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1.9pre4 released.
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A third pre-release for Beta 1.9 has been recently released by Jeb.

Use the Discussion page first before editing any bugs onto this page. Bugs can be confirmed by checking into the discussion page and make sure other people reply to your report and have the same problem.


Bug Labels: Major bugs will be labeled with [!] before it. Bugs that can crash Minecraft or a server will be labeled with [!!] before it. Minor bugs reports will be labeled with [X] before it. Possible bugs/features that you and the community (on the discussion page) are unsure about will be labeled with [?] before on this page.



  • [X] Ferns don't spawn.
  • [?] Lily Pads appear to show a light gray texture when viewed in your inventory and do not actually display a name.
  • [!] When mining a wood or stone blocks, sometimes breaking disappears.(Is this different then the old bug that last use of durability does not create a block?)
  • [X] When a pressure plate is activated when logging in it will stay activated until you destroy it or quit.
  • [X] If you clip the corner of a Brewing Stand just right, you will sink into the next block you touch (typically diagonal from the Brewing Stand).


  • [!!] In either creative or survival mode, while working on an Enchantment Table or Brewing Stand, by Shift-Clicking on an object in your inventory, the "Saving-Chunks" bug occurs.
  • [!] Some clients (potentially those running on 64-bit JVMs) crash when attempting to generate a world or switch to that world, leaving only an empty folder with the world name in .minecraft/worlds
  • [!] Sometimes, when switching from and to fullscreen (F11) the game freezes.
  • [!] Shortly after returning to the Overworld from the Nether, whether by Portal or by death and respawn, if you attempt to approach the portal the game will crash. Seems to happen once you are close enough to hear the portal sound effects.
  • [!] Having maps in your inventory in multiplayer crashes the game occasionally.
  • [!] If block 97 is in your inventory and you mouse over it, the game will crash.

Creative mode[]

  • When ever moving the mouse over the enchanting table in the gui it says "Unnamed".

It will also do this in survival and hardcore mode.



  • [?] It is possible to consume multiple water (potions (?)) by rapidly switching active items.[1]
  • [!] If you swim in lava while under the effects of a fire resistance potion, it appears that the vertical downward distance you swim/fall during this is applied as fall damage when you get out of the lava (or perhaps when you stand on a block IN the lava) - this typically kills you.[2]
  • [!] In SMP, switching a player, including yourself, from creative mode to survival mode while flying will apply momentum built up from flying as falling damage.
  • [X] When eating food in SMP, more than one food item is used from the inventory if the release of the right mouse button is too quick for the server to understand that you have stopped eating.
  • [X] In SSP (+ SMP?), excessive sprint jumping can force your character to freeze in mid-air, shake for ~1 second, then land.
  • [X] If one hits mobs, arrows don't stick to it.



  • [X] When you select a glowing item, it can turn the hot bar white on certain video cards.
The hot bar turning white is a bug on many things, including pointing your cross-hairs onto a mob in the nether in the PR2.
Can you specify the video card in your computer and supply a screenshot?
I am not the original poster of this bug but I can confirm it: Video
  • [X] Sometimes the wood block texture will remain even though block has been destroyed
  • [X] The experience bar in the gui shows up on the side of the screen as well, in SSP only. Persists after quitting and reloading.
  • [X] When the player is on fire, the player will appear normal when on front view 3rd person.
  • [X] The player darkens when under the effects of a potion.


  • [X] The cut into Stone Brick Stairs, Nether Brick Stairs, and Brick Stairs is not lightning properly.[3]
  • [X] Wooden stairs let inside light out through them.
  • [X] Lighting in the Nether isn't working properly
-Lighting seems to be bugged in abandoned mine shafts as well
  • Redstone Repeaters aren't lighted properly under some conditions. For example, A Redstone Repeater block may turn pitch black when surrounded by a block such as Mossy Stone Brick.


  • [X] Adult Chickens will spawn from thrown eggs instead of chicks.
  • [X] in SMP breeding animals doesn't make babies.
  • [X] Baby sheep are always white, no matter the color of the parents.
  • [!] Animals sometimes don't follow the player holding wheat
  • [X] Baby Mooshrooms will turn into adult cows when sheared.
  • [?] The Endermen do not spawn in an area where even 1 piece is altered.
  • [!] If you shoot a creeper with an arrow as its about to explode it wont damage you.
  • [?] Endermen spawn in daylight and do not burn up. AS Intended.

Multiplayer Related[]

  • [!] When you shut down a server, it does not wait for all data to be saved to disk. save-all does nothing. stop does not wait for data to be saved..
    • Additionally some chunks will not save the changes. When you leave and then return the area will be back to its original state. (?)
    • When a server is closed certain chunks do not save changes, restarting achieves nothing, appears to be the same chunks everytime that have problems, modifiying the chunks sing MCedit also achieves nothing - keeps reverting to a much earlier save.
  • Completely deleting a server world and making a new server with a new world still uses the old world, with the same player inventories, but with the new seed. Confirmed on two machines so far.
  • [!] Sommetimes when playing on server and the client disconnects, the server thinks that the player is still connected and does not allow the client to connect.
  • [X] The server doesn't tell clients that some animals are children or parents:
    • Parents and child animals can visually be put in love mode but they won't breed.
    • Players get confused why animals don't follow them because they can't see that it are parent or child animals.
  • [X] Critical hits no longer work on SMP. Additionally, The Critical Hit graphic only occurs when inside a minecart and punching it. [edit: this seems to apply to SSP as well, only the critical hit particles do appear.]
  • [!] Enchanting seems to be only client side:
    • Visuals indicate that the enchanting worked until the client notices that the item is not enchanted.
    • The experience loss happens also only at the client side.
    • Reconnecting to the server resets experience and item to the state before the enchantment.
  • [!] Snow Golems are invisible.
    • Because they are invisible, they cannot be targeted by the player's melee attacks making them very difficult to kill. They can still be hit by arrows and are susceptible to environmental deaths (e.g., lava).

Memory/CPU General[]

  • none


  • [X] Rain does not maintain sound. Under only a few circumstances will rain be heard, and once out of range of the sound, it will not come back. (often when flying in creative mode)


  • [!] Torches, rails, saplings, wheat and other nonsolid blocks are 'overridden' when snowfall tries to place snow on the same tile. This deletes the blocks completely.
  • Sometimes when it rains, even if you are out on the open, you may not hear the rain sound effect until you are very far away from where you were.
  • On occasion, in Creative Mode, if you are flying fast while in the rain, the sound effect for rain may be ( glitched ? not playing ? ) while flying. Once you slow down, then you can hear it again.
  • [X] Sometimes it rains indoors.