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1.9pre3 released.
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A second pre-release for Beta 1.9 has been recently released by Jeb.

Use the Discussion page first before editing any bugs onto this page. Bugs can be confirmed by checking into the discussion page and make sure other people reply to your report and have the same problem.


This page is for new bugs found in Beta 1.9pre2, any bugs found in 1.9 that exist in older versions will be deleted.

Bug Labels: Major bugs will be labeled with [!] before it. Bugs that can crash Minecraft or a server will be labeled with [!!] before it. Minor bugs reports will be labeled with [X] before it. Possible bugs/features that you and the community (on the discussion page) are unsure about will be labeled with [?] before on this page.



  • [?] Lily Pads appear to show a light gray texture when viewed in your inventory and do not actually display a name.
  • [X] According to Jeb's twitter [1] fences hit boxes were fine tuned to the fence itself, however currently only the collision is set to the proper shape and the hit box remains the entire cube where the block resides.
  • [X] Fence Gates hit boxes were not adjusted what so ever (Not a bug, but still something that needs to be fixed.)
  • [X] Mycelium does not have a label


  • [!!] If block 97 is in your inventory and you mouse over it, the game will crash.

Creative mode[]

  • [X] Myclelium and Lily pads do not appear in selection screen



  • [X] Attempting to breed Snow Golems will cause the 1st "love mode" active Snow Golem to start to attack others, also if the player attacks the attacking Snow Golem it will (and any snow golems nearby) will attack the player.[2]
  • [X] It's possible to place a block upon a Lilly Pad, so the block floats in the air.




  • [X] Sheep occasionally can jump over two blocks, and can "stick" half a block up fences, allowing them to them jump over those as well. Did not verify whether this is isolated to sheep, and only tested in SMP.
  • [X] Chickens are able to walk through doors in-between fences (possibly due to the changes in the fence's collision). right

Multiplayer Related[]

  • [!] Using an Ender Pearl results in being kicked for possible hacking, due to the speed check in the server software.
  • [!!] Some specific set of conditions involving a redstone XOR gate containing a sticky piston (as seen here - http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/utd-utilities-xnorxortflipflop-compact/), can cause the server software to crash with a null pointer exception (found here - http://pastebin.com/ZtVAaJQq). Removing the sticky piston and powering various parts of the circuit causes no harm at all, and it does not happen in an identical copy of this circuit elsewhere on the same server. Placing the sticky piston back where it was and powering it again causes the same crash. You may find a copy of the world file we were using (use my [Yushatak] dat file to spawn in relevant location) here: http://www.yushatak.com/world19pre2fooked.zip

Memory/CPU General[]


  • [X] Chests no longer make a sound.