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1.9pre5 released.
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The fourth pre-release for Beta 1.9 has been released by Jeb.

Use the Discussion page first before editing any bugs onto this page.

Bugs can be confirmed by checking into the discussion page and make sure other people reply to your report and have the same problem.


Bug Labels:

  • [X] = Minor bugs.
  • [!] = Major bugs.
  • [!!] = Bugs that can crash Minecraft or a server.
  • [?] = Possible bugs/features that you and the community (on the discussion page) are unsure about.
  • [U] = Bugs that Jeb tested but was unable to reproduce.
  • [F] = Bugs that have been fixed in the next update.


  • [!] While making an entire stack of Wooden Planks, the game will Crash.
  • [X] When a Water block is placed with empty space underneath, a column of source blocks are created under the original source block.
  • [X] Lily Pads can be gathered by placing a block directly beneath them.
  • [X] Lily Pads appear inside of Boats when you sail over them.
  • [X] Two Glass Panes set beside each other will have a line dividing them on one side, but be clear on the other side.
  • [X] If you build a Sand tower(≤ 12 blocks) on a Piston, connected to a clock, most of the Sand will disappear after a couple of pushes.
  • [X] Using an Axe with the Silk Touch enchantment on a pine or birch Tree will only drop oak Wood (not pine or birch Wood). The same happens when mining Mossy and Cracked Stone Bricks with Silk Touch enchantment - you get normal Stone Bricks. It seems that dropped item doesn't remember durability of the block mined.
  • [X] Diamond armour does not protect you from damage
  • [X] Water and Lava drips through Glass if there is Water or Lava, respectively, above it.
  • [X] Enchantment Tables break with a single hit and are destroyed permanently if not using a Pickaxe.
  • [X] It is possible to place Sugar Cane in water.
  • [F] While in the inventory screen, End Stone has a tooltip of "Unnamed".
  • [F] Lily Pads are not affected by the Biome shades.
  • [F] The End Portal blocks can be broken without the surrounding portal blocks disappearing. The expected result is either the portal block respawning, or the portal itself turning off.
  • [U] Blocks are not always what they seem to be. For example, a Dirt block can look like a Stone block. If you destroy the said block, you get the Dirt block. Placing a Torch (or right clicking with a sword while aiming at the block) shows you the real block. Some details that may be important is that the chunk may need to be newly generated and running on SMP with some latency.
  • [U] If a Pressure Plate is activated when joining a world, it will stay activated until you destroy it or quit.
  • [U] Moving Water does not push ignited TNT blocks or Minecarts.
  • [X] You can place blocks on fire even when you are in the fire. Video explaining:


  • [!] After a Crash, Enchantments seem to disappear from all items in the Inventory.
  • [!] After a few minutes of playing Minecraft, the game runs out of memory or freezes. This often happens while running 32-bit Java on a 64-bit OS. This can commonly be fixed by using the below line in a file ending in .bat or .batch.

This works with 64-bit OS machines:

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xmx256m -Xms128m -cp Minecraft.exe net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

Use this line for 32-bit OS machines:

java -Xmx256m -Xms128m -cp Minecraft.exe net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
  • [F] [!] Trying to access the "Video Settings..." menu in-game causes the game to crash with a "Saving Chunks" screen. Trying to access it from the beginning game menu gives a black screen.
  • [?] When going into the Video Settings tab while paused, it crashes the game.
  • [U][!] Sometimes, the game crashes when the Player attacks a Spider.
  • [U][!] Occasionally, the game displays switching worlds then crashes.
  • [U][!] Sometimes, when mining Gravel with an enchanted Pickaxe, the game Crashes with a "Saving Chunks" screen as opposed to the usual error report or black screen.
This happens with an enchanted Shovel if the enchantment is Fortune and the level is larger than level 3 while dropping a piece of Flint.

[U][!] Sometimes, the game crashes when the Player attacks a creeper

  • [X] My game cannot update minecraft 1.9 pre, it got stuck, when it shows:

Updating Minecraft Done loading


  • [!] Clicking/right-clicking while moving the mouse may cause the screen to lose focus. Seems to happen in all OSs but it happens even more in Linux with the Fluxbox window manager. The cause is that whenever you click or right-click, the game loses cursor focus (you can even see the cursor blink over the screen). If the cursor is moving enough fast, it is not relocated in the center of the screen in time. Like the mouse locking does not work very well. Very easy to reproduce (easier in Linux&Fluxbox window manager): Just spam right-click while moving the mouse fast.
  • [X] If you land on the bottom of the Void while in a Boat in The End, the Boat will disappear but may leave you perfectly safe to walk around. Any jumping will cause you to start taking damage normally.
  • [X] When you place a block next to a Fence and stand directly in the space between the Fence and the new block and destroy the block next to it, you can walk inside the Fence.
  • [X] Planting a Sapling on a Dirt block in The End will result in an invisible Tree once Bonemeal has been applied. This can be fixed by breaking one of the blocks, at which point the Tree will reappear.
  • [X] You can only make Splash Potion of Regeneration II with the "correct" recipe.
  • [X] If you sit in a Minecart on Rails and save and quit to the title and play your world again, the Minecart will duplicate.
  • [X] Redstone-triggered mechanisms such as Sticky Piston Doors don't operate properly returning to The Overworld from the Nether until the Redstone Torches are removed and reset.
  • [X] Critical hits are done to Minecarts when you punch one when your sitting in it.
  • [X] The inside corner of a corner Fence block does not have the correct bounds like a normal Fence block or the outer corner of said block.
  • [X] If you place a Fence block under tilled Farmland, the game registers you as walking on the Fence, and subsequently does not damage the Farmland because you are not walking on it.
  • [X] Double tapping the crouch key (default ⇧ Shift) and releasing will cause the Player to Sprint with seemingly no effect on the Hunger meter.
  • [X] Redstone does not detect when Redstone powered items are adjacent while it does detect Redstone Repeaters.
  • [X] Note Blocks do not receive power from adjacent blocks that are powered by Redstone, while everything else does.
  • [X] Creating anything on a Crafting Table using shift-clicking to move it to your Inventory does not add anything to your statistics.
  • [F] When picking up all the lost Experience Orbs after death, you seem to get more points that you had before.
  • [F] When Brewing, swapping the ingredient at the very last second before it is applied will apply the ingredient you changed it to rather than restarting the brewing timer for the new ingredient.
  • [F] Mobs are not affected by the movement speed modifier of the Splash Potion of Swiftness levels 1 and 2; Players still function properly.
  • [F] When you drink a Potion of Fire Resistance and try to swim in Lava, this does no damage to the Player, as intended, but when you jump into a Lava lake from a large height, the fall damage you would receive is saved up until you exit the lake. Death can probably be avoided with a Ladder.
  • [F] If you place an enchanted item in a Chest or Storage Minecart and then break it, the enchantments will be gone.
  • [F] After you enchant a Sword in SMP, when you try to block, the Sword will rapidly switch from the Blocking stance to the normal position. It does not happen for normal Swords.
  • [?] It is possible to position the camera in such a way to view Cave systems.
  • [?] When picking up Lava or Water with a Bucket, the Bucket will remain empty.
  • [U] An Eye of Ender will not always point to the nearest Stronghold containing an End Portal. Probably occurs on maps generated with the debug Stronghold located at the coordinates (0, 0).
  • [X] If facing parallel to a line of wooden fencing with a gap that you intend to place a fence gate in, and you place the fence gate, the gate will not attach in parallel with the fencing but perpendicular to it. That is, rotated 90 degrees and disconnected to the adjacent fencing.
  • [X] A minecart with furnace does not push other minecart around, they just overlap
  • [X] The armor bar in the tool bar doesn't seem to show the correct amount of armor. A full suit of iron only fills up 8 1/2 points of armor and as the armor degrades the bar does not go down.
  • [X] With a small render distance, while in a hole with high sides, the sky is dark from the fog.


  • [X] While in front 3rd person view under the effects of a Potion, the Potion swirls are not visible around the Player.
  • [X] Enchanted items don't have the glowing effect in unlit areas.
  • [X] When in F9 mode, the camera can be placed inside a wall, and works as an X-ray.
  • [X] Edges of blocks visible like in Alpha versions. Tested on Creative Mode.
  • [F] Holding an enchanted item turns the hotbar transparent.
  • [?] Cracking effect disappears when facing the block directly down.


  • [X] Chests, Enchantment Tables, and other objects have lighting issues dependent on the angle from which they are viewed, sometimes appearing black.
  • [X] Redstone Repeaters between two full blocks are dark when placed along the Z-axis. They are properly lit when placed along the X-axis.
  • [X] When wolves are wet, they turn black.
  • [X] When swimming in Water, the background Void flashes from sky blue to pitch black.
  • [X] All light sources surrounded/encased by Glass blocks appear to not give off light while smooth lighting mode is turned ON.[1]
  • [X] Paintings appear black when placed under a block.
  • [X] Underwater areas will stay lit up even after light source is removed or destroyed.
  • [F] The cut into Stone Brick Stairs, Nether Brick Stairs, and Brick Stairs is not rendered properly.[2]
  • [?] Black and white flickering when playing Minecraft on Windows XP.
  • [?] Experience Orbs are black, unless in lit areas. (Confirmed in The End and The Overworld)


  • [X] Snow Biomes seem to have large amounts of chunk errors or chunks that do not generate properly.
  • [X] When a new world is generated, Tall Grass can grow on Sand and Gravel.


  • [X]If you feed wolves wheat, they enter love mode but won't breed.
  • [X] If you hook an Enderman with a fishing line, it continually teleports away, then back, then away, giving the appearance of flying, but with the line still attached to him.
  • [X] If you strike an Enderman in The End, no hit animation (enemy turning red and is pushed back) is displayed. If you kill an Enderman in The End, it will only fall over and disappear with no other animations.
  • [X] Mobs will not run away from you if they are in Water when hit.
  • [X] Passive Mobs eventually escape when penned in by fencing.
  • [X] Animals trapped entirely behind Iron Bars (full height to a roof) will somehow escape after a long enough period of time.
  • [X] Animals that are trapped anywhere will jump wildly, partially phasing through the ceiling. This can sometimes result in an escape.
  • [X] Animal Mobs will only spawn on new generated blocks in an old map, which is not the case for hostiles.
  • [X] When it Rains and Endermen are present on the surface, instead of teleporting underground, they will often teleport to another location on the surface, sometimes repeating many times, causing the Enderman to appear to be flying wildly (and presumably killing it a lot of the time, as it seems Endermen affected continue to do this until death, but that's not confirmed).
  • [X] Cave Spiders (and normal Spiders, but not as much) will climb when attempting to reach you at inappropriate times, causing them to "stick" to the ceiling. Visually they will appear to fall and then climb back up, but you cannot hit them in this state. If you walk over and hit the ceiling where they actually are, they will react normally and resume normal movement. This makes Cave Spiders significantly more difficult to deal with, since they hide behind the supports of the mines they frequent and will not come out unless you put yourself at risk.
  • [X] When Breeding, after you feed 2 animals and they breed, the baby animal and all other animals of the same type will follow the 2 original breeders.
  • [X] Mobs can not be attacked in the lower part of their body in SMP.
  • [X] When a Chicken looks at the Player, it moves its head down instead of up.
  • [F] When Breeding in SMP, baby animals have the adult's model and sound effects rather than the smaller baby model. They still do not drop resources until they have become adults, but there is no visual change.
  • [?] Mobs don't spawn in hardcore mode if one switches from peaceful difficulty to a hardcore world.
  • [?] Chickens spontaneously die due to passing into blocks (presumably).
  • [?] Untamed wolves are despawning and never spawning again, making them very rare.
  • [U] Sometimes Mobs spawn in daytime above ground in the sunlight.
  • [U] Mobs will sometimes spawn in a well lit room.
  • [X] Hostile Mobs may act neutral when spawned inside of Strongholds.
  • [X] Spiders and Cavespiders are still hostile towards the player in Creative Mode in spite of the claims that all hostile will ignore the player in Creative. Endermen will also engage the player if looked at in Creative Mode.

Multiplayer Related[]

  • [!] Spawn gets reset every time the server is stopped resulting in a MCEdit to fix.
  • [X] Chickens are taking random damage when touching walls or Fences. It looks as if they are "sinking" in them.
  • [X] Endermen can place blocks in otherwise illegal positions. For example, an Enderman can pick up a Cactus and later place it on a Wood block.
  • [X] When you log out with barely suffice headroom, you may find yourself logging into a different place (typically on top of your old location, but not always the case).
  • [X] Enchanted items in your Inventory in creative "show through" the normal Inventory of infinite blocks. Doesn't occur in Single Player.
  • [X] Falling into the Void while riding in a Minecart will cause you to disconnect from the server.
  • [X] Redstone Torches fall off when the block they are placed on is in another chunk.
  • [F] [!] When you shut down a server, it does not wait for all data to be saved to disk. save-all does nothing. stop does not wait for data to be saved.
  • [F] [!] Some chunks will not save the changes. When you leave and then return the area will be back to its original state.
  • [F] [X] Snowgolems are invisible.
  • [F] [X] The Eye of Ender have a bugged animation when thrown.
  • [F] [?] When a server is closed certain chunks do not save changes, restarting achieves nothing, appears to be the same chunks every time that have problems, modifying the chunks using MCedit also achieves nothing - keeps reverting to a much earlier save.
  • [?] On a new made server map huge gaps are formed. They go from the sky until the void. At the other side you can see the landscape going on. It is looking like a giant square gap in the middle of the map, and you can jump into it, though you die. This is not the same as a chunk error.
  • [U] If you die, you respawn in the Sky Dimension

Memory/CPU General[]

  • [F] [!] CPU usage is always 100% on server even without people playing.
  • [?] Appears to cause the FDIV on Pentium processors.


  • [X] There's no sound when opening and closing a Chest.
  • [X] There's no longer any sound when placing a Door.
  • [X] Sometimes, when crossing an invisible but constant boundary, the sound seems to stutter and echo for a few seconds, along with a large dip in FPS. The boundary, presumably, is a region (256×256) border, but may just be a normal chunk (16×16) border.
  • [X] Rain doesn't have sounds.
  • [?] The sound lags and distorts when you walk or do anything and play songs with your Jukebox.
  • [X] Walking near an active Nether portal will sometimes spike the memory usage resulting in lag. Can be seen using the pie chart in the debug menu.


  • [F] [X] It sometimes Rains through the ceilings of buildings and through the ground into Caves.
  • [?] Rain splash animation (?) is not visible on all blocks. Seems to be random.
  • [!] Snow spawning destroys most non-solid blocks such as redstone dust, minecart tracks, torches, plants and saplings.


  • [X] The Fall Distance variable does not get reset when a player steps into Lava (Only tested with Fire Resistance Potions, may not be the case with others) and as a result, when stepping out of Lava, the player takes fall damage equal to the distance downwards they traveled. (This is not absolute distance traveled downwards: this is sum total of all downward motion. As such, bobbing up and down on the surface of Lava will increment this value.) This also applies to Mobs; the fireproof Zombie Pigman is known to "drown" in Lava.