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Known bugs for Weekly Build 12w04a.

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[X] Windows Java crashes when you quit Minecraft. I've tested lwjgl-2.8.1, lwjgl-2.8.2, lwjgl-2.8.3 and with all the error happened. With the old files it doesn't happen. System: Windows 7 32-bit, Oracle Java 7 u2 32-bit on Single player offline. It happened in older versions of Minecraft too.

[!] Windows When you enter minecraft, updating screen stops and nothing happens(still did that after I went back to 1.1)

  • [U] Windows Could not reproduce, update lwjgl, update opengl, update your video card drivers! This may happen because minecraft is looking for a opengl mode! ---Minecraft5025
  • Windows I have installed java 7 u2 new and my video card driver is the newest. Also installed ninecraft 1.1 new. Put lwjgl-2.8.3 in bin and native folder and java crashes when ever I quit minecraft, only when I quit it. When I play, it works fine. Win 7 shows the following error:
 Problemereignisname:	BEX
 Anwendungsname:	javaw.exe
 Anwendungszeitstempel:	4ec5b3f4
 Fehlermodulname:	OpenAL32.dll_unloaded
 Fehlermodulzeitstempel:	4ea646d0
 Ausnahmeoffset:	4c48914a
 Ausnahmecode:	c0000005
 Ausnahmedaten:	00000008
 Betriebsystemversion:	6.1.7601.
 Gebietsschema-ID:	1031
 Zusatzinformation 1:	0a9e
 Zusatzinformation 2:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
 Zusatzinformation 3:	0a9e
 Zusatzinformation 4:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Sorry my os is in german. My graphic card is a Raedon HD 4225 in an Acer Aspire one 521 2 GB Ram.


[A!] macOSThe JavaApplicationStub that Minecraft uses is outdated and has been for quite some time. 64-bit Java will not work on Mac unless the JavaApplicationStub is up to date.




[X] Standing middle of block that piston pushes, makes you fall through pushed block. (tested on sp)

[X] If you use piston to break redstone signal that powers another piston, signal goes away but piston does not retrac. (tested on sp)

[X] Standing on downwards pointing piston, while it retracts, makes you fall through. Also possible to walk through retracting piston. (tested on sp)

[X] This kind of 1-2 tick clock gets jammed after save/load sometimes. (tested on sp)


further instructions and statistics on [edit]





[N] Lapis lazuli ore has a very large spawn rate. With 20 minutes of mining you can get about 3 or 4 stacks of lapis if you are at the certain depth

- Move to World Generation
I doubt this is a bug, the lapiz generation hasn't changed. /jeb

[N] If you have a 1x1x3 hole in which one of the sides is vine that's coming from higher up. so the vine is just hanging from, let's say tree, and NOT attached to a solid block.

You can still climb up the vine... Also the vine only needs one of the sides of the hole to be solid
I tested it and it lets you scale the vines without it on a block. If you don't have a wall to the left or right of the vines you just go can't do it.

Found by:mjrpereira (If you can get a photo, please post it. I'm not sure how.)


posted by

Not a bug. The idea is that vines should not be climbable when you don't have anything to lean on. Also, it's designed that way so that vines hanging in the wild don't get in your way. /jeb

[S] Breaking TNT in Creative mode drops it into Pick up form. The same bug happens if you break the block Redstone (Or any other block that requires a base) is sitting on.

[F] Shearing a Dead Bush does not drop it into pick up form like it would with Tall Grass, Ferns, Vines and many other blocks.


[F] Vines, like layers of snow, are replaced when a block is placed there, and tall grass is not. Vines are very useful and this does not happen to ladders. Meanwhile, building in grasslands is difficult because the area must be cleared of all tall grass before building can commence. This same problem would exist in tundra biomes if snow layers were not replaced.

[F] You can not put out a fire in creative mode without breaking the block the fire is on.

Place a block on the fire.Eligitine 16:23, 30 January 2012 (UTC)

[S] Pistons do not connect to Fences/Iron Bars correctly, as seen here: http://tinypic.com/r/f1f4nr/5

I don't want to code in a special case for closed pistons, so I'm skipping this. /jeb




[F] [SP] This glitch still exists, and it allows players to infinitely duplicate any item in singleplayer.

[F] Fire Charges can only be made with coal and not charcoal. Don't know whether this is intentional or a bug.


[F] [Cr] Enchantment tables still require the appropriate experience levels in creative mode. Now with the Bottle of Enchanting and being able to just conjure up all the experience you need, this restriction makes even less sense. Creative mode should not be restricted enchantments based on experience level, nor should they use any experience level to do so. The bookshelves requirement though may as well stay, if you want to make it less effective for creative players to place a table in the middle of nowhere and immediately get lvl 50 enchantments.

Yeah, change it. /jeb




[F] After shift clicking to craft, it only adds one to the amount of times that block/item has been crafted in the statistics menu, not how many you actually crafted.

[F] Crafting items clicking multiple times to add to stack, counts to items crafted statistics wrong. Crafting 64 torches from 16 sticks and coals, counts as 544 crafted torches.





[X] If placing a Soul sand on a ice block and a Ocelot walking on it, the ocelot spins around. It can't be stopped even if you pushing the Ocelot of the block, the Ocelot walks back.

[X] The player and other mobs can breathe underlava.

[X] [Cr] Horizontal movement through fluids while flying is very slow.

[X] The "where are we now" music disc is still missing.

  • I know it's because of problems with spaces in the name, but it could at least use underscores ("where_are_we_now").
  • actually, it's because the name is too long, and takes up sever lines, and it would just look ugly if it actually was in the game.
  • Could the name be shortened to "where"?
  • If "where are we now" is a problem, then why is "enchantment table" acceptable?
  • Because it's not the ingame name that we're talking about, it's the file name, "where we are now.mus" which causes the issue, so a disk isn't available. GhengopelALPHA
the file is already in the minecraft jar.
  • wherever it is, it's name prevents it from being in the game because it can't read its spaces. That's the general consensus anyway.


[S] [Cr] The Bottle o' Enchanting does not give enough experience. It takes several tedious minutes of continuously throwing them to get to level 50.

[N] Creepers can keep the player awake at night, even though they do not make any sounds. For clarification, Mojang has said that monsters keep the player awake because of the sounds they make.

Would you like a creeper to explode while you are asleep? Also, creepers make a slight fuse sound. They also make sound while walking on dirt or grass.Eligitine

[A!] [Cr] Portals to (and from) The End are not in Item Selection. If the ones generated in the world are destroyed, there will be no way to travel to and from those places. The End is a very good place to build outer-space-themed things, but it is tedious to go there in Creative.




[F] All NPC's (Villagers) on an SMP server have the same skin, regardless of which flag is set for them.

[F] The textures for the base of the legs of cows, mooshrooms, and sheep are backwards.

[N] Ocelots despawn.

This is because Ocelots are placed by the hostile mob spawner and not the world generator. It is intentional. /jeb


[S] [SP] Ocelots, baby ocelots and wolves seem to spawn in high around the player and follow him as if they were tamed. If the player attacks one of these wolves, the others will attack him.

I don't think this is a bug. /jeb

[F] Snow golems are immune to fall damage, while cats and ocelots are not, despite that in real life they are able to always land on their feet.

This is a myth. Any animal, dropped from a high enough height, will suffer injury. Snow Golems are...snow.
LOL you're right, this is an annoyance! XD Sarcasm aside, I don't see why a snow golem should be able to survive a drop. Because it's snow and not a molecularly bonded organism is all the more reason for it to "die" by fall damage... GhengopelALPHA
Does 'fixed' mean snow golems will take fall damage, felines won't, or both? -- Orthotope

[A!] When bringing animals over water with wheat, the animals will only follow you until the water becomes 2 blocks deep, and they will then act as if you aren't holding wheat - Just looking around, although they do not move. It's impossible to push the mobs to land to fix the bug, and its also impossible to get the mobs to get over water (Either from bringing them, or attempting to fix this annoyance) without using a bridge, minecart, or other method of transportation. I put this as major because animals are VERY valuble on the first day, or after the Enderdragon.

[A] [MP] Animals seemingly appears outside 1 block thick room, mainly the roof. if there is no roof they appear top of 2 block high wall.

Please provide screenshots. I believe this is caused due to the way mobs spawn. There is no reason for this to me a major annoyance unless otherwise stated.Eligitine 16:23, 30 January 2012 (UTC)
Spawn? They are already spawned, then closed in room. This is really simple to replicate on server. Well this issue used to be major annoyance when breeding was new.




[F] When a spawn Egg is used on the top of a fence, the spawned mob falls through it to the block underneath. This also happens when spawning ocelots on slabs when there are walls all around it.

[N] Sheep eat grass when not sheared

maybe they should eat less grass, not stop eating completely. shouldn't this be under section animals?
  • Maybe they should eat as usual like the player eats like as usual in survival mode.
    • they already do that. i just think, when they are growing wool, wouldn't that make them hungrier than when they are not? at least when they are on cold climate, they get cold, consume more energy.
This is intended. /jeb

[F] Ocelots and cats spin on half blocks, beds, brewing stands, a change of block in the ground as of 1 block, and random blocks 1 higher the the rest around them Secret333

[F] Ocelots release dirt particles when swimming, even when they are up to one block of water.

  • section graphical or animals? i would put this on graphical, because we are talking about particles.


[A!] Wolves and ocelots act very weirdly on survival and creative. They will act as tame, but are untamed. On worlds, if you go some distance, some wild wolves will teleport to you. If you hit them, they will look like hostile, attack the wolf you hit, but still act as tame wolves. Even if they act as tame, they can't sit and they can't be bred, but they will be in love mode.

Ocelots, when spawned with a spawn egg, they will act as cats, but can't be bred. They don't sprint and they can't be fed anything.

Major annoyance is caused when you get wolves and possibly ocelots even if you haven't found them. They are blocking you, especially in caves/mines and killing them is the only way to get rid of them.


World generator[]


[!] [SP] When the player dies on Hardcore mode, the chunks are not properly deleted, which causes chunks from the old generation to persist if a new world is created with the same name.

I can confirm this, although it fixes itself mostly if you close Minecraft before starting a new world.Eligitine 16:23, 30 January 2012 (UTC)

[S] Trees spawn in caves in the surface. ---Minecraft5025

[A] (Single Player only?) Animals are spawned inside the low jungle leaves in the jungle biome upon world generation. GhengopelALPHA


[F] Abandoned mineshaft parts often spawn floating in midair. Since this happens within abandoned mineshafts as well as when they intersect with other underground features, the only way to fix this would be to change mineshaft generation, so that a floor is generated as part of the mineshaft.

  • then mineshafts would always have floor. maybe better solution would be to detect when items are floating in mid air and remove them, as post generation operation.

[A!] Village generation is very glitchy, and doesn't mix well with natural features such as ravines, hills, etc. Villages should be their own biomes.

  • or they could fix up the generation. if house was generated above ravine, they could make it generate as broken, half of house fallen down as pieces. if house was generated on hill, they could make it generate on lowest part piece of house was on, and then smooth the hill afterwards, create grass where proper.




[F] [MP] When thrown, the Bottle o' Enchanting is invisible, so we can't see where it will explode.

[X] [MP] When using the Fishing Rod, the line is invisible.

[X] Stairs wont block light correctly, tested smooth on and off. (replicate instructions on [edit])



[N] When using a bow enchanted with Flame I, the area around the place where the arrow hit isn't lit up by the fire.

[N] Burning entities do not give off light.

  • This is because dynamic lights are not implemented in the game, for various reasons.




[F] "lava.ogg" and "lavapop.ogg" do not play in-game. They are supposed to be the sounds that lava makes, and have existed for a long time, but they have never worked.

[F] [MP] "orb.ogg" has never played when getting experience orbs ("pop.ogg" is played instead).

  • I can't confirm this; orb.ogg is always played for the collection of xp orbs, while pop.ogg is played for picking up items, as expected. {{static link|User:GhengopelALPHA|GhengopelALPHA]


[F] [Cr] If player flies low enough of grass blocks, you can hear stepping sounds even though you are flying.





[A!] In the Afrikaans version, the singleplayer button is replaced with "You are a N***ER" :o

* Note: Jeb is aware of this. I would tag this as fixed, but I'm not Mojang.


[A!] The language list is in English alphabetical order rather than alphabetical order based on romanization of the native words for the languages, which is the system that Wikipedia uses.

[A!] Yiddish is not one of the languages.

[A!] Esperanto is not one of the languages.

  • Now it is. :D

[A!] The only version of Japanese has kanji. There should be a kana-only version: にほんご (にほん)

[A] The normal Minecraft font is not used for all of the languages. Also, when a language with the normal Minecraft font is selected, some of the languages on the list mix both fonts.

[A] In all of the English language files, the "boots" in "Golden boots" and "bucket" in "lava bucket" are not capitalized, unlike in related items.

[A] In the French (CA) language, Pressure Plate should be Détecteur de Poids not Détecteur de Poid.

[A] [?] In Italian the Back button says "Fatto" I am not sure if this is the correct translation, or not.

* That means "Done". I don't think this is griefing.
  • It is true that "fatto" means "fact" or "done" in Italian. Confirmed on Google Translate. --Mrarroyo 19:47, 28 January 2012 (UTC)

[A] [Spanish] In multiplayer lists, for refresh, it says "Actualizar" which translates to "actualize". A more accurate translation would be "recargar", which translates to "reload".

  • My main language is spanish so i think the verb "Actualizar" is the proper word. --Snybi

[A] [Spanish] For singleplayer, it says "Un jugador" which translates to "a player" or "one player". A more accurate translation would be "jugador solo", which translates to "single player".

  • My main language is spanish so i think the speech "Un jugador" is the proper word. --Snybi

[A] In the English (UK) language setting, trying to connect to a server and failing results in 'Connexion Lost' when it should be 'Connection Lost', like it is in English (US).

* 'Connexion' is an accepted British spelling, though less common than it used to be. -- Orthotope