['Cow'/36871, l='MpServer', x=136.22, y=73.00, z=9347.38], nf['Skeleton'/36804, l='MpServer', x=68.97, y=18.00, z=9288.00], ni['Zombie'/36870, l='MpServer', x=129.94, y=14.00, z=9353.50], nl['Villager'/36826, l='MpServer', x=110.88, y=64.00, z=9341.49], lx['Cow'/36827, l='MpServer', x=97.73, y=63.00, z=9405.50], lx['Cow'/36824, l='MpServer', x=109.78, y=76.00, z=9290.25], lx['Cow'/36825, l='MpServer', x=102.34, y=77.00, z=9280.50], lx['Cow'/36830, l='MpServer', x=102.97, y=64.00, z=9427.91], mc['Sheep'/36828, l='MpServer', x=101.09, y=63.00, z=9413.81], lx['Cow'/36829, l='MpServer', x=98.28, y=63.00, z=9411.69], lx['Cow'/36822, l='MpServer', x=107.53, y=73.84, z=9286.50], lx['Cow'/36823, l='MpServer', x=106.50, y=73.98, z=9283.50], nf['Skeleton'/36781, l='MpServer', x=33.06, y=13.00, z=9345.47], mw['Creeper'/36780, l='MpServer', x=33.50, y=12.00, z=9352.50], ni['Zombie'/36783, l='MpServer', x=42.56, y=30.00, z=9365.56], ni['Zombie'/36782, l='MpServer', x=40.91, y=30.00, z=9365.66], nf['Skeleton'/36777, l='MpServer', x=32.50, y=31.00, z=9305.50], mw['Creeper'/36776, l='MpServer', x=34.72, y=28.00, z=9306.53], lx['Cow'/36779, l='MpServer', x=35.25, y=72.00, z=9316.22], nf['Skeleton'/36778, l='MpServer', x=41.44, y=17.00, z=9315.86], mc['Sheep'/36773, l='MpServer', x=37.47, y=66.00, z=9280.34], lx['Cow'/36772, l='MpServer', x=39.94, y=64.00, z=9291.84], nf['Skeleton'/36775, l='MpServer', x=42.53, y=12.47, z=9296.32], lw['Chicken'/36769, l='MpServer', x=44.56, y=70.00, z=9276.56], mx['Enderman'/36796, l='MpServer', x=57.84, y=23.00, z=9364.31], mw['Creeper'/36797, l='MpServer', x=56.50, y=37.00, z=9373.33], lx['Cow'/36798, l='MpServer', x=54.97, y=65.00, z=9361.16], nh['Spider'/36799, l='MpServer', x=63.85, y=22.00, z=9377.95], lw['Chicken'/36792, l='MpServer', x=49.38, y=70.00, z=9278.41], mc['Sheep'/36793, l='MpServer', x=49.45, y=70.00, z=9283.36], lx['Cow'/36794, l='MpServer', x=55.47, y=69.00, z=9307.78], mx['Enderman'/36795, l='MpServer', x=55.41, y=23.00, z=9363.34], lx['Cow'/36788, l='MpServer', x=34.84, y=64.00, z=9388.16], mw['Creeper'/36784, l='MpServer', x=36.00, y=20.00, z=9369.44], nl['Villager'/36785, l='MpServer', x=47.50, y=49.00, z=9363.72], lx['Cow'/36786, l='MpServer', x=38.78, y=63.00, z=9377.31], lx['Cow'/36787, l='MpServer', x=36.81, y=64.00, z=9388.50], mw['Creeper'/36751, l='MpServer', x=18.44, y=30.00, z=9395.09], lx['Cow'/36750, l='MpServer', x=22.47, y=64.00, z=9384.44], lx['Cow'/36749, l='MpServer', x=22.15, y=64.00, z=9380.88], lx['Cow'/36748, l='MpServer', x=23.97, y=64.00, z=9382.06], nf['Skeleton'/36747, l='MpServer', x=29.50, y=21.00, z=9367.50], lx['Cow'/36746, l='MpServer', x=17.50, y=72.00, z=9344.31], nf['Skeleton'/36745, l='MpServer', x=28.54, y=13.00, z=9344.56], nf['Skeleton'/36744, l='MpServer', x=24.50, y=55.00, z=9326.94], mw['Creeper'/36743, l='MpServer', x=29.70, y=26.00, z=9316.94], lw['Chicken'/36742, l='MpServer', x=29.59, y=66.00, z=9301.38], mw['Creeper'/36741, l='MpServer', x=21.41, y=41.00, z=9298.00], nf['Skeleton'/36740, l='MpServer', x=21.50, y=19.00, z=9310.50], mc['Sheep'/36739, l='MpServer', x=27.34, y=66.00, z=9285.25], nf['Skeleton'/36738, l='MpServer', x=27.56, y=33.00, z=9293.84], lx['Cow'/36737, l='MpServer', x=28.28, y=66.00, z=9278.37], nf['Skeleton'/36736, l='MpServer', x=31.91, y=30.00, z=9274.78], lw['Chicken'/36766, l='MpServer', x=39.44, y=68.00, z=9275.56], ni['Zombie'/36706, l='MpServer', x=-18.50, y=48.00, z=9400.50], lx['Cow'/36708, l='MpServer', x=-16.03, y=64.00, z=9412.86], ni['Zombie'/36710, l='MpServer', x=-11.50, y=32.00, z=9294.50], lx['Cow'/36711, l='MpServer', x=-0.75, y=67.00, z=9293.75], lx['Cow'/36712, l='MpServer', x=-4.28, y=64.00, z=9327.29], ni['Zombie'/36713, l='MpServer', x=-2.97, y=26.00, z=9355.70], ni['Zombie'/36714, l='MpServer', x=-12.97, y=11.00, z=9386.44], lx['Cow'/36718, l='MpServer', x=7.88, y=67.00, z=9286.47], lx['Cow'/36719, l='MpServer', x=5.21, y=68.00, z=9287.69], ni['Zombie'/36721, l='MpServer', x=15.41, y=43.00, z=9304.28], lx['Cow'/36720, l='MpServer', x=3.09, y=67.00, z=9294.88], mw['Creeper'/36723, l='MpServer', x=14.44, y=43.00, z=9304.50], mw['Creeper'/36722, l='MpServer', x=15.50, y=43.00, z=9303.44], mw['Creeper'/36725, l='MpServer', x=6.84, y=44.00, z=9313.47], mw['Creeper'/36724, l='MpServer', x=8.47, y=45.00, z=9313.16], lx['Cow'/36727, l='MpServer', x=12.04, y=70.00, z=9342.53], lx['Cow'/36726, l='MpServer', x=10.65, y=66.00, z=9326.36], ni['Zombie'/36729, l='MpServer', x=7.60, y=37.00, z=9389.66], lx['Cow'/36728, l='MpServer', x=14.41, y=68.00, z=9372.38], lx['Cow'/36731, l='MpServer', x=5.09, y=68.00, z=9376.09], lx['Cow'/36730, l='MpServer', x=8.31, y=67.00, z=9378.72], lx['Cow'/36733, l='MpServer', x=14.47, y=64.00, z=9382.22], lx['Cow'/36732, l='MpServer', x=12.38, y=66.00, z=9378.41], nl['Villager'/36674, l='MpServer', x=73.34, y=73.00, z=9344.00], nl['Villager'/36675, l='MpServer', x=78.31, y=69.00, z=9360.50], nl['Villager'/36672, l='MpServer', x=58.88, y=73.00, z=9345.63], nl['Villager'/36673, l='MpServer', x=69.47, y=71.16, z=9351.54], nl['Villager'/36678, l='MpServer', x=111.07, y=65.00, z=9368.40], nl['Villager'/36679, l='MpServer', x=106.34, y=63.75, z=9368.94], nl['Villager'/36676, l='MpServer', x=106.66, y=63.00, z=9367.88], nl['Villager'/36677, l='MpServer', x=104.13, y=71.00, z=9361.50], nl['Villager'/36671, l='MpServer', x=74.06, y=73.00, z=9343.13}}}}

[X] Vsync, even though effectively limiting the FPS, still lets the game consume all the CPU it would if the fps was unlimited. Forcing it through video card settings on previous versions exhibits this behavior aswell. Vsync would be better off as a refresh speed setting of 60 than vsync itself this way. --Steve G. Wood 03:27, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[!!] Got the following crash when switching from creative to survival in a flat world SSP

- World MpServer Players: 1 total; [anx['falkan'/57, l='MpServer', x=-1731,38, y=5,62, z=-702,27}} - World MpServer Chunk Stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 441 - Forced Entities: 31 total; [lw['Huhn'/10, l='MpServer', x=-1767,47, y=4,00, z=-718,53], lw['Huhn'/11, l='MpServer', x=-1768,38, y=4,00, z=-724,38], mr['item.item.egg'/12, l='MpServer', x=-1761,22, y=4,13, z=-722,31], lw['Huhn'/13, l='MpServer', x=-1774,47, y=4,00, z=-698,53], lw['Huhn'/14, l='MpServer', x=-1765,38, y=4,00, z=-688,44], mr['item.item.egg'/15, l='MpServer', x=-1768,66, y=4,13, z=-703,84], lw['Huhn'/25, l='MpServer', x=-1756,47, y=4,00, z=-734,44], lw['Huhn'/27, l='MpServer', x=-1766,38, y=4,00, z=-691,56], lw['Huhn'/34, l='MpServer', x=-1742,44, y=4,00, z=-776,56], lw['Huhn'/35, l='MpServer', x=-1741,44, y=4,00, z=-774,38], lw['Huhn'/36, l='MpServer', x=-1720,56, y=4,00, z=-759,59], mr['item.item.egg'/42, l='MpServer', x=-1742,66, y=4,13, z=-659,97], mr['item.item.egg'/40, l='MpServer', x=-1739,19, y=4,13, z=-700,09], lw['Huhn'/41, l='MpServer', x=-1743,47, y=4,00, z=-660,53], ms['Lore'/51, l='MpServer', x=-1717,50, y=5,02, z=-705,50], lw['Huhn'/49, l='MpServer', x=-1713,56, y=4,00, z=-743,44], anx['falkan'/57, l='MpServer', x=-1731,38, y=5,62, z=-702,27], mr['item.tile.button'/719, l='MpServer', x=-1733,41, y=4,13, z=-699,16], mr['item.item.egg'/26, l='MpServer', x=-1757,19, y=4,13, z=-733,97], mr['item.item.egg'/15, l='MpServer', x=-1768,66, y=4,13, z=-703,84], mr['item.item.egg'/12, l='MpServer', x=-1761,22, y=4,13, z=-722,31], mr['item.item.egg'/40, l='MpServer', x=-1739,19, y=4,13, z=-700,09], mr['item.item.egg'/42, l='MpServer', x=-1742,66, y=4,13, z=-659,97], mr['item.item.egg'/39, l='MpServer', x=-1729,91, y=4,13, z=-767,63], mr['item.tile.button'/720, l='MpServer', x=-1732,84, y=4,13, z=-699,56], mr['item.tile.button'/722, l='MpServer', x=-1732,91, y=4,13, z=-698,09], mr['item.tile.button'/719, l='MpServer', x=-1733,41, y=4,13, z=-699,16], mr['item.tile.button'/720, l='MpServer', x=-1732,84, y=4,13, z=-699,56], mr['item.tile.button'/721, l='MpServer', x=-1732,14, y=5,42, z=-701,06], mr['item.tile.button'/722, l='MpServer', x=-1732,91, y=4,13, z=-698,09], mr['item.item.egg'/50, l='MpServer', x=-1727,72, y=4,13, z=-721,91}} - Retry Entities: 0 total; [] }} --User:Incelebrity 17:49, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • This crash report is for 12w23b. This page is dedicated to bugs only in 12w30b. I cannot fix bugs that are likely already fixed, and I'd need an up to date crash report to have a chance at fixing any at all. — 13px Dinnerbone(T) 07:32, 24 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Sorry, I picked the wrong report. I've put in the right one now. (User:Incelebrity) 08:02, 24 July 2012 (UTC)


[A] [MP] When connecting to a previous snapshot version's server, I tested the old portal bug in the nether (when it'd throw you to an invalid position in the overworld). Now I am unable to play on this server in any of the recent versions as when I log in I get an 'Invalid Position' message and kicked. I have marked this is a minor annoyance because no-one is probably in the same situation. --CallumTennant

  • Just delete your player.dat file in players\[thefile].dat. -- 13:41, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • I have no control over the server files, though. --CallumTennant




[X] [MP] The credits are a black screen in multiplayer. ~Dracyoshi

  • I have seen this on my server as well. Pressing the escape key still works.-jc2xs- 13:55, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] [MP] Hitting other players with the fire aspect enchantment while PVP is disabled sets them on fire. (Only tested with a diamond sword that has Smite II, Knockback I and Fire Aspect I. Reproduced multiple times on different players.) ~Dracyoshi

[Su] I tried punching a wild wolf in the wilderness and it does not do damage to me in return. It's nothing too serious, but if others come across the same issue then it would become somewhat of an annoyance. I have not tried this in multiplayer or punching a tamed dog. --cLvBearCastle

[X] Mobs may spawn inside jungle biome leaves. See: http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/6168/22662fdd4c5546049fa31c9.png --CallumTennant

  • This isn't really a bug and is present in 1.2.5 -- Easton39

[X] macOS CMD-V does not work to paste things into Minecraft. Dinnerbone said he was having trouble with this because he didn't have a Mac, and he tried to fix it this snapshot but it still doesn't work. CTRL-V does work on a Mac, but it is unintuitive for Mac users. TorchicBlaziken 21:14, 28 June 2012 (UTC)

[MP] When teleporting to the nether the server lags. A noticeable spike on the server client appears also. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/sk52D.png

[SP] When teleporting to the nether first time upon log in, I arrive fine in nether ok, but the return trip through the portal had me fall out of the world into a void. After respawn an attempt to travel through the same portal will then leave the player suspended and the nether does not load. world save http://www.mediafire.com/?06gphyzh97qa49c Savagebeat 19:58, 23 July 2012 (UTC) savagebeat

[X] Logging out and logging back in while falling off a cliff will only make you take the fall damage from the height you logged back in from. It is extremely annoying with fall traps on PvP servers.

[X] [MP] The client does not accept the fact that other players are pushing it. If you push someone else by standing in their hitbox the server and your client see the player as being pushed but the player being pushed does not appear to be pushed on their screen, for example if you push a player into lava they will catch on fire and take damage but the player being pushed into lava will see another player walk through them and then catch on fire and take damage, the player pushing the other player will then see the player pushed rubberband back to their previous position as if they had never moved at all but still on fire. --TheSandwichMakr 23:48, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[!] Sometimes the world wont load fast enough and the player will fall through and either suffocate, fall into a cave, or fall out of the world, in previous versions the server would correct the position and place the player back on top of the world but it does not seem to correct player position which could probably be exploited to make noclip hacks. --TheSandwichMakr 00:10, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] [MP] On my server, the first time a player teleports to or from the nether, it looks like they lose their experience (they may in fact lose it?) but upon returning to the nether, they appear to have gotten their experience back. Maybe just a case of not updating experience amount to client? 04:46, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] [Cr] Duplication bug, when we clic right&left quickly in survival inventory. -- 11:28, 24 July 2012 (UTC)


[A!] Tamed wolves and ocelots are all sitting, and they continue to sit even if they are right clicked. James9270 5:59, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A!] Mobs spawn on non-natural occurring blocks Djerun 12:47, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • i.e. this page is not for feature requests. /vote removal 13:00, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Tree leaves grow through glass (without breaking glass) - see screenshot at http://imgur.com/wq6ha. Hopefully the fix for this doesn't involve breaking the glass (instead the leaves shouldn't grow through glass). --Whoisvaibhav 15:19, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] [Cr] The bug where you can't fly as fast through water and lava was fixed, but cobwebs still slow you down while flying in Creative mode. TorchicBlaziken 20:07, 14 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Yes, it is intended, but it an annoyance, so it is a legitimate post. I agree it is annoying and should be reconsidered. --Keithicus420 06:33, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Portals built above Y=128 in the normal realm do not link up with portals in the nether properly. (Bug that has been around since anvil was implemented in 1.2) Water99 19:49, 6 July 2012 (UTC)

  • One solution that I can think of (without expanding the Nether to use the newly available space) would be to add 2x vertical scaling to the Nether similar to the 8x horizontal scaling already implemented in the game. TorchicBlaziken 23:59, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] When looking at a tall grass block and attempting to place redstone dust on it it will place it on the closest adjacent block to it.

[A] I am no longer able to automatically receive the highest possible enchantment when I place items into the enchanting table. In earlier snapshots, the highest enchantment would appear as the bottom one, but now it has returned to all random. Anonymous 16:46, 23 July 2012




[X] XRay ability when player is within leaf blocks. Easy to achieve with oak saplings and bonemeal. See [(http://abrightmoore.tumblr.com/post/26751604008/want-to-be-a-minecraft-druid-dial-before-you-dig Example video)]--ABrightmoore 10:38, 10 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Piston sometimes expands and leaves the original wood part too. (Screenshot) -- Mustek 12:21, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Huh. Can't reproduce. Does it always happen or just sometimes? — 13px Dinnerbone(T) 12:28, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • It did happen a lot, it's SMP, forgot to mention that. If you want, I can send you the ip. -- Mustek 13:02, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • I can confirm this too. VSync activated, and using OSX.
  • I confirm this too on SMP server without VSync and on Windows XP. (Link to example animation)--ABrightmoore 11:42, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Standing middle of block that piston pushes sideways, makes you fall through pushed block. -- 13:04, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Double slabs cannot be placed if the last slab placed of the two will touch another block on its top or bottom side. http://i.imgur.com/Tac3b.png and http://i.imgur.com/0zvsc.png are examples where the second slab cannot be placed to create a double slab. ~Cm283 16:04, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Arrows shot at the top half of a door will float once the door is opened. However, arrows shot at the bottom half will either fly forward or drop when the door is opened (depends on which part of the door you hit)

[X] If you place a slab on top of an ice block, you will still slide when walking on the slab.

[X] Vines, tall grass, or lily pads held in third-person (F5) appear gray.

[X] Right clicking glass panel to place stair block makes stairs go upside down. https://twitter.com/Austy105/status/227613596270604289/photo/1 (July 23/2012)

  • It is stated that clicking the upper half of a block with stairs will make them upside down. Third major bullet point in changelog.[1]--Tomtom9749 08:10, July 24 2012 (UTC)


[A] Breaking a block underwater doesn't show the breaking animation when standing above water

[A!] If you place a slab on a grass block (that has tall grass on it) from above (standing next to, looking down at where you are to place the slab), the game erases the grass and sets the block on the top half of the box. Common sense would say that the slab should replace the grass but be placed on the bottom half of the box. I assume this happens because the game uses the grass' bounding box to determine if the slab should be placed in the upper or lower half of the box --5thHorseman 13:26, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A!] [MP] Cannot interact with chests and doors when holding an item. (Only tested in multiplayer) (Only two blocks tested)

  • 100% sure you and the server are on 30b and not 30a? — 13px Dinnerbone(T) 12:30, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Sorry, I was in 12w30a, but I just tested in 30b, and it didn't happen.

  • (struck trough since non-bug) -- 12:50, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Normal-sized mushrooms can't be planted outside at night. This is because the skylight level is always 15, even at night, and the reason for this is so crops and flowers don't uproot themselves every night. Perhaps there could be a workaround for this. It is intentional that they're not supposed to be planted outside in the daytime, but they don't even work at night. TorchicBlaziken 20:39, 5 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Not a Bug. Set to annoyance --YellowMiner 17:43, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] When collecting Mushroom blocks with Silk Touch it will not preserve the damage value. TorchicBlaziken 23:49, 2 June 2012 (UTC)

[A] When placing Mushroom blocks of a damage value greater than 0, it will revert to 0 upon placing. This used to happen with Monster Eggs, before they were tweaked in 12w17a to prepare them for inclusion in the Creative Mode inventory. This should be changed because the damage values of mushroom blocks are now available using cheats. TorchicBlaziken 23:59, 2 June 2012 (UTC)

[A] Blocks of height less than one (i.e., half blocks, enchanting tables, brew stand bases (but not the post, which is one high)) placed on ice will be slippery. Not sure if this was previously skipped, as it was also present at least in 27a. Annoyance because I'm unregistered and unsure of the status. -- Names, what are those

[A] Mob Spawners set to create FallingSand entities of any kind will crash the game upon activation. This in contrast to Primed TNT now fully functional from Mob Spawners. Note that to create these requires MCEdit - However, new Mob Spawner functionality can only be achieved through such methods at this point, making this plausible as unintended. --MegaScience 06:17, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Crash the game how? I need a crash report. — 13px Dinnerbone(T) 09:51, 24 July 2012 (UTC)
  • I successfully reproduced the crash. Here's the report:

- World MpServer Players: 1 total; [anx['barracuda'/3827, l='MpServer', x=0,49, y=65,62, z=0,62}} - World MpServer Chunk Stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 80 - Forced Entities: 33 total; [mr['item.tile.dirt'/3713, l='MpServer', x=8,13, y=62,13, z=-0,03], mr['item.tile.dirt'/3714, l='MpServer', x=8,88, y=62,13, z=-6,50], mc['Sheep'/3770, l='MpServer', x=80,88, y=59,94, z=50,84], mr['item.tile.flower'/3837, l='MpServer', x=-37,84, y=69,11, z=-49,09], lw['Chicken'/3690, l='MpServer', x=-16,47, y=67,00, z=77,47], lw['Chicken'/3691, l='MpServer', x=-30,41, y=68,94, z=80,63], lw['Chicken'/3689, l='MpServer', x=-25,97, y=69,00, z=76,81], mc['Sheep'/3748, l='MpServer', x=79,19, y=64,00, z=39,19], lw['Chicken'/3747, l='MpServer', x=79,59, y=62,40, z=-7,44], lw['Chicken'/3693, l='MpServer', x=-19,47, y=66,94, z=80,53], anx['barracuda'/3827, l='MpServer', x=0,49, y=65,62, z=0,62], lw['Chicken'/3854, l='MpServer', x=-0,50, y=61,94, z=-61,50], lw['Chicken'/3855, l='MpServer', x=-2,19, y=61,94, z=-57,19], lw['Chicken'/3853, l='MpServer', x=-4,59, y=64,94, z=-65,47], lw['Chicken'/3717, l='MpServer', x=12,50, y=63,00, z=50,50], lw['Chicken'/3716, l='MpServer', x=8,44, y=65,00, z=43,63], mh['Wolf'/3869, l='MpServer', x=72,31, y=63,00, z=-29,72], me['Squid'/3719, l='MpServer', x=40,56, y=55,06, z=3,44], lw['Chicken'/3718, l='MpServer', x=5,63, y=63,00, z=52,47], mr['item.tile.dirt'/3713, l='MpServer', x=8,13, y=62,13, z=-0,03], mc['Sheep'/3866, l='MpServer', x=73,75, y=63,00, z=-28,22], mh['Wolf'/3865, l='MpServer', x=74,31, y=62,00, z=-32,80], lw['Chicken'/3715, l='MpServer', x=10,41, y=65,00, z=41,59], mr['item.tile.dirt'/3714, l='MpServer', x=8,88, y=62,13, z=-6,50], mc['Sheep'/3864, l='MpServer', x=75,49, y=65,00, z=-34,66], me['Squid'/3725, l='MpServer', x=55,32, y=60,00, z=-1,47], me['Squid'/3724, l='MpServer', x=46,01, y=56,60, z=19,76], mr['item.tile.flower'/3837, l='MpServer', x=-37,84, y=69,11, z=-49,09], me['Squid'/3726, l='MpServer', x=48,50, y=56,00, z=11,50], me['Squid'/3721, l='MpServer', x=38,47, y=55,86, z=1,54], me['Squid'/3720, l='MpServer', x=40,56, y=59,31, z=4,47], me['Squid'/3723, l='MpServer', x=46,84, y=56,00, z=26,22], me['Squid'/3722, l='MpServer', x=46,50, y=58,00, z=1,41}} - Retry Entities: 0 total; []}}

--Barracuda 10:41, 24 July 2012 (UTC)
And I suppose for comparison, here's mine:

- World MpServer Players: 1 total; [anx['MegaScience'/77, l='MpServer', x=-673.99, y=11.73, z=1596.81}} - World MpServer Chunk Stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 135 - Forced Entities: 54 total; [nf['Skeleton'/21, l='MpServer', x=-752.50, y=4.00, z=1655.50], lw['Chicken'/23, l='MpServer', x=-726.34, y=4.00, z=1517.56], mr['item.tile.notGate'/65, l='MpServer', x=-671.81, y=4.13, z=1584.38], lw['Chicken'/24, l='MpServer', x=-720.34, y=4.00, z=1521.49], ni['Zombie'/27, l='MpServer', x=-720.50, y=4.00, z=1573.50], ni['Zombie'/26, l='MpServer', x=-721.50, y=4.00, z=1579.50], nh['Spider'/29, l='MpServer', x=-725.50, y=4.00, z=1584.50], ni['Zombie'/28, l='MpServer', x=-722.50, y=4.00, z=1585.50], nf['Skeleton'/34, l='MpServer', x=-718.50, y=4.00, z=1549.50], mw['Creeper'/35, l='MpServer', x=-706.50, y=4.00, z=1550.50], mc['Sheep'/38, l='MpServer', x=-709.50, y=4.00, z=1560.50], mc['Sheep'/39, l='MpServer', x=-705.50, y=4.00, z=1564.50], mw['Creeper'/36, l='MpServer', x=-709.50, y=4.00, z=1547.50], mw['Creeper'/37, l='MpServer', x=-712.50, y=4.00, z=1552.50], mc['Sheep'/42, l='MpServer', x=-703.82, y=4.00, z=1568.27], nf['Skeleton'/43, l='MpServer', x=-711.59, y=4.00, z=1597.13], mw['Creeper'/40, l='MpServer', x=-717.50, y=4.00, z=1581.50], mc['Sheep'/41, l='MpServer', x=-706.47, y=4.00, z=1568.50], mw['Creeper'/46, l='MpServer', x=-693.28, y=4.00, z=1550.40], mc['Sheep'/47, l='MpServer', x=-688.03, y=4.00, z=1641.03], mc['Sheep'/50, l='MpServer', x=-693.19, y=4.00, z=1649.22], mc['Sheep'/49, l='MpServer', x=-694.78, y=4.00, z=1650.47], mc['Sheep'/48, l='MpServer', x=-694.50, y=4.00, z=1651.78], mw['Creeper'/59, l='MpServer', x=-678.50, y=4.00, z=1618.50], ni['Zombie'/58, l='MpServer', x=-674.71, y=4.00, z=1524.28], mw['Creeper'/57, l='MpServer', x=-683.50, y=4.00, z=1525.50], mx['Enderman'/60, l='MpServer', x=-678.49, y=4.00, z=1644.23], mx['Enderman'/68, l='MpServer', x=-640.50, y=4.00, z=1542.06], mx['Enderman'/69, l='MpServer', x=-654.84, y=4.00, z=1643.50], mw['Creeper'/70, l='MpServer', x=-645.06, y=4.00, z=1657.41], ng['Slime'/71, l='MpServer', x=-633.33, y=5.00, z=1536.22], mr['item.tile.notGate'/65, l='MpServer', x=-671.81, y=4.13, z=1584.38], mx['Enderman'/66, l='MpServer', x=-667.41, y=4.00, z=1642.03], nh['Spider'/76, l='MpServer', x=-624.96, y=4.00, z=1676.01], ng['Slime'/78, l='MpServer', x=-616.38, y=2.00, z=1545.63], mx['Enderman'/79, l='MpServer', x=-622.08, y=4.00, z=1540.15], ni['Zombie'/72, l='MpServer', x=-632.50, y=4.00, z=1590.50], ni['Zombie'/73, l='MpServer', x=-630.50, y=4.00, z=1595.50], nf['Skeleton'/74, l='MpServer', x=-638.50, y=4.00, z=1586.50], mx['Enderman'/85, l='MpServer', x=-618.34, y=4.00, z=1609.63], nh['Spider'/84, l='MpServer', x=-619.50, y=4.00, z=1588.50], nh['Spider'/87, l='MpServer', x=-621.97, y=4.00, z=1648.28], mw['Creeper'/86, l='MpServer', x=-617.25, y=4.00, z=1642.91], mx['Enderman'/81, l='MpServer', x=-620.63, y=1.69, z=1564.66], ng['Slime'/80, l='MpServer', x=-613.63, y=2.44, z=1553.64], nh['Spider'/83, l='MpServer', x=-622.50, y=4.00, z=1586.50], mx['Enderman'/82, l='MpServer', x=-619.84, y=4.00, z=1587.31], nf['Skeleton'/92, l='MpServer', x=-597.50, y=4.00, z=1520.50], mw['Creeper'/94, l='MpServer', x=-596.25, y=4.00, z=1602.84], nh['Spider'/88, l='MpServer', x=-620.16, y=4.00, z=1649.44], nf['Skeleton'/98, l='MpServer', x=-603.50, y=4.00, z=1622.50], nh['Spider'/96, l='MpServer', x=-604.19, y=4.00, z=1628.41], nh['Spider'/97, l='MpServer', x=-603.50, y=4.00, z=1622.50], anx['MegaScience'/77, l='MpServer', x=-673.99, y=11.73, z=1596.81}} - Retry Entities: 0 total; []}}

--MegaScience 14:04, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] When Holding a Block you cant open a wooden door, it is so annoying.-Gen_Bloodhorn

[A] Slabs Can't be place undernath a block even though there is a slab ("_" when placing "-" with a block on top) where "_"=Bottom slab and "-"= another slab.-Gen_Bloodhorn




[!] Items which I took out of a chest (by shift clicking) are shown in my inventory but when I want to use them later they disappear and are back in the chest. This happens regularly in SMP. It seems like the client shows a different inventory and is then corrected by the server. Logout/login shows the actual inventory. I use the Mac client. -- kaosklaus 07:54, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Thrown eggs sometimes drop right in front of you when thrown, but chickens spawn where it was supposed to go. -- Mustek 12:22, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • This also happens with dispensers loaded with eggs. -- 11:03, 24 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Confirmed with thrown Splash Potions. --Steve G. Wood 12:20, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] After his death, the compass no longer points to his spawn point, was already present in previous release 12w27a

[X] Rapidly splitting and placing stacks in 4x4 craft in creative causes a minor duplication. -- TehRainbowGuy 16:01, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Taking an item such as an emerald block from the creative inventory and clicking the survival inventory button while still in creative then crafting the emerald block into 9 emeralds and placing them in your inventory will cause you to throw a non-existent emerald block on the ground upon closing the creative interface. When recipes require more than 1 item every item will be dropped unless you used say 5 coal and 6 sticks to make torches and had 1 stick left which you dragged to your inventory it would drop 5 coal. --TheSandwichMakr 00:37, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Spots on mob eggs do not align with egg when item is dropped on ground. Ex.http://i.imgur.com/lmjCgl.png --Tomtom9749 01:32, July 24 2012 (UTC)


[A!] Can not create more than one new line and cannot begin a line with spaces when entering text on the Book and Quill item. This was previously a feature when the item was first released. -- 16:20, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Items can't be shift clicked out of the result of a recipe slot in the creative inventory and items shift clicked anywhere else in the creative inventory destroys it including in the recipe slots. --TheSandwichMakr 00:37, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Tested, the item didn't pop into my hotbar, but nothing was destroyed. --Keithicus420 06:23, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Minecarts and boats broken in creative drops their respective item rather than being destroyed, this is annoying as your inventory can become filled with minecarts or boats if you often switch rails and would be considered a bug because minecarts and boats are acting as blocks destroyed in creative since they take only 1 hit. --TheSandwichMakr 00:37, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

  • If this is a 'bug', then don't put it under annoyances. I have corrected the tag, because I agree this is annoying, but not a bug. --Keithicus420 06:23, 24 July 2012 (UTC)


[S] You cannot open a door by right-clicking when you are holding a mushroom or sapling. -- 21:11, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Are you sure you're on 12w30b and not 12w30a? — 13px Dinnerbone(T) 08:18, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

World Generator[]


[X] Sometimes an empty river spawns in a desert (like https://p.twimg.com/AyfR11eCAAEzc42.png:large)

  • Nearly dried out because too less water flow in the desert ? More a feature than a bug. -- 12:54, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • I dont think this is a Bug... I hope its a feature
  • Okay how about this? http://imgur.com/ZgSVZ
    • I like it tooooo
  • I think this happens because it's loading a river biome on a layer higher than 63. Water will only generate in a river or ocean at level 63 or below, I think.

[X] Chunks seem to load very slowly, and while standing still some seem not to load at all until the player starts to move close to them. Pressing Escape to go to the in-game menu causes the chunks to start loading rapidly (really a more "normal" speed). Returning to the game again causes them to slow again. This was tested in single player. -- 13:44, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • This looks like a thread priority issue. The server isn't getting enough horsepower because the game is consuming all the CPU. On the very first snapshot that dropped Single Player, i was experiencing this constantly, it was unplayable. Note that i was using a bat-launcher to bind javaw to the second core on my CPU. Then one day i ran the game normally out of distraction and guess what, it worked perfectly. That's why it will load quickly if you pause, the game will free up CPU time for the server. --Steve G. Wood 12:26, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Just like abandoned mineshafts were before the floors were implemented, strongholds generate weirdly when they cross a ravine. The seed -623160645725253637 is a good example of this with a stronghold in a hole close to spawn which crosses an underground ravine. TorchicBlaziken 22:00, 4 May 2012 (UTC)

[!] OK I had this as a major annoyance in 12w26a (and seen it at least from 24a) and still goes, but (a) it got ignored (as it still goes) and (b) it can be considered major because if it happens, you are stuck in the map and have to quit. Download my map. my map Directly in front of the player is a cave. Go straight. Try to go down. BOOM! A whole chunk disappears and seems you can drop down to oblivion. You cannot drop easily though, because the player is stuck in some invisible tile or something (no suffocation). You can go down sometimes with some cursor-key jerking. I have dug around and found that water and lava does not drop in there. Mobs CAN drop in there including myself. Happens with w26, but also w25 and w24 too. Don't know if it goes further back. Note, I have NO lag whatsoever (i5, 8GB RAM, nv570) and game does not crash. Just this issue. It MAY happen in other areas too. --NLS

  • I noticed one thing. I touched this "void" chunk, got stuck and... saved. When I reloaded it was fixed. I don't know what would happen if I saved while stuck where a solid block should be. Still, it is clearly a bug.





[X] Mobs/Animals can push each other through wall, then they seemingly appear where they actually aren't. You can boost this effect, by making small quarters, on animals wielding wheat, and on mobs aggravating them. Maybe it's caused by pushing speed value added after animals/mobs speed value has been clamped by walls, when pushing speed value should've been added before clamping. -- 13:01, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • I've also got villagers walking through walls and falling through floors. When I look at them, within a few seconds they snap back to where they should be. It's almost like the client lets them get out, but the server then comes in a bit later and makes them come back. --5thHorseman 01:37, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Feeding animals wheat does not show any hearts. Still breed though. Tested all animals on CSP and pigs on SMP. -- Hazado22

[X] Reloading previously unloaded chunks will cause all tamed wolves and cats to no longer be sitting, causing them to all teleport to the player at once. ~Cm283 20:41, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Sometimes there will be "ghosts" of mobs, I've only seen this happen with aggressive mobs so I'm guessing they despawned, this is only client-side as reconnecting or reloading the world causes them to disappear http://imgur.com/04Uc7

[X] Mob spawners still spawn on "peaceful" dealing damage. Getting attacked inside a dungeon off a mineshaft, whilst trying to empty a chest, throwing me back and dealing 1.5 hearts of damage.


[A] Spiders take fall damage. It is unrealistic to real spiders and also greatly hinders them in the fact they can easily suicide when you are inside a high shelter with a ceiling guard. Makes them less of a threat. --Steve G. Wood 23:29, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • This is more of a feature request. Also, real life spiders don't take fall damage because they are much smaller than people, not twice as big. --5thHorseman 01:58, 24 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Still, they suicide often. That's really odd. --Steve G. Wood 03:15, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Slimes continue to overpopulate on Flat Maps. The following image was taken merely only 5 minutes into discovering this NPC village: [2] It gets ten times worse than this while playing in longer intervals. The slimes continue to pile up in clipped areas of the village, unable to "pass through" on their journey. The bouncing slime sound that results is likened to some kind of mob induced psychological warfare. Attempts at playing in Survival Mode on a Flat Map are almost impossible due to the amount of slimes generating. --wyndkin 15:20, 23 July 2012 (PDT)




[X] Stair block does not block light correctly. Tested smooth on/off csp and cmp. (more info on [edit]) -- 13:07, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • do you have a 12w30b screenshot?
  • I just won't upload new screenshots for every version if bug is still there. Just recreate and take screenshot if you want. -- 13:22, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • This wiki is for new bugs with the current snapshot, not existing bugs. They are well aware of the lighting glitches...--Arcooke 14:05, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • I thought it was for all bugs in the current snapshot? Many many bugs from previous snapshots have been put into each wiki page as a new snapshot comes out. --5thHorseman 15:53, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] After logging in to a 12w30b server, one of my double chests only rendered the right side as a single chest. The left side had the hitbox/collision box and it could be opened normally. Re-logging fixed it. (screenshot) Masa 13:41, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Fishing lines will appear to the left of the fishing rod when in a Field of View higher than '69' or 'Normal'. --CallumTennant

[X] The lighting bug still exists (random dark places in map). See: http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/2488/afbbb5f011da4c3bb6bf919.png --CallumTennant

[X] When riding a minecart and looking back (straight but slightly looking down) the minecart flickers (quite old bug) --Kumasasa 20:56, 23 July 2012 (UTC)


[A] Other player's fishing line is still bit off. -- 13:51, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] When retracting fishlines, they just disappear instead of 'reeling it in' -- Mustek 14:03, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Upon death the player's skin will change to the default. --TheSandwichMakr 00:21, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] The white overlay of primed TNT has visible Z-fighting. --Barracuda 10:07, 24 July 2012 (UTC)




[X] Fire extinguish sound does not always play. Sometimes hitting the fire plays the hit sound of the block below the fire/in fire. (has been like this since the change in the multi-/single player stuff I think) Masa 13:58, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • I was unable to reproduce. Also, I don't know if this is a bug, but when I extinguish a fire it plays the extinguish sound twice. CallumTennant
  • It seems to mostly happen in SMP. I just re-checked, it worked in SSP but not in SMP when lighting some netherrack on fire and putting it out. It may have something to do with unloading/loading chunks(?), because it works sometimes and then again sometimes it doesn't when I come back and try again. Masa 16:42, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] No rain sound and rain particles in Extreme Hills and Extreme Hills Edge biome. --Kumasasa 20:14, 23 July 2012 (UTC)


[A!] [MP] Footstep sounds and possibly some other sounds like splashing into water - eating are delayed depending on the player's ping(server-sided) which is really annoying --Crashty

[A] After logging in to a server, the walking sound does not play while the server is under higher load (sending stuff to the client etc?). Other sounds seem to work though. (I used top in a Linux box to watch the CPU load while logging in from another PC. The load was ~60-123% some 10 seconds after logging in, and then it dropped to around 30%, which it was normally while I was logged in. The sound started playing when it dropped to around the 30% level.) Also, the walking sound does lag and hop occasionally after that too, according to server load it seems. Masa 13:58, 23 July 2012 (UTC)





[A] /gamemode on yourself produces 2 "Your game mode…" messages – xPaw at 13:19, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • I think its supposed to return the player's gamemode if no arguments are given --Crashty

[A] Server /give command can only give 64 at a time. Can be remedied by using the Up button in chat but time-consuming in some instances Elite6809 (talk) 12:25, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Server /give command, if giving items to yourself, requires you to type out your full name over and over Elite6809 (talk)

  • I tested in CSP, pressing tab worked fine... Are you sure you had internet access when you tried it? --Keithicus420 05:59, 24 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Using /tp [player] [x] [y] [z] with negative values are unintuitive for some players. They look F3 menu, see -33.5, they write -33. Don't dare fixing this by subtracting 1 if number is negative, then there will be non-teleportable locations. Just add the decimals, will you, please. -- 13:20, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Where is the annoyance since you can use decimals now ? See the changelog One can now use decimals when /tp'ing to specific coordinates. -- 15:04, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Why would they put -33? When you round it is -34!-- 23:19, 23 July 2012 (UTC)





[A!] While Playing, if you press Mouse 4 or 5(Keys often bound for push to talk in voice chat softwares) this will unlock the cursor, stopping you and making the game menu appear. I consider this major since being immobilized temporary in SMP is dangerous, even more in hardcore. --Algent 12:19, 23 July 2012 (UTC)


In-Game Interfaces/HUD[]


[X] In the Creative inventory, the right-most slot in the hotbar in the inventory overlay on the Survival tab is different than on all other tabs. To pinpoint the offending pixel more, compare the top right pixel in those tabs. It shouldn't be as bright as the pixels directly underneath it. Redstonehelper 12:22, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] When traveling between dimensions, the "Downloading Terrain" screen appears instead of the "Entering/Leaving the Nether/End" screen we know and love, since singleplayer is merged with multiplayer. Because of this, the sound effect that plays when using a portal does not play, either. There is no reason for it to say "Downloading Terrain" when it could just use the old screen. TorchicBlaziken 23:54, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] You can't enchant anything between 21-29 levels with 15 bookcases. - ScreenshotxPaw at 13:23, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • You don't have 30 points, just 26 according to your screenshot. -- 14:56, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • I think he's trying to get the enchantment table to give him an option that takes 21-29 (ie, 26). It's giving him 20 or less and occasionally 30. Getting 30 proves that he has enough bookcases and should get (many) options in the 20s. --5thHorseman 15:52, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] When you take a screenshot and open chat in multiplayer, then click the screenshot name, Minecraft treats it as a link. Pressing Yes in the dialog that follows, will cause your web browser to open the link, without any http://, https://, file:/// or any other prefixes. Only applies to multiplayer, since singleplayer can't open chat. Screenshot

[X] The sprites for both kinds of porkchop, steak and raw beef are not aligned with each other, even though they share the same shape. Redstonehelper 19:32, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[X] Changing your skin on minecraft.net does not change it in-game in this snapshot version.


[A] Now that the other wooden stair types has been added, the "Building Blocks" section needs to be reordered, also Oak Wood Stairs needs to go right before Spruce Wood Stairs. Image: http://h9.abload.de/img/2012-07-05_19.05.556px8y.png

[A] [Cr] Some splash potions in the creative inventory are incorrectly sorted and should be with the other splash potions http://imgur.com/K9FR1 --TheSandwichMakr 00:17, 24 July 2012 (UTC)


Language/Text Files[]


[X] In Pirate language setting, Ender Chests are labelled as "Tallone's Coffer" instead of "Tall One's Coffer" 13:58, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

[A] Wheat Seeds are just called "Seeds" even though specific variants of many other items and blocks (such as saplings, wood, and stone bricks) are being given specific names for 1.3. TorchicBlaziken 17:54, 16 July 2012 (UTC)

  • Agreed, but 'Grain' would be a better name for them anyway. -- 16:15, 23 July 2012 (UTC)



[S] When getting shot on multiplayer by a fireball thrown by a dispenser, it says "<playername> was shot by Herobrine."

  • Probably just a little easter egg. 17:23, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • This is the default death chat message for any death that is unknown. The game doesn't register a fireball thrown by a dispenser as a valid death, so it just throws the exception. This can easily be fixed.-- 23:17, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • No, it does not. Bukkit does this (and that's 1.2.5, not snapshot), there are no mentions of "Herobrine" in vanilla. — 13px Dinnerbone(T) 07:43, 24 July 2012 (UTC)