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Known bugs for Weekly Build 11w49a.

Use the Discussion page first before adding any bugs onto this page. Bugs can be confirmed by checking into the discussion page and make sure other people reply to your report and have the same problem.


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Please ensure that the bug is tested on a 'vanilla', installation of 11w49a with NO MODS installed

Please specify whether the bug was found on Single Player or Multi Player and Survival or Creative.

Please mark your issue with one of these issue labels: (listed from highest priority to lowest)

  • [!!] = {{bl|!!}} = Critical bug that can crash a Minecraft client or server.
  • [!] = {{bl|!}} = Major bug. Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your bug is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [A!] = {{bl|a!}} = Major annoyance. Think very carefully before flagging an annoyance as major. Is it really more important than most minor bugs? Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your annoyance is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [X] = {{bl}} = Minor bug.
  • [A] = {{bl|a}} = Annoyance.
  • [?] = {{bl|?}} = Potential issue that you are unsure of or that the community (on the discussion page) believes requires further vetting. Note: do not use this label to indicate this-is-not-a-bug; instead, replace the issue's current label with [A] or [A!]. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to use this to flag something you disagree with; instead, express your opinion in a comment. When you apply this label to an issue, place it after the issue's existing labels; do not remove those labels.

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  • [SP] = {{bl|sp}} = Single-player.
  • [MP] = {{bl|mp}} = Multiplayer.
  • [Su] = {{bl|su}} = Survival mode.
  • [Cr] = {{bl|cr}} = Creative mode.

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  • Windows = {{OS|Win}} = Windows
  • Linux = {{OS|Linux}} = Linux

Labels that Mojang uses:

  • [F] = Bugs that have been fixed in the next update.
  • [N] = This is not a bug. (It is intended behaviour and will not be changed)
  • [S] = Bugs that will be skipped/ignored for now.
  • [U] = Bugs that Mojang tested but was unable to reproduce. Append this tag to the end of existing issue labels, instead of replacing them.

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[X] On Mac OS 10.7.2 (Official Build) /10.7.3 (Dev Build 11D24) when starting Minecraft, after any time up to a minute or two, ALL mine craft keys except shift do not work (other keys like function keys work) until you click the mouse. (Works on ssp and might be on previous mine craft dev builds)

[!] [MP] Going in the end will disconnect you saying "moved to quickly hacking? :(" and reconnecting will make you fall to the void killing you. exist in 1.0.0 aswell Kippykip

[X] Walking over farmland no longer causes it to revert to dirt ever (bug resulting from the fixed bug that previously caused items and particles to cause the reversion). - Carrotman42

  • Is this such a bad thing?-- 17:01, 10 December 2011 (UTC)
  • I thought this results from 11w48a's "changed farmland trampling"? --
  • Well you can always remove the block and put it back.
    • Have you tried jumping on it? The change to farmland trampling was that it can only be trampled by a player jumping on it, and not by just walking or mobs. Doctursea 14:36, 13 December 2011 (UTC) 12:04, 11 December 2011 (UTC) [A] When placing a block above an opened door, the door closes --

  • Existed in 1.0.0

[A] Wolves are colored darker than normal when the game considers them wet (they remain dark until they shake) - GhengopelALPHA

  • I doubt thats a bug because when white or gray material gets wet in real life it becomes darker. - AUS_Doug
  • Thats not a bug its supposed to happen. - Vorox97
  • But is it really supposed to be that noticeable? And if it's intended as a realism mechanic, why don't blocks or other mobs (sheep or skeletons, for example) get darker when wet? I still think it's annoying. - GhengopelALPHA
  • Bone doesn't absorb water. Sheep would make sense but do not have the mechanic to dry off (in real life either as far as I know) so it would be time based drying. Side note...not seeing a noticeable difference in color. 11:05, 12 December 2011 (UTC)
  • If sheep turned darker when wet, wouldn't it be too difficult to tell between naturally-spawning color variations? A wet white sheep would look grey or light grey. 08:02, 13 December 2011 (UTC)
    • I think this is a bug because when they get wet they turn almost pitch black like when the light level is zero. Doctursea 14:39, 13 December 2011 (UTC)
  • when i tried this. they turn black instant they get in water and normal instant they get out of water. tested cmp csp. but ohboy it looked cool when they shaked their water off. - 13:06, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

[?] Opening your inventory changes the game mode. Doing so on a server and then changing your gamemode manually crashes your client and possibly also the server.

  • remap your invertory key away from "B". It's debug feature. — MiiNiPaaT|C

[!!] You are able to connect to a 1.0.0 server without getting an error message.

  • Likewise, a 1.0.1 client can connect to a 11w49a server with no crashes or error messages, and play freely.

[A] On some languages in the Options menu, the text sometimes flows over the textbox. (See gallery)

[A!] The Hebrew language is inverted.

[!] [MP] Sometimes you cannot go through open doors, this can be fixed by reconnecting.

[A] When right clicking on a mooshroom with a stack of bowls, the whole stack changes to a single bowl of stew.

  • Do you not want extra stew? Bowls are only for stew, so if you had extra bowls, why would you not want to fill them all? Plus, it saves inventory space. --CreeperCraftSss 02:26, 10 December 2011 (UTC)
  • Read the bug again, if you have a stack of bowls, and you right click a Mooshroom with them, you will lose 63 bowls and only gain ONE bowl of soup. -IPeer 04:35, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

[!] Running a boat into a lily pad breaks the boat.

  • I moved this to "major" annoyances because on SMP it is pretty much impossible to get through a Swamp biome. Doctursea 14:43, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

[!!] Attempting to respawn crashes the game (tested in SMP)

[!!] Typing /gamemode [player] 1 crashes the game (tested in SMP)

  • only after hitting B (debug mode change). -IPeer 04:35, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

[!] You can be killed in Creative Mode (tested in SMP)

  • You are soupossed to be killed in the void.

[X] When the timer activates and deactivates Redstone, I can not write anything on the sign. It looks like if I writing, push the backspace.

  • That's existed for a while, possibly even since redstone was introduced. It has to do with a block updating when redstone is being updated next to it. Would appreciate for it to be fixed. Eevables 20:20, 11 December 2011 (UTC)

[A] You cannot activate a nether portal if there's an obsidian block in front of where you lit flint and steel.

  • Didn't happen to me...

[X] [MP] NPCs can walk over fences.

[X] [MP] Was inside my inventory when i accidently clicked on the X of the window in the upper right corner. My game closed when I reconnected, my whole inventory was gone.

[X] TNT Exploding Over Skylimit Blows up Anything Near Bedrock (Including Bedrock)in SMP

  • shure you didn't use bukkit? cannot reproduce it with vanilla --MG127 00:10, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

[X] Snow naturally generated on lava in SMP.

[X] Floating snow naturally generated in snow biome.

  • That's actually one of the oldest bugs in the game. FanNintendero 17:22, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

[X] Lakes can spawn inside of oceans, causing a frozen ocean to have "craters" of ice.

[X] Many times mobs and animals spawn on trees or IN an normal block ( the block cant be destroyed and the mob cant be killed ).

[X] Minecarts with Chests switch sides whether are in a rail or not.

[A] Minecart with Chests don't have the opening or closing animation and the opening or closing sound.

  • Downgraded its not that important. Doctursea 14:50, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

[?] Experience Orbs seem to count Ice blocks as non-solid, and will fall through them.

  • The Ice blocks are transparent but the experience shouldn't fall through.

Doctursea 14:50, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

  • Downgraded, that's not important unless the floor to the void is made of ice.

[X] When stepping from a transparent block onto soul sand with nether wart growing on it, the character will occasionally fall through.

  • This happens for 2 adjacent blocks of soul sand when they are sprinted into in a 2 block high space

[N] The backside of a Mooshroom is not textured correctly when using a texturepack, the texture appears upside down.

  • No mods, vanilla.
  • I think that's just your texture pack. This would be a Minecraft bug if all texture packs have this bug, not just one. Is it one pack or more? --CreeperCraftSss 02:34, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

[A] In the Hungarian translation fermented is translated to 'zavaros' which means disordered. The correct translation is 'erjesztett'. Also Enderman is translated to 'Végember' which is just simply the translation of 'Endman'. I think that's incorrect, because Ender is not equal to the word end.

  • The fermented translation is probably wrong, but I'm pretty sure there is no "Ender" in Hungarian. The Endermen come from The End, so "Endman" is close enough. Can you provide a better translation? --CreeperCraftSss 02:34, 10 December 2011 (UTC)
  • There is no "Ender" in Hungarian, but the word sounds very nice if a Hungarian just reads it, there are very similar hungarian words, so Ender, Enderman could stay this way. It could make internet searches more easier. Enderpearls should be Endergyöngy. Ghast also stayed in the English form, so Ender should too.

[A] Opening the right door on a double door from the "inside" (or the left door on the "outside") opens the other door first.

  • Possibly not a bug. It has always been like this and is an issue of redstone logic. SwissTHX11384EB 20:55, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

[?] When playing a game originally created on Survival, if you set it to Creative mode and exit the game while in the air, the next time you play that world, you will be on Survival mode again and you will be falling much faster than normal, possibly being killed. If you do die you will respawn at your original spawn point/bed. This is extremely annoying (even when on Creative) if you were far away from your spawn point. ~Puzzlepro97~

[A] [MP] Creative Mode, after throwing a splash potion, it is no longer shown in the hot-bar, however, if you place a crafting bench, the splash potion reappears. It would be nice if the potion was it always in the hot-bar, like eggs.

  • My analysis, it seems like splash potions were intended to be thrown infinitely in creative mode, but there exists a client-side glitch that can be cleared by showing the regular (non-creative) inventory. This behavior was present in 11w48a and 1.0.0.--Inertia 05:22, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

[X] Occasionally the screen may stutter for a second and the game then starts running at the wrong speed, either too slow or too fast. — 09:38, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

[N] If you press B button while playing in SSP, your game will be change to creative mode. -- FanNintendero 12:20, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

  • This is an intended debug feature.

[A] If you spawn a wolf in Creative, befriend it, make it sit, switch to survival, then exit the game, once you reenter the world the wolf looks like a tamed wolf sitting down but if you hit it the wolf will start attacking you.

[?] When dyed sheep are shorn and then regrow their wool, the wool remains dyed. Not sure if this is a bug or not but it seems odd that wool would regrow dyed.

  • Might be somewhat intended but at least think sheep should be redesigned. Either they grow back white or sheep become skinned as their dye color. The white faces always bugged me. 10:54, 12 December 2011 (UTC)

[A] When you are riding in a boat or mine cart while holding a map, and you enter and exit your inventory, the player's left hand is shown on top of the map, rather than underneath it. Can be fixed by exiting the boat/mincart and reentering/exiting the inventory, or by switching to third person and back.

[A] When going far away from tamed wolves beyond their limit for teleporting, said wolves will turn wild. --RichardG867 19:39, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

[X] If you change language to Korean, and change again to other language, like English, the Korean word "오후"(=P.M.) doesn't change to other language, and stays in Korean, even though you restart the game.

[A] When writing on a sign, the whole line of text nudges to the left and right as the cursor blinks.

  • Isn't text centered?

[A] Villager Eggs only spawn a single variant of villager mob.

[X] Pressing "B" while in flight will kill you when you hit the ground./Pressing "B" while in flight you will continue to fly.

  • That's either fall damage or the same thing that happens with fire resistance and lava.
  • That is fall damage or something like lava or catus!
    • It's because when you switched from creative to survival in air the game sees you as flying and falling at the same time, so you'll get all the fall damage from if you fell from the height you where flying. This IS a bug because when switching you should just fall instead of to continue flying. Doctursea 15:01, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

[A] Pumpkins will spawn even on normal dirt/grass from a pumpkin stem.

[A] [SP] {OS|Win}} TNT and Rotten Flesh drops in creative mode. ( redstone wire, redstone torches ) ( others when destroying block under ? ) ( and other things? )

  • In singleplayer, this might be considered an annoyance; but in multiplayer, there are usually other people in the game, some of whom may be in Survival mode. So blocks that are indirectly broken (such as redstone) or mob drops will still appear as items, so that the Survivalists can still play. The TNT, however, would seem to be a bug. --Qwertygiy 14:42, 12 December 2011(UTC)
  • Single player

[A!] Redstone wire does not connect to Pistons like the way it connects to repeaters.

[A] There are random Null Pointer Exceptions shown in SMP server console. Example:

        at ep.a(SourceFile:63)
        at gr.a(SourceFile:154)
        at dw.a(SourceFile:16)
        at oq.b(SourceFile:272)
        at gr.a(SourceFile:44)
        at ep.a(SourceFile:94)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(SourceFile:413)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(SourceFile:334)
        at cu.run(SourceFile:459)

[!] [MP] WindowsPressing "B" and adding or destroying one or more blocks makes you cannot place or destroy blocks until an op /gamemodes you.

[X] [SP] Windows You can enter creative mode in Hardecore mode.

[A] Windows You cannot remap the game mode change key.

That's because it's a debug feature they left in (by accident?). -- 07:22, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

[A!] Dispensers do not shoot anything when used in creative. (Go ahead and try)

tried, it shooted fine. tested csp,cmp using arrows. - 13:09, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

[A] Pink baby sheeps have their top part in both, head and body, white coloured instead of pink FanNintendero 16:02, 13 December 2011 (UTC)

Looks like pink to me. I checked with windows paint. - 12:34, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

  • Pink light is a mixture of red and white ( the is no pink ) It is just that it is a bit more white than red.

[?] Linux When you click the mouse flashes (shows up and disappears).

  • Dosen't that happen to every thing that is animated?
  • It happens when I click any button on my mouse. I am using ubuntu 11.10.