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Organization of This Page & Instructions[]

This page is for bugs that occur in the client or server of an unmodified Minecraft game. Even if you are sure a bug you have found in a modded version is not the result of the mods you have added, please be sure to reproduce it in an unmodded game before posting it here, or it will be removed.

When reporting or commenting on a bug or annoyance, please sign your remarks with ~~~~. This is a deliberate exception to the usual wiki conventions; normally you should only add signatures to content on talk pages.

Please do not spontaneously delete an issue report or comment unless it is patent nonsense submitted by someone who has not logged in. Try to contact the submitter by user-talk first and tell them about your concerns. Almost all genuine, active submitters will be co-operative. Always assume good faith.

If you're unsure of an issue, it's good practice to post about it on the talk page to see whether others can reproduce it. Make sure you're testing the bug in the correct version (for this page, that's weekly build 12w15a) with no mods installed. Also, make sure to proofread your issue report before submitting it; unintelligible issue reports come off as inconsiderate and disrespectful. Finally, please determine which game mode(s) your issue appears in, and flag it with the appropriate label(s).[1] (Also, note that if, for example, a minor annoyance appears in both single-player and multiplayer, and in both creative and survival modes, you should label it as [A] , not [A] [SP] [MP] [Su] [Cr] .)

Please make sure issues are given the correct category, type, and priority: redstone issues go in the Redstone section, problems with mobs go into the Mobs section, and so on. List crash bugs [!!] first, then major bugs [!] , then minor ones [X] . Annoyances go into the Annoyances subsection, with major ones [A!] before minor ones [A] . Issues that have been marked as fixed or skipped are moved to the Fixed/Skipped section. Issues that Mojang cannot reproduce should be left in their original place.

Please sign all issue reports and comments by typing ~~~ (three tildes; tilde may be found above Tab ↹ on USA keyboards, and to the right of @ on British keyboards).

There is no need to place bullet points before issue labels. Use bullet points only for comments. Be sure to leave a single totally blank line before each new issue (but not before comments), unless the issue appears directly beneath a header.

If a new version of Minecraft is released, create that page with {{subst:Known bugs}}. Any changes made to this header should also be made to this template.

Note: Please don't let debates about whether something is or is not a bug or annoyance get out of hand. Similarly, don't clog bug reports with discussions of workarounds or possible fixes. If ever a bug or annoyance ends up with more than about 10-12 lines of follow-up comments, please move the entire follow-up discussion to the talk page and put in a cross-reference to the discussion under the original bug.

Issue Labels[]

Please mark your issue with one of these issue labels: (listed from highest priority to lowest)

  • [!!] = {{bl|!!}} = Critical bug that can crash a Minecraft client or server.
  • [!] = {{bl|!}} = Major bug. Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your bug is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [A!] = {{bl|a!}} = Major annoyance. Think very carefully before flagging an annoyance as major. Is it really more important than most minor bugs? Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your annoyance is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [X] = {{bl}} = Minor bug.
  • [A] = {{bl|a}} = Annoyance.
  • [?] = {{bl|?}} = Potential issue that you are unsure of or that the community (on the discussion page) believes requires further vetting. Note: do not use this label to indicate this-is-not-a-bug; instead, replace the issue's current label with [A] or [A!]. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to use this to flag something you disagree with; instead, express your opinion in a comment. When you apply this label to an issue, place it after the issue's existing labels; do not remove those labels.

Labels for indicating that an issue happens only in a particular game mode: (These labels cannot stand alone; you must use them in addition to, not instead of, the ones listed above.)

  • [SP] = {{bl|sp}} = Single-player.
  • [MP] = {{bl|mp}} = Multiplayer.
  • [Su] = {{bl|su}} = Survival mode.
  • [Cr] = {{bl|cr}} = Creative mode.

Labels for indicating that an issue is restricted to a particular OS:

  • macOS = {{OS|OSX}} = Mac OS X
  • Windows = {{OS|Win}} = Windows
  • Linux = {{OS|Linux}} = GNU/Linux

Labels that Mojang (not you!) uses: (Please place these tags in front of existing issue labels; do not remove the existing labels.)

  • [F] = Issue for which a fix will appear in the next update.
  • [N] = Not a bug; intended behavior. By definition, this label is inapplicable to annoyances; annoyances are not bugs.
  • [S] = Issue that will not be fixed in the next update.
  • [U] = Issue that Mojang has tested but was unable to reproduce.

To produce these labels, use the following code: {{bl|c}} where c is the code of the label you wish to use. (e.g., a for annoyances, etc.)

The default issue type is minor bug; you can produce this label with the shorthand {{bl}}.



[!!] Resizing the GUI in the options menu will cause the game to crash. Also applies to 12w16a.

[!!] When 2 TNT are placed on top of each other and ignited simultaneously with repeaters the game will crash.

[!!] When a Detector Rail is placed in front of a dispenser containing Minecarts and set to be repetitively activated, there is the possibility of crashing the game. The map can be reloaded safely after several attempts.

[!!] Whenever I walk into an extreme hills edge with shift+f3 on the game heavily lags then crashes.-- 21:21, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

[!!] macOS9x9 wheat farm. 1x1 hole in the middle with water in. Stone brick half slab covering the hole. Pour a bucket of water over the half slab, and as the water starts washing away the wheat and seeds you get a Saving chunks crash. Reload the same game, the water washes a bit further and then you get another crash. After about 3-5 crashes and reloads, all the wheat and seeds have been washed away and you can collect them and resume playing. I have a saved game for this, but it's about 35Mb. I strongly suspect the new entity-stacking code is the culprit here too. (Ooh, my first repeatable crash bug!) 17:27, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

[!!] [SP] Flying past the 32M-X/Z world limit will result in the player becoming stuck and unable to move, effectively ruining the save. It should be a hard limit like in Pocket Edition instead of a bug-ridden soft limit. Granted, nobody will ever get there without using coord-teleportation mods, but this is still a bug. This only really happens in singleplayer because in multiplayer when you bypass the limit you are kicked.

[!!] [?] Having a minecart dispense from a dispenser onto powered rail causes the game to crash.

  • Couldn't reproduce --Bubblesses 18:14, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

[!] macOS iMac running OS 10.5.8 2.16GhZ Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.5GB RAM. I'm getting frequent crashes on a particular world ATM, currently triggered by trying to dig gravel. Sequence is

  1. start by digging in gravel underground
  2. game window freezes for a second or two in mid-dig
  3. game window goes dark for several more seconds (n.b. 'dark', but not usually pure black, and if I'm above ground when the game crashes, the window goes more of a bluey colour)
  4. page of black monospaced crashdump text on a white background flashes up for a fraction of a second - it's just slow enough that I can see it was there before it disappears again
  5. game window goes black and all I can do is close it and restart the game

The bug I want to report is not the gravel-mining issue, which I think is known, but the fact that I can't see what the crashdump text says because it disappears so quickly. 19:42, 17 April 2012 (UTC)


[F] [!!] Using the pick block button on the enderdragon will cause the game to crash. --Anoymous712 23:05, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

[F] [!!] Using the pick block button on an extended piston arm will cause the game to crash.

[F] [!!] [MP] Using the pick block button on other players in creative multiplayer will cause the game to crash. --Anoymous712 02:05, 15 April 2012 (UTC)



[!] Not sure what happens, but when harvesting trees there seems to be a bug that crashes my game with "Saving Chunks," similar to the falling sand bug. I think it has something to do with leaf decay, someone please look into it.

  • Follow these instructions and then try to reproduce the crash to get a crash report and post it here with the bug. --Mattrition 12:16, 18 April 2012 (UTC)
I think I've seen this too, with sand, gravel, trees, dirt and (once or twice) plain stone. But I recently noticed I only get a crash when I was digging /above head level/. That may be a workaround or a clue to the cause. Also, I sometimes see momentrary slowdowns when digging below head level, as if animating one block breaking is demanding too much processing power, but these slowdowns only lead to a crash above head height, and even then not every time. 13:40, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

[!] [MP] Eating food in multiplayer takes significantly longer than normal, up to over a minute. (eating animation time + additional duration due to lag) Singleplayer is uneffected by this. For some reason this is not happening when the player is in water.

[!] [MP] Can't eat while standing still. It's possible to eat normaly while walking. Probably same bug as above.

[!] [MP] Knockback and damage screen calculation is often wrong in multiplayer, actually dealing knockback when it shouldn't (like drowning or being on fire).

  • Not sure what you mean by knockback here. When you're drowning or on fire the player is "knocked back" but that's completely intentional. --Mattrition 14:55, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

[!] Dropped stacks of blocks or entities with different damage IDs merge into one. This affects many different combinations of drops:

  • drop a selection of different dyes together, and they will tend to become e.g. squid ink (dye, damage value zero),
  • coloured wools tend to become white wool (damage value zero),
  • when dropping multiple types of Spawn Eggs some of the spawn eggs will become invisible and change type Bubblesses 18:23, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

A quick way to reproduce is put 3-5 blocks each of several different wool colours, or dyes, (or mob eggs, passive mob eggs, leaves, wood, saplings...) in a chest, then break the chest, and you will find some of the items have disappeared. It's a bit unpredictable what will be left because that seems to depend on how they scatter as they fall out. By putting the items back in a chest and re-breaking you can get more and more items to merge until only one id remains. The merge function seems to combine moving blocks into non-moving blocks. Therefore, for example, by dropping a cocoa bean on the ground, then dropping another dye type on the same location (say, bonemeal), the thrown bonemeal will merge with the cocoa beans, creating more cocoa beans. Simons Mith 19:54, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

[X] [MP] Occasionally, if you right-click a bed while being 2-4 blocks away from it, you will not sleep (even if it is night).

[X] [MP] Arrow shooting is buggy and sometimes "resets" the charging progress.

[X] [MP] Flaming arrows have strange physics. They fall down very quickly sometimes.


[A!] The enchanting system has always, and continues to be frustratingly unfair. sometimes producing Efficiency III when a level 50 enchant is used. Considering you need to kill NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE zombies/creepers etc, to get to Level 50, users are naturally in consensus that, to quote Yahtzee Croshaw, the ratio of difficulty to find versus actual usefulness is completely arbitrary. While we respect the mystique Mojang have tried to create about enchanting, the numbers need serious review. Kizzycocoa

[A!] Voidfog and Dimming appearing on a superflat map.Very inappropriate and irritating cause even one single block above you let the sky visibly darken.

[A] [MP] The "/" key for opening the chat box in multiplayer is still not working properly in some keyboard layouts such as Portuguese Brazilian, where it is triggered by the ";" key.

[A] When huge mushroom blocks are mined with silk touch, the damage value will always be zero regardless of the damage value of the block that was mined.

[A] When a tool or sword is used to break an item that is destroyed in one punch, the durability still goes down. This is incredibly annoying when doing something such as trying to kill a chicken in tall grass. I have tested some coding which fixes this, which is implemented by going into the classes ItemTool and ItemSword, going to onBlockDestroyed and adding the variable "Block par7Block", and putting the following code after the first bracket:

if (par7Block.getHardness() == 0.0F)
	return true;

TorchicBlaziken 00:17, 14 April 2012 (UTC)

This is for reporting bugs. Not telling them how to code... --Moxxy 01:29, 14 April 2012 (UTC)


[F] [A!] In the creative inventory, selecting a new item while holding another item no longer disposes of the old item; Leaving no way to dispose of unwanted items. Not sure if intended or not, if this is intended behavior perhaps a trashcan should be added?

  • You can put it in a blank slot. But I agree, it is annoying to have to scroll all the way down. TorchicBlaziken




[A] Golden apples are outclassed by Potions of Regeneration, especially since they were nerfed to give less hunger than cooked chicken. They're rather pointless now. If they were the ingredient for that potion instead of the Ghast Tear, then they wouldn't be outclassed by it. TorchicBlaziken 21:55, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

This has been discussed to death already. They can be obtained much earlier and easier than potions. Of course they are weaker. This is a really picky annoyance. --Moxxy 23:15, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

[A] Wooden tools can't be used as fuel in a furnace. TorchicBlaziken 21:55, 15 April 2012 (UTC)



[!] Ghast's Fireball do not explosion damage.

[!] [MP] Slimes and Magma Cubes randomly warp up and down when they have a ceiling above them.

[X] [Cr] When using dyes on sheep, or raw fish on wild ocelots in Creative Mode, they are depleted. TorchicBlaziken 22:10, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

[X] Endermen don't teleport when you attack their legs. I don't know if this is intended behavior or not, because Notch has changed Endermen before when he thought they were too easy.

  • This feels about as intentional as when you were unable to damage mobs by attacking their legs. Does this happen in just SMP or in SP too? --Mattrition 20:51, 18 April 2012 (UTC)

[X] When a tamed wolf is sitting next to a wall (or perhaps just a corner of two walls), if you right click it to make it stand up it may end up with its head inside the wall block and suffocate. (May be a duplicate bug but I did look and I didn't find the original report, if there is one.) 22:40, 17 April 2012 (UTC)

[X] Entities can breathe in lava. This is probably not intended behavior and most likely an oversight. This can be fixed by adding this code to onEntityUpdate in EntityLiving:

  • whilst its probably a bug, its not one that will affect a great deal in the game, so I've downgraded it to minor --Mattrition 15:51, 13 April 2012 (UTC)
  • I think this behaviour of lava is connected with ghasts' random flying - if they couldn't breathe in it, they would take damage or even drown. --Trinistr

[X] When a Spider Jockey climbs up a wall, it can suffocate the Skeleton in the ceiling. TorchicBlaziken 23:08, 12 April 2012 (UTC)

  • While attempting to fix this myself with MCP, I tried adding code that raised the spider's size (setSize) if it has a rider, but this only resulted in the skeleton floating in mid-air above the spider. So, I think that this bug is because the collision boxes of entities are unaffected by the entity being ridden, which is the same reason you can ride a minecart, boat, or pig in a one-block-high space. TorchicBlaziken

[X] [Cr] When dropping multiple spawn eggs the coloured dots on the eggs will not correctly align with the egg dropped. (Floating on their own)

  • I upgraded it, since it is a bug after all, although a minor one. TorchicBlaziken

[X] [MP] Not able to breed chickens and only able to breed some cows and sheep.


[A] [MP] [Cr] When multiple types of spawn eggs are dropped near each other, by the player, or from destroying a chest, dispenser, or furnace containing eggs, some will become invisible. They can still be picked up, but are just transparent. Bubblesses 18:23, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

[A] When using mob-eggs to spawn mobs in creative mode, any mob that doesn't have a 'baby' mode will not display.

[A] Squid will sometimes glitch, and appear floating high in the sky. Bubblesses 18:23, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

[A] [SP] Sometimes the Fire Charger entity can get stuck in mid-air when shot from a dispenser and you leave the world. I haven't found a way to make them disappear, reloading the world doesn't work.

World Generator[]



[A] The game can incorrectly create river biomes inside of other biomes, such as swampland. Media:River_glitch.png

  • Why is this a bug? Rivers are allowed in all biomes... --Mattrition 14:55, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
  • Downgraded to annoyance. This behaviour is intended, but still looks ugly at times. --Trinistr

[A] It makes no sense for abandoned mineshafts not to have an entrance at the surface. TorchicBlaziken

[A] Strongholds are now pretty much all underground which is disappointing because when they could spawn on the surface they were really cool. TorchicBlaziken





[F] [!] [Cr] Pick block still picks technical blocks for some items, for example:

  • Sign
  • Redstone Wire
  • Double slabs (will always give a stone one)
  • Ferns and long grass (will give a form that looks like a dead bush)
  • You get diffrent types whether you target an free-standing or an Wall Sign. They don't stack. 15:31, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
  • Crops 15:31, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
  • Farmland 15:31, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
  • Suger Cane Sickma 05:14, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

Tell me if you find any more :) NetherrackCreeper (talk) 12:33, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

This also happens to snow layers, but I'd hate for that to be fixed because it is so useful to be able to place them. (Snow Golems are not good for this since they melt in some biomes, don't spread snow in others, and wander in their own directions.) TorchicBlaziken 00:05, 14 April 2012 (UTC)
I'd rather have snow tiles added to the creative inventory, so you don't have to find an arctic biome to get them. -- Orthotope 05:43, 16 April 2012 (UTC)



[X] [MP] The anti-spam does not really prevent spam.

  • I can type 4-5 messages a second as non-op and I do not get kicked. Calinou - talk × contribs » 23:43, 24 February 2012 (UTC)


[A] [MP] Instead of saying "Outdated Server!" when going on a 1.1 server, it says:" Internal Exception: java.net.SocketException:Connection reset"

[A] [MP] When connecting to an outdated server/client, protocol version/game version should be shown.

[A] [MP] The 3 second invincibility on reconnection can be exploited to be invulnerable to falls/lava/PvP/.

[A] [MP] The new Shift-Click things (armor, brewing stand, etc) don't work in 1.2.5 servers

Graphical & Lighting[]


[!] [MP] A few graphical elements are missing:

  • Fishing rod "line".
  • Fishing rod "line" in held item. It shouldn't appear when the line is casted.
  • Other Player breaking animations.
  • Magma Cube animations.
  • Other Player enchanted gear glow.
  • Wolves tilting their head when a player nearby holds a bone or meat.

[X] [MP] Arrows "warp up" when shot on walls. They also disappear and become impossible to collect when shot on ceilings.



[!] [MP] Several sound instances do not play:

[X] [MP] Cave sounds are not synchronized between players.

  • I am certain that this is completely intentional because the sounds depend on an individual's proximity to an unlit cave. See Ambience. --Mattrition 14:15, 18 April 2012 (UTC)




[A] Younger players may not be able to read all the kanji in the Japanese-language Minecraft. Other Japanese video games whose demographics include younger age groups have visual aids such as furigana or a kana-only option, the former of which I'm guessing isn't an option for Minecraft. I know that Crowdin does not support alternative versions of Japanese but there may be room within the Japanese translation project for an additional file with hiragana instead of kanji. TorchicBlaziken


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