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Version 1.8 has been released. Test bugs here in 1.8 and add them to the Known bugs page if they still happen.
This Minecraft Wiki page is about 1.8 pre-release 2. For 1.8 pre-release 1, see mcw:Issues/Beta 1.8. For all other versions, see mcw:Issues.
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This page's purpose is to list all the bugs players have come across in version 1.8 pre-release 2. They pertain to the unmodified, unhacked game. Most of the single-player bugs also apply to multi-player.

Version history also contains newer bugs that may not be listed on this page at the moment. Refresh often as well, this page is changing a lot while we get things organized.

Bugs and feature requests can now be logged at Get Satisfaction: Mojang.

Note: 1.8v2 has many bugs from 1.8v1, we are working on copying those bugs over after confirming them.

General Bugs[]

The following seem to affect Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris, and all game modes. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs are on the talk page. Bugs which cause crashes or make things unusable have a (!) next to them.

  • (!) Attempting to shift-click an item from inventory to a dispenser will crash the game. Dispenser to inventory will also cause a crash. (Dirt screen with "Saving Chunks" or black screen)
  • (!) Attempting to shift-click an item from a chest to your inventory while your inventory is full will cause a crash. From your inventory to a full chest has the same effect. (Dirt screen with "Saving Chunks" or black screen)
  • (!) Attempting to shift-click an item from inventory to a nearly full chest (last stack is partial) will cause a crash. (Dirt screen with "Saving Chunks" or black screen)
  • (!) Attempting to shift-click an item from a chest to a nearly full inventory (last stack is partial) will cause a crash. (Dirt screen with "Saving Chunks" or black screen)
  • Occasional performance regression.


  • Paintings have light level 0 if there are blocks above them. White in paintings can also appear very dull and grey (present in 1.8v1) [1]
  • Corners of blocks visible next to new types of stair blocks appear darker than they should. (present in 1.8v1) [2]
  • Glowstone recessed into a wall appears dark even though it is a source of light itself (originally fixed by beta 1.6). (present in 1.8v1) [3]
  • Any sort of lighting that was once underwater will stay. Example: Placing a torch underwater; the torch goes away but the lighting stays. (also present in 1.8v1) [4]
  • Powered minecarts aren't having the new lighting applied [5] present in 1.8 v1
  • Placed chests from an existing 1.7.3 world may initially render without lighting applied. [6] present in 1.8 v1
Temporary fix: Place a torch near the chest. Once the lighting corrects itself, you may remove the torch.
  • Blocks directly behind glass are dark when light should pass through the glass. [7]


  • (!) The F8 mouse smoothing key no longer works.
  • Possibly not a bug (?); F3 no longer shows mob numbers (also present in 1.8v1)


  • Possibly not a bug (?); Altering the eyes.png of spiders/endermen results in a glowing white "force-field" surrounding the entire mob's body. Even changing just a few pixels is enough to cause this (present in 1.8v1). [8] [9]
  • Possibly not a bug (?); Endermen can pick up user-placed blocks (such as chests, obsidian, tnt, and bedrock). These blocks are lost forever when they are killed. (present in 1.8v1) [10]
  • Cave Spiders do not poison the player anymore.


  • If a vine is close to a glass block and you are on the opposite side of the glass, you will not see the vine through the glass. (present in 1.8v1)
  • When you grow a giant mushroom in the Nether (maybe in real world too), the top blocks are sometimes invisible... Can be fixed by add/remove a torch close to the invisible zone. (present in 1.8v1)
  • Ferns are labeled as "Grass".
  • (!) You can destroy bedrock and access easily to the void, which is now black with white bubbles

World Generation[]

  • (!) Snow isn't generated.
Note: The developers have stated this bug will NOT be fixed, at least until v1.9. [11]
  • (!) Some biomes don't generate anymore: Seasonal Forest, Rainforest, Shurbland, Taiga, Tundra. Also, in the old worlds, grass and leaves are odd colored (ex. in an old rainforest biome, the grass can be yellowish).
  • Ocean level decreased by 1 sometimes (if you explore new areas of a map generated before 1.8). [12]
  • Sometimes trees spawwn under se level, so part of their trunk is underwater


  • Bobbing up and down in water causes the horizon to alternate between visible and absent. Most noticeable when swimming in large oceans. [13]. This may be caused by the lower level of the ocean : when you swim in old oceans this problem don't appear.
  • Glass panes do not properly line up with / attach to double slabs like they do other solid blocks. present in 1.8v1 [14] [15]
  • Possibly not a bug(?); Glass Panes and Iron Bars do not connect.
  • Storage minecarts have the chest rendered in an odd location [16] present in 1.8 v1
  • Chests don't have a "cracking" animation when being destroyed. present in 1.8 v1
  • (!) You may see black particles when you are underwater

General Survival Bugs[]

The following seem to affect Survival mode on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them.

General Creative Bugs[]

The following seem to affect Creative mode on all operating systems. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them. Major bugs have a (!) next to them. Major bugs cause crashes or make things unusable.

  • (!) There are still some blocks unavailable in Creative gamemode: Tall Grass, Fern, Pine/Birch Leaves, Mob Spawner, Mushroom Blocks, Double slabs.
  • Breaking a door by left clicking the upper portion, a bed by left clicking the half containing the head of the bed, or an extended piston by left clicking the extended wood part instead of the stone base all drop items in creative mode, while breaking any of the previously mentioned blocks by their other "half" correctly drop nothing.
  • Looking at void from near ground level shows old blue void.
  • Boats are a priority target, even if a block is between you and a boat, you will hit the boat (Or enter it if you right clicked)
  • Although dragging a block to your hotbar is enough to place infinite of that kind, the same is not true for arrows. Firing one arrow results in having to re-drag arrows into your bar.
  • Possibly not a bug (?); If you attempt to left-click a button or door (etc.) in creative that block will break instead of doing what it needs to do. Right-clicking will work as intended and open the door, press the button (etc.).
  • Bones are not infinite when given to Wolves.
  • Possibly not a bug(?); Using F6 and F7 to change the time of day no longer works.
  • Possibly not a bug(?); Can not "pick" blocks that are not equipped on your hotbar.
  • Possibly not a bug(?); Buckets of water and lava are infinite, but picking up the resource fills the bucket.
  • Possibly not a bug(?); bottom layer bedrock can be destroyed.
  • Possibly not a bug(?); You can attack monster and animal through blocks and of an unlimited area.

General Multiplayer Bugs[]

The following seem to affect CMP/SMP modes on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them.

  • After attempting to join a server (but it is full), player returns to the main menu instead of back to the multiplayer screen.
  • A server can experience extreme lag (<1FPS) id player with a lot of experience orbs (hundreds or thousands) dies and drops all of said orbs

OS-Specific bugs[]